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  • After Daisy Bell leaves the house after playing knights, dragons and princesses with Alvin in "Sir Alvin," we get this:
    Simon: Oh Sir Alvin, save me! Oh kiss me Sir Alvin!
    Theodore giggles as Simon kisses the air.
  • When "Stanley the Eagle" first begins, we are greeted with the Chipmunks, Alvin (who's shuffling his foot, arms behind him and looking down) to the left-center of the screen, Simon in the middle and Theodore (who both are looking at Alvin) standing there and they being with this conversation:
    Alvin: What'll we do?
    Theodore: I don't know.
    Simon: What do you wanna do?
    Alvin: (looking up) I don't know... wanna build somethin'?
    Simon: (to Alvin) What?
    Alvin: (shrugs) I don’t know.
    Simon: (shrugs) How about a bird house?
    Theodore: Heheh yeah! Maybe we could get a bird to play with.
    Simon: (To Theodore) Sure! A robin!
    Theodore: A bluebird!
    Alvin: What's the matter with an eagle?
    • After Dave seen Stanley, he starts panicking and calls the cops, all the while, Alvin calmly walks back outside, ignoring Dave who’s asking the where about of Simon and Theodore along with telling him to stay inside.
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    • The Chipmunks had already succeeded in helping Stanley overcome his fear of flying and is flying literally right above the Seville house when two cops arrive and are in the back yard with Davenote :
      Dave: (pointing) Arrest that eagle!
      Cop 1: (scene cuts to Alvin standing innocently next to the birdhouse) What eagle?
      Dave: Why that eagle! (looks, but doesn’t see Stanley) right... (the two cops look at each other and give each other a wink) Alvin, where's that eagle? (getting mad) Alvin! Tell them about the eagle!!
      Alvin: (innocently) Eagle? Eagles live only in high mountains, they're never in-
      Dave: Now cut that out! Tell them about Stanley!
      Alvin: (innocently looks around) Stanley?
      Dave: (shouting) Yeah! Stanley the Eagle, you know! (hovering over Alvin, pointing at the birdhouse) And! That's! His! House!
      Cops: (bemused, while the cop on the left points) "Stanley the eagle and that's his house."
      Cop 1: (As they go grab Dave) Come with us Seville.
      Cop 2: (As both cops drag a VERY peeved Dave off) You've been making too many records.
      Dave: (The three Chipmunks watch Stanley fly in circles above) Now wait a minute! Alvin, tell them about Stanley! Tell them about Stanley the eagle! Alvin!? Alvin!? AAAAALLLVIIIIIN!!!
  • In "Haunted House", J. P. Lester, the bedsheet ghost assigned to haunt "Chesley Estate", hides in the chimney, preparing to pop out.
    J. P. Lester: Ready... set... (smoke appears and J. P. sniffs) Hey, what's that? Smells like something burning (looks down) It is something burning! MMEEEE!!!
    • He rockets out of the chimney after Alvin (unknowingly) starts up the fireplace. The scene cuts to outside to a birdbath where some yellow bird is looking up, all the while we hear a jet flying by, getting louder and louder within ten seconds before SPLASH the ghost lands into said birdbath.
      J. P. Lester: (pops out of birdbath) I must be losing my touch.
    • Theodore is on top the ladder painting when J.P. Lester comes in through the window from outside, preparing to scare Theodore, but the chubby chipmunks knocks the bucket of yellow/orange paint off the ladder. The bucket lands on top of J. P. Lester, Theodore uses the ghost as a rag to wipe the paint off and throws him back outside.
    • J. P. is outside preparing to scare Simon, when the bespectacled chipmunk stuffs the duster into the ghost's mouth and shakes him like a rag.
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    • It's bedtime and Alvin goes get an extra blanket.
      Dave: (After Alvin leaves) I know what he's planning. He's gonna sneak back in here and try to scare us. So when he does, just ignore him.
      Theodore: (In a whisper) Hehehehehe Here he comes Dave.
    • Instead of Alvin, it's J. P. trying to scare Theodore, Simon and Dave when his ghostly boo for twenty-six seconds before:
      Dave: STOP! That’s enough Alvin! I've let you have your fun now get back in bed!
    • The look on J. P.'s face is too priceless! When Dave says "I said to get back in bed, close your eyes and go to sleep!", the ghost does exactly what he's told. The next scene shows him peacefully sleeping, probably needing a good night's rest from failing at scaring either Dave or the Chipmunks.
    • Theodore and Simon have awakened Dave because they think Alvin had gotten sick during the night, in actuality it’s J. P. Lester:
      Dave: (After going over to the other side and picks up a sleeping J. P. Lester) Alvin, Alvin, speak to me Alvin.
      Alvin: (Walking up behind Dave, with an extra blanket under his arm) What do you want me to say Dave?
      Dave: (Looking at Alvin) Don’t bother me now Alvin. (Looks back at J. P., who's now waking up) Now Alvin- (looks at camera before looking at the awake Theodore and Simon, sitting in bed) If that's Theodore... and that’s Simon... (looks back at Alvin) And you're Alvin... (looks at the ghost, who's fully awake) then you... must... be a-a...
      J. P. Lester: (calmly) Ghost? (In white blurs, Dave and the Chipmunks rush out of the house and leave)
    • After succeeding in scaring the four out of the house that they leave without their luggage, which is lampshaded, the ghost goes over to the three luggage cases. He and kicks the first one so it topples onto the next, until the last one hits the record player. Said record player begins playing the "Ooh-eee-ooh-ah-ah ting-tang walla-walla bing-bang" nonsensical refrain of the Chipmunk style "Witch Doctor" that the ghost starts freaking out and scrams out of the house.
  • Most of the teasers are like this: the Table Cloth Yank, the arrow that zooms straight through everything and lands on the Chipmunks selection button at the jukebox, the yanking of the rug that sends David into the air after he pays for his fortune, and David screaming as the balloon collection carries him up into the sky.
  • The "Alvin Twist" song segment has quite a few funny moments, from Alvin's quick scatting and dancing number at the start, and his faking going into a trance when the girls begin screaming for Alvin to perform the twist.
    Alvin: (faking regaining his senses) My goodness, Dave! What... what happened?
    Dave: What happened? I'll tell you what happened. You were doing the Twist!
    Alvin: Really? My goodness! I must have been in a trance, Dave.\\

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