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Tear Jerker / Pound Puppies (2010)

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  • In Toyoshiko!, Toyoshiko basically commits suicide by jumping into a large magnet, thus erasing her memory. Sure, at the end of the episode, Strudel 'repairs' her, but all she did was make another Toyoshiko, it's not the same Toyoshiko. Her memories are gone, and our personalities are, to a significant degree, decided by our memories. Eventually, the original Toyoshiko's personality and the new Toyoshiko's personalities will have diverged, although Strudel won't notice, because the original Toyoshiko didn't live long enough for her memories to develop her base personality. Also, she never appears in another episode, which is odd, considering she's supposedly the only one to really understand Strudel.
  • In "Lucky the Dunce," a laser mishap causes Lucky to become as simpleminded and fun-loving as Niblet—just when the group needs Lucky's intellect to place six puppies in new homes before 3:00 PM. Niblet is tasked with keeping Dunce!Lucky entertained while the others try to fix the problem. The two have a ball doing all of Niblet's favorite activities, with Lucky wondering why he would ever want to go back to normal, considering how much fun he's having. Seeing this, Niblet decides to run away with him, so they can play and have fun forever. Cookie, Squirt, and Strudel try to convince him otherwise, as the effect will become permanent if not reversed immediately. Niblet points out that it's nice to have a friend who appreciates, loves, respects, and has the same interests as him, especially considering that the others are quick to call him names. In the end, Niblet realizes that he honestly doesn't know what's best for Lucky and the puppies who have followed them, and needs to go back and set things right. Lucky's mind is fixed, but seeing Niblet struggle with the decision and have to lose a new, close friend, even if it's for the good of the team, is painful. It's especially hard when Lucky outright asks him if bringing things back to normal will make Niblet happy, and he's forced to respond "Sure"—it's clear that it's hurting him.
    • The moment immediately before Lucky is returned counts as well. The laser is pointed at his head, and he whimpers:
      Lucky: Is it gonna hurt?
      Niblet: I'll be right here the whole time.
  • Freddie from "A Nightmare on Pound Street" is openly considered ugly, but he doesn't get it. Humans recoil in fear around him, while dogs don't have the heart to explain this is why no one will adopt him; we're even introduced to him with a different team dumping him off on the main characters because they've given up trying to get him adopted. Freddie just thinks it's bad luck, so it's pretty sad when he finally figures it out.
    • The subplot is McLeish having to look after his nephew and niece, Seymour and Tabitha. He tries to put up with their obnoxious behavior since their father is the Mayor, but he eventually denounces them as horrible brats. It later occurs to Tabitha that McLeish not only accurately described them, but that he said what others had been holding back. Their father is always too busy working to spend time with them, so they get pawned off on relatives or subordinates who don't really want anything to do with them.
      Seymour: I wish Dad would play with us sometimes.
      Tabitha: I wish somebody would love us sometimes.
  • The beginning of "No Dogs Allowed", where children are forced to leave their puppies at Shelter 17 because of their landlord enforcing a ban on dogs.
    • The landlord's daughter tried to make friends with those children, but they shun her because her dad forced them to give up their dogs.

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