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Funny / The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack

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  • In "Eye Sea You", K'nuckles does laundry by dropping it onto the sea from the docks, and admits to Flapjack that he never done laundry before. So he spends several days at the docks waiting for his clothes to be clean.
    Flapjack: How's the laundry?
    K'nuckles: (sitting down sulking) Stupid!
    [Some dolphins are wearing K'nuckles clothes.]
  • Flapjack barges into Doctor Barber's place, while he is treating a patient in a darkly-lit room. Doctor Barber turns around and is all covered in red stuff, looking menacing. He then takes a step to the side, kindly asking if Flapjack wants a strawberry-jam sandwich; and there is a plate of strawberry jam sandwiches lying on the patient's stomach.
  • Most of the Nightmare Fuel moments also qualify as this, which means there are LOTS of these:
  • In "How the West Was Fun", Bubbie reports they're low on "food, water, and overall enthusiasm". Pan out to K'nuckles, who is suddenly wearing a pair of literal Enthusiasm Overalls.
    K'nuckles: She's right, boy...this is my last pair.
    • And then the singers who narrate closeups get in on it with a little country jingle.
    ''Overall enthusiasm, overall enthusiasm, overall enthusiasm, yeeeeeeehaw!
  • In one episode, Flapjack keeps getting pestered by a little boy who keeps giggling at him. Flapjack eventually tells him to "grow up", and the "little boy" replies, in a surprisingly deep voice,"Grow up? I'm 38 years old!"
  • Flapjack's face when he goes "WAT?" in "Oh, Brother"
  • According to "Rye Ruv Roo", Captain K'nuckles is easily impressed.
    K'nuckles: (to the Colonel) You may have Flap and the rich lady under your spell, but it's going to take more that to impress m-
    Colonel: (does a back flip)
    • When Flapjack first pretends to be Colonel:
      Lady Nickelbottoms: Is that really the Colonel?
      Charles: I don't think so, milady. Shall I take him to the pound to have him fixed?
      (Flapjack is immediately horrified)
      Lady Nickelbottoms: Oh heavens no!
      (Flapjack's pleased...)
      Lady Nickelbottoms: You can fix him out back.
      (And then Flap's grin slowly reverses into a frown)
      Lady Nickelbottoms: But do it gently.
      Charles: Milady.
  • While it may be Nightmare Fuel for some, the moon from "Lost at Land" has it's moments.
    The Moon: (laughs) That's not an island...
    • There's also the moment when Flap and K'nuckles start clawing through everything in their path with their sharp untrimmed fingernails. Through, trees, stone and even a freaking waterfall.
  • Any time the background singers narrate what is happening or repeat a line of dialogue is guaranteed to be a CMoF.
  • "There's a lady in a big red hat."
    • "Are you makin' fun of me, boy!?"
  • In "Mechanical Genie Island", K'nuckles is fed up with being a mechanical genie's slave, freaks out and quits. It has to be seen to be believed.
  • Flapjack and Knuckles hilariously abusing the Magic Mermaid Wishes in "Gone Wishin'" for ridiculously petty wishes, such as Flapjacks wish for "x-ray vision, freakishly tall legs and the ability to spit anchors", and Knuckles wasting wishes on moving a suitcase around.
    • Also borders on Nightmare Fuel, but the Sky Maid's parting speech to Flapjack.
      Sky Maid: Never stop wishing, Flapjack, and all your dreams will come true!
      Flapjack: ...Even the scary ones?
      Sky Maid: (giggles) YES.
    • Plus, Flapjack's Imagine Spot of a strange blend of himself and K'nuckles.
      "Finally, we are one."
  • The Inventor from "Several Leagues Under the Sea" losing the race with Bubbie because he jettisoned the whole crew for his mechanical whale to use as ammunition.
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  • Peppermint Larry ending up on Pickled Island, where Candy Wife runs off with an anthromorphic pickle to his horror.
  • K'nuckles challenging Bubbie to a fight and immediately getting curb-stomped with minimal effort.

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