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Fridge / The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack

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Fridge Horror

  • Ringing Stormalong's alarm bell when there's no sea monster is punished by cutting off the hands, lips and tongue of the offender, and genuinely thinking that there was a monster is no excuse. This happened to K'nuckles, but his limbs are already made of wood and his nose and other body parts being lost is a recurring joke. Later, the sketcher boy inside the photograph camera commited the same mistake, and received the same punishment off-camera. The boy's limbs, however, aren't made of wood.
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  • In season's two finale, Poseidon reads his diary to his children. They say that they don't like how Flapjack's story ended, with him prefering to become a sailor than to go back to Bubbie and K'nuckles, to which Poseidon only responds that it wasn't a simple story, it was a register of something that really happened. The kids manage to convince him to use his reality bending powers to change the ending, making Flapjack reject the ship's captain's proposal and return to Stormalong Harbor. The implications of this are terrifying. It's likely that the children made him do it before, which brings the possibility that the lack of the continuation between the episodes is caused by repeated reality warping.
  • In Wishing Not So Well, K'nuckles has his wish of being alone granted by the well, becoming the only soul in Stormalong Harbor. He comes to regret this, so he starts trying to find his coin at the bottom of the well, lost among hundreds of others, to try to anulate the wish. He eventually finds it, and then returns in time to before he made the wish, malnourished and decrepit to the point that Flapjack couldn't recognise him and ran away in fear. Some time later, the K'nuckles of that timeline appears, revealing that now there are two K'nuckles in the same world and that time traveling is possible in that universe. If K'nuckles was taken back to before he made the wish instead of having it undone, what happened to the people of Stormalong in the wish's timeline? Where they simply "deleted"? And what about the second K'nuckles in the timeline of before the wish? Did he die, sickly and rejected? Did Poseidon change reality again?

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