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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo:

  • It's not a funny situation in any way, shape or form, but thanks to Noomi Rapace's delivery the following line comes across as such.
    Lisbeth: (while tattooing her bound and gagged rapist) I've never done this before so hold still, or it will get messy.
    • Plus, in the American film her assuring him it's okay to nod that she's insane.
  • The DVD commentary included a "screenplay" version where the actions of the characters are narrated.
    "Mikael runs away but stumbles and falls". *and he does*
  • "What are you doing with those hands?"
  • There's a bit in the American movie where Blomkvist fumbles with his laptop, trying to get the right program to come up. Lisbeth gives the most impatient eye-roll as Blomkvist talks and curses to himself. Though it's subtle, it's just about the only bit of the movie Played for Laughs. (Of course, this is followed immediately by the cat, making for a bit of Mood Whiplash.)
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  • The entire exchange when Erika walks in on Blomkvist and Cecilla Vanger starting with an exasperated "Oh good Lord" and ending with Erika asking if she should leave and take a walk and Blomkvist suggesting that she make coffee for the three of them while he and Cecilla get dressed.
  • Blomkvist's reaction upon being told that a background check was done on him. Something about his delivery of "I want to read that".
  • In the American adaptation, the people who hired Lisbeth to do a background check on Blomkvist ask her if she left anything out. So she gives her thoughts on Blomkvist's affair with his editor after Frode insists that she disclose everything she learned about him.
    Frode: [uncomfortable as Lisbeth's boss facepalms] No, you're right to not include that.
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  • Seeing Daniel Craig acting like a complete wuss about a minor wound.

The Girl Who Played with Fire:

  • Lisbeth visiting her rapist guardian and once again making making him whimper in fear.
  • When Bublanski is talking to Mikael, he asks why people call Mikael "Kalle Blomkvist". Mikael counters by asking why they call Bublanski "Officer Bubbles."
  • Paolo Roberto explains to Mikael how he knows Lisbeth: Lisbeth came to join a teen boxing program; because of her height and build, Roberto and his fellow boxers laughed at her. Before Roberto reveals how Lisbeth beat the tar out of him, we get this gem:
  • Blomkvist finds out that Lisbeth has a twin sister, Camila. He's a little horrified.
    "There's TWO of her??"
  • When Mikael finds an injured Lisbeth due to several gunshot wounds, she says "Kalle Fucking Blomkvist" before passing out.

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest:

  • The Epic Fail of Inspector Paulsson, despite the devastating consequences. From arresting Mikael for having an illegal weapon and insulting Paulsson, to measuring the pieces of wood in the woodshed for no reason, there are so many astounding moments of stupidity.
    • To add the icing on the cake, the police officers who read the reports realize that they agree with Mikael's assessment. Since Paulsson was on two different kinds of medication for bipolar disorder, he was "high" when confronting Blomkvist.
  • After interviewing Zalachenko, who is highly dismissive towards women and calls Salander's mother a "whore," Officer Sonja Modig comments that she can see why Lisbeth attacked her father with an axe.
  • Mikael jokingly emails Lisbeth that once the trial is over, he's going to start a group of all the people who've helped her and call it "The Knights of The Idiotic Table", and that they will meet once a year to talk crap about her over dinner. And no, she's not invited.
  • The Section tries to frame Mikael by planting cocaine in his apartment and bugging his phone. This backfires in a spectacular way because he has his apartment equipped with high tech security cameras after an attempted robbery and had changed his phones!
  • After Lisbeth returns to the Hacker Republic, they offer to take over Sweden in protest of her treatment. Before long, it gets goofy (and there's one guy who just really wants to blow something up):
    When Salander logged off, the others were discussing to what extent the Swedish prime minister's computer could be made to send civil but crazy emails to other heads of state.
  • Several moments when Lisbeth's attorney is picking apart Teleborian's testimony.
    Teleborian: With regard to Lisbeth Salander, you can see on her body, for example, a multitude of tattoos and piercings, which are a form of self-destructive behaviour and a way of damaging one's own body. We can interpret that as a manifestation of self-hate.
    Giannini: (to Lisbeth) Are your tattoos a manifestation of self-hate?
    Lisbeth: No.
  • After Blomkvist has, yet again, gathered intelligence that the good guys within Säpo haven't been able to find, Figuerola unknowingly comes up with a good description of Salander:
    Figuerola: Do you have your own fucking intelligence agency?


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