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  • Frollo Strikes Back:
    • Frollo's Japanese cousin, Jung Frollo.
  • Frollo Gets AIDS:
    • The montage of Frollo and Gaston doing forced labour for Stalin.
  • Frollo Misses His Mother:
    • The back and forth argument between the "rurus" and the Laaaaawww!
    • This exchange between Frollo and Wilford Brimley when he returns from the dead to reclaim his show:
    Frollo: This show is mine!
    Wilford Brimley: Mine!
    Frollo: Mine!
    Wilford Brimley:Mine!
    Frollo: Mine!
    Wilford Brimley: Mine!
    Frollo: Mine!
    Wilford Brimley: Mine!
    • (Frollo then grabs him by the shirt, and leans him close to his face).
    Frollo: MINE!
    (Brimley's eyes glow red)
    Frollo: (scared) Oh shit!
  • Frollo Tries to Get Laid:
    • The sheer incredulous look Panty gives Frollo when he threatens to burn her if she won't be his.
  • Frollo Beats Up Evil Residents:
    • "Crazy old Maurice is not responding."
    • The Pokémon battle, in which Frollo fights Gaston with a Lv. 65 Charizard that can somehow use the moves Thunder, Blizzard, Toxic, and Surf along with Fire Blast.
    • Frollo and Gaston playing NASU and remaining even, only for the Irate Gamer to join and ruin their game.
    • Jafar's Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny! moment in his battle with Frollo (Pictured Above).
  • Frollo Is Too Young:
    • How Frollo and Gaston kill Lemongrab. To elaborate, they trick him into watching FRED The Movie for his review show. Lemongrab is so horrified that he tosses himself out the nearest window. And cues the Yume Nikki music.
    • Lemongrab's tenure as the main character. It consists of nothing but him displaying random things and shouting "UNACCEPTABLE!" or "ACCEPTABLE!" in response.
  • Frollo Fucks The Gods:
  • Frollo Has a Bad Feeling:
    • Frollo's dream birthday gives us such delights as Panty doing the attractive naked lady bursting out of a a cake thing and Frollo sliding down a gutter in celebration.
    • The bar scene. ALL of it!
    • All of Frollo's enemies begin their assault on Frollo's house, but...
    Hades (pointing at Frollo's house behind him): Uh, guys? Paris would be that way.
  • Frollo Celebrates his Birthday:
    • Any of the scenes with Consome Panchi.
    • This scene with Tommy Wiseau:
      Tommy Wiseau: Hey everybody! I have an announcement to make! We're expecting!
      (Beat, followed by everyone stunned at Wiseau's stupidity until Demitri starts clapping.)
      Guile: All right!
      Silver: All right!
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    • Fegelein and Mephiles trying to top themselves over the other in trolling.
      Mephiles: [speaking over the microphone while holding up a Mephilegg] Just as a flower comes from a seed, or a chicken comes from an egg, everything has an origin.
      (Fegelein speeds past and snatches the egg, much to Mephiles' dismay)
      Fegelein: Trolling originates from me!
      Garry: Ooooh nooo he didn't!
      Mephiles: Hah! Such foolishness.
      Fegelein: Pardon me?
      Mephiles: I was expecting you to go against me! Oh yes! What you gave to me, I now return to you! [pushes the Mephilegg's detonator button]
      Fegelein: Think you'll make this egg explode? [tosses the egg aside, which is revealed to be a dud]
      Mephiles: What?!
      Fegelein: Check your pocket.
      Mephiles: [realizing he has the real Mephilegg] Ohhhh... *KABOOM!*
      Fegelein: The classic "Eggsplosion" prank...
    • As Kronk rushes to the kitchen to get his spinach puffs ready, Stocking and the villains starts their mission.
      Stocking: Someone must go to the kitchen. The first one to name five German cities won't go.
      [Smash Cut to...]
      Hitler: That question was hard! Why did it have to be so hard! Why is a woman sending a man to the kitchen?!
  • Frollo Gets Flashed by a Gothic Lolita:
    • Fegelein and Mephiles team up and throw Hitler out the window, causing him to fall into two strategically placed baskets, resulting in him wearing a Sailor Moon costume. As a result of standing in front of a crowd wearing that embarrassing outfit, Hitler dies from humiliation. He gets better later.
  • Frollo Finally Does It
    • Silver, using his telekinesis to lift him and the others in the air using the debris of the PITy, states that he'll "take care of all of [them]"... only to run out of power to lift them up. As a result, all of them plummet to the ground and crash onto Fegelein and Mephiles' trampoline.
    Silver: Daaaaarrrn!

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