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The Yipper Caper


A Nightmare on Pound Street

  • Squirt wonders "what kind of goofball" would be scared of the corny-looking Halloween decorations. Cut to Niblet cowering from some rubber spiders.
    Niblet: The spiders... the spiders! Make them go away!
  • This exchange between McLeish and his brother-in-law:
    McLeish: Jerry! I mean, Mr. Mayor! What a pleasant surprise!
    Mayor: Yeah, like a tonsillectomy.
  • Squirt hastily re-inflating the inflatable decoy of Lucky.
  • "Look on the bright side. You could've been the world's ugliest cat!"
  • Cookie manages to get the dogs into the mayor's party by growling at the doorman
    Butler: Rich people are so weird...


  • "How many times must I tell you? Never frolic in my personal space!"
  • Rebound's previous owner is a buff, mullet-ed professional wrestler... who's literally reduced to tears by her hyperactive antics.
    McLeish: You, there! Who do you think you are, tearing into my dog pound like some truck-driving, muscle-bound... blubbering little school-girl?
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  • And this exchange, after McLeish gets Rebound put up for adoption:
    The Smashinator: The Smashinator will never forget this!
    McLeish: Well, with any luck, I will.
  • "Ooh, a sneaker! Ooh, a squeaky toy! Ooh, a tail!"
  • Rebound chasing Niblet all over the pound. Soon causing a Disaster Dominoes.
  • Rebound driving a poor woman who tries to adopt her up the wall within a minute.
  • "I'm not Niblet, I'm a tree! Now go away, or so help me I'll... drip sap on you!"

The General

  • After Cookie bests him in a game of tug-o-war, Niblet's response is a cheery "I got second place!"

Toyoshiko! Bark Friend Machine


  • When Niblet sees his sister Rebound in an alien costume, he initially assumes that his sister's actually an alien, remarking that he always suspected this.

Bone Voyage

  • When the puppies are trying to find Agatha on the cruise ship:
    Rebound: That's not Agatha! She's a short old lady with grey hair and big, goofy glasses.
    Squirt: You just described half the passengers on this ship.

Snow Problem

  • When the dogs find themselves lost.
    Niblet: Does this mean we have to start eating each other? If we do, I pick Strudel.
    Strudel: Ack!

The Call of the Squirreldog

  • The three puppies chasing Mr. Nut Nut around.
  • Niblet in bed with the puppies because he wants to hear the story.
  • Niblet backs away from baby Mr. Nut Nut barking at him and apologizing for using a broom on him.
  • "I knew it. Just like a coconut."

Olaf in Love

  • Kiki sure is psychic, alright
    Kiki: {to Cookie, with a knowing smirk} Just like I can tell you and Lucky are more than just friends.
    Cookie: Wh-WHAT?!
    Lucky: Yeah, wh-what?! Well, it's obvious that Kiki here isn't right all the time. {He chuckles nervously, desperate to change the subject.} I know, let's find her a human!
  • She is quite observant too
    Kiki: {to Strudel after she explains the FKD} Goodness, you must be a genius.
    Strudel: {amused} Ha, I love this kid.

Kennel Kittens Return

  • Strudel's first test run of the Finger-ma-bob goes haywire, dragging her around the room and causing her to do things like slap Niblet and scratch Cookie's belly involuntarily.
  • When Strudel finally gets the Finger-ma-bob working properly, she uses it to send McLeish a fake e-mail from the Mayor ordering him to go into the parking lot in his underwear and bark like a rabid dog. McLeish proceeds to do just that.
  • "Everybody's yelling, so I am too!"

The Fraud Princess

  • This little bit of Lampshade Hanging near the end, referring to how nobody seems to notice a bunch of dogs casually standing around in most of the episodes:
    Wally: (seeing the Pound Puppies as they walk down the hall) Who're they?
    Agatha: I have no idea.

The Super Secret Pup Club

  • When Cupcake introduces herself & Rebound to Patches.
    Cupcake: I'm Cupcake, and that's my friend, Rebound. We go waaaaaaaay back!
    Rebound: To five minutes ago!
  • Patches' retellings of three previous episodes where bears suddenly appear out of nowhere-including in a suburb-and he heroically appears out of nowhere to scare them off by barking.
  • Rebound recalls a time, she got stuck in a cereal box.
  • Rebound wraps Strudel's ears around her eyes and rides her like a horse.


  • Lucky starts to freak out when he's the only one in the pound not to be affected by Barlow's "philosophy". Even Rebound (and Barlow didn't even say anything to her).

There's Something About Camelia

  • There's Niblet's reaction to Strudel's announcement
    Lucky: All right, Strudel, you got us all down here. Now, what's the big news?
    Strudel: Oh, nothing. {excitedly} Except the most brilliant innovation since the dawn of time!
    Niblet: {equally excited} At long last! A device that delivers kibble straight to my tummy!
    Squirt: You've got one of those. It's called your mouth.
    Niblet: {awestruck} I'm amazing.
  • One of Camelia's false perfect candidates is a man in a taco suit, who ends up brawling with a mechanic and a cop who both believe she's for them as well.
    Mr. Taco: I! Am! MR. TACO! {Mr. Taco dives back into the brawl.}
  • The Pound Puppies need to distract the crowd coming for Camelia to rescue her from McLeish, but how will they do it? By having Strudel, Cookie, and Squirt step-dance with big ol' smiles, of course!
    McLeish: {Annoyed, shooing them back into the kennel} Get out of here! Go on! There will be no random, amazing dog antics in my pound!

No Dogs Allowed

  • The episode begins with Niblet saying "I suppose you're all wondering why I brought you here? I Always Wanted to Say That." Strudel, for all her smarts, can't grasp that saying that phrase was the sole reason Niblet brought the other dogs together.
    Strudel: SAY WHAT??
  • There's definitely a meta-level laugh for an impassioned speech given at the end, about how puppies deserve just as much love as ponies...given by the voice of Tara Strong.
  • While it's sad that the kids from the apartment have to give up their puppies, what's hilarious is that the parents are the ones taking it hard the most.

The Accidental Pup Star

Working K-9 to 5

Fright at the Musem

  • Niblet's just on fire with his paranoia.
    Niblet: That painting's plotting my destruction!

When Niblet Met Giblet

  • This humorous bit that starts to address Lucky and Cookie's Cannot Spit It Out situation when Niblet states his intent to find Giblet
    Cookie: He's in love. When a dog's in love, he'll do anything for her. {to Lucky, with a knowing smile.} Haven't you ever been in love?
    Lucky: {nervous} Well...I...uh... {He looks down at Squirt.}
    Squirt: {annoyed} Yeesh! Don't look at me. I'm staying out of this. {He walks away.}
  • The Running Gag of Niblet stumbling over squirrels after declaring that nothing will stop him. Even out in the wild.

Hello Kitten

Rebound's First Symphony

Lord of the Fleas

  • Strudel maniacally gloating about how easy it is for her to manipulate humans.
  • When a loud noise is heard, Lucky calms down Niblet by claiming that it was just his stomach growling. When Cookie asks Lucky if it really was Lucky's stomach, Lucky replies that he lied and the two dogs start whimpering in fear.

The Pupple's Court

  • Miss Stiffwhiskers' fabricated account of Lucky not being very good at finding Pugford's perfect person, especially with Lucky being portrayed as a slacker who sits around and guzzles meat soda.


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