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Boy, the fact that we try to count them is just showing how much funny moments exist in this series.

     Not Always Black and White 
  • Tommy the Oshawott stares at Ghetsis, Ghetsis thought that Oshawott agrees and then, Oshawott bit on Ghetsis's head.
  • Ghetsis singing a Disney song. Yes. It has to be seen to be believed.
    • The aftermath of it, as shown in the main page.
    No sooner had he gotten out of earshot then the Purrloin fell over, howling with laughter, leaving the frustrated and humiliated boy to contemplate his mission, as well as wonder exactly when his life had turned into a Disney musical.
  • Tommy hid behind the tree's and threw up flowers that he ate on the walk on route two, Hilbert took the conclusion that the forest god's ate Tommy and thus a Running Gag was born.
  • The Striaton Gym leaders are Whovians. Hilda's expression sells it.
  • As the twins are about to reach Nacrene city, N talks about his nightmare that had to do with him telling her of being Team Plasma's king and Hilda accepting, she pulls up her clothes... then she says that she is a barbie doll who will sacrifice him for the shoe gods.
  • Hilda doesn't want to go through the honey doors so she threatens Burgh for the secret passage. It works.
    • After her battle, Burgh ask Hilda and Hilbert to go through the doors... Hilda decided to have Tommy, now a Dewott to eat the honey door.
  • As N rants to Professor Juniper about what he perceives to be abuse, Tommy heads over to N and ate him whole. Don't worry, he's safe, but N is covered in saliva.
  • Hilbert thinks that Skyla is a time lord, and Skyla just follows along.
  • The Slap-Stick Comedy of Hilda and her Stunfisk. It didn't last though, as Stunfisk is eventually traded for a Mandibuzz.
  • Grimsley lost against Hilda and Hilbert... because Liepard is enjoying being patted by Hilbert. And then Grimsley mutters about losing because Liepard was bribed sandwich by N before.
  • Hilbert decided to interrupt Hilda and N's face-off in N's throne room and decided to solve it in a way he thought would be obvious.
    Hilbert: So, my point is this: Hilda, do you want to be this weirdo's friend?
    Hilda: Yes, but -
    Hilbert: And N, do you think you can handle my vicious, sarcastic sister in all her moods?
    N: I do, but -
    Hilbert: Then I now pronounce you man and wife!
    N and Hilda: What?
    Hilbert: (Pushes N over to Hilda) You may kiss the bride!
    • Both N and Hilda have an Accidental Kiss thanks to said push... Then Mood Whiplash happens as one of the Shadow Triads faint while seeing the kiss happen.
  • Hilbert decided that Reshiram is a female and think it's chest is like some seashell Bra and also comparable to Drayden's beard.
    Hilda: And I think this is the only time in my life I will ever hear Drayden's beard get compared to women's undergarments.
    • Reshiram's reaction.
    Reshiram: What was I thinking?
  • How Hilbert defeated Eelektross. Use lots of Full Restore's on Tommy so that Eelektross would faint from the recoil damage due to each use of Wild Charge.
  • Hilbert's words for Ghetsis's Villainous Breakdown.
    Hilbert: You tried to take over Unova by taking away Pokémon, manipulated N into running things for you, and challenged a kid that made friends with a legendary, Did you learn nothing from Team Rocket and Team Galactic?
  • N's Zoroark, Shipper on Deck extraordinaire, urges N to confess.
    Zoroark: Just do the sappy love-confession thing already, Just say, 'Hilda, my darling, I have never seen a creature more stunning than you are. Become my mate, no, my queen, and we will live with Pokémon and Disney movies and all the Pecha Berry smoothies you desire.' That might get her.
    N: That isn't what I was getting at, Zoroark.
  • The Happy birthday special to commemorate the six year anniversary of the series has a few.
    Chandelure: Plenty of guys like that, but you went for the vampire and the werewolf. Congratulations on turning your personal life into a bad supernatural romance novel.
    • Bianca winning the card game by copying Hugh.
    • The dark ritual play pretend between N and Hilda.

     Shades of Gray 
  • Rosa's first meeting with Colress. She screamed and call him "Sewer King".
  • Rosa being bribed Lollipop so Colress can battle her.
  • The Team Plasma tea party.
  • Colress finds out that the Shadow Triad played The Sims and made a Sim of him, married to Professor Juniper with a son named Amanda. Their reasons? Gorgeous Science Babies.
  • Nate sends out his female Elygem, Elizabeth to fight off Colress's Elygem, but apparently, Colress's Elygem was struck by Elizabeth so much that he was knocked out in one punch.
  • Nate utterly defeated Colress and was about to vent out more of his anger... then one of the Shadow Triad pops in.
    Shadow Triad: Hey, Colress? If you had to name a baby girl, what would you call her?
    • Colress is just horrified.
    Colress: Juniper and I had another 'gorgeous science baby,' didn't we?
    Rosa and Nate: What?
    Shadow Triad: Yeah. This one really is a girl. And since you didn't like little Amanda's name, we figured we'd ask you what you wanted for her.
    Colress: I suppose calling her 'Steven' wouldn't hurt, It would go well with this completely ridiculous world, wouldn't it?
  • N's threat to Ghetsis when he had Zekrom fused with Kyurem.
    "Fix it," he demanded. "Now. Or I'll...I'll eat your flesh!
  • Ghetsis apparently hit Kyurem with a steak. No, not that steak. The slab of meat steak.
  • Zekrom looks for ideals. Reshiram looks for truths. What was Kyurem searching for? Cheese. Of all things.
  • Ghetsis and Rosa fought till they are down to one last Pokemon. Ghetsis had a Hyreigon while Rosa... she only had her little Mincinno, Julian. A David vs. Goliath battle ensues as Julian is winning and lands the final blow of Tail Slap at Ghetsis.

     One Hit KO 
  • Lyra being joked as dressing up as a pre-teen Genderbent Mario. A nod to how some video game fans thought of Lyra's design.
  • All three starters from Professor Elm are too scared of Ethan and ended up attacking him. Leading to Professor Elm to give him starters who have yet to finish rehabilitation due to their odd circumstances of growing up, and chose a bite happy Chikorita. It Makes Sense in Context.
  • Ethan's battle with Falkner took long, because both of their Pokemon used Synthesys and Roost in their respective turns to heal themselves. Eventually, Skyrocket the Sentret decided to rummage Lyra's bag for an apple and Bullet Seed the apple seeds to Falkner.
  • Proton wants the bazooka, but the grunts brought him a Rattata nicknamed the Bazooka.
  • Giovanni is a doting parent even as Silver rebels against him.
    Petrel: But sir, don't you remember when your son was four years old and you brought him to work? He called Team Rocket 'stupid,' threatened to burn our base to the ground, and ordered a pizza on your business phone.
    Giovanni: I know, and I have never been more proud of him.
  • After Whitney is defeated, the egg Ethan was tasked with is about to hatch. Ethan doesn't know what to do and ask:
    Ethan: Do any of you know how to give egg birth?
  • As the trio reach Ecruteak, they try their hand on the fortune cookies. Lyra and Kris are rather vague. Ethan's?
    Fortune Cookie: You will ride Raikou like a horse.
    • And in a Brick Joke, Ethan eventually caught Raikou and did ride on it like riding a horse. Kris wonders if she and Lyra should take away Ethan's access to fortune cookies.
  • Skyrocket's Bullet Seed strikes again when the trio infiltrate's Team Rocket's base in Mahogany with Skyrocket tricking a grunt by staying silent as he try to convince Skyrocket, not knowing that Skyrocket is a trained Furret. Until...
    "Come on, furball! Spit it out!"
  • Lyra actually did what many players would have wanted to do to Silver during Team Rocket's raid of the Goldenrod Radio tower, slapping him for destroying their disguise.
    "You can call me names," she hissed. "You can pick on my friends. A verbal battle is almost as much fun as having our Pokémon compete. But you do not, and I repeat, not, yank off a lady's clothes!"
  • From the author's chapter headline notes.
    15 Uses for a Legendary Pokémon: A book by Ethan that no one should take seriously.

     Critical Hit 
  • Dawn catches a Shiny Starly as her first Pokemon after getting her starter Turtwig plus Pokedex and decided to troll to Lucas about it. Lucas is not amused.
    • Later in Hearthome city, Dawn gets a Female Eevee from Bebe. Lucas thinks that Dawn is either hacking life or is just really lucky.
  • Like the games, Professor Rowan questioning Team Galatic's fashion choices brought a laugh, but this fic adds another gem mostly through Dawn and Lucas's snark.
    Dawn: Aren't you going to comment on their awful hairstyles, too?
    Lucas: It's hard to tell what they are, Lady Gaga fans? Space Aliens?
    Galatic Grunt: We are Team Galactic! We wear these uniforms to pledge our loyalty!
    Dawn: Loyalty to what? Bad fashion choices?
  • Lucas and Dawn acting like Sickening Sweethearts in front of Mars when she called them a couple (Actually They Do, but not to a Sickening Sweethearts level).
    Dawn: Kick her butt, honey.
    Lucas: Already on it, sunshine.
    Jupiter and Barry wore the same expression of "When did this happen?" but Mars threw her hands up to the sky.
  • Ghost Pokemon love Chocolate, or so Dawn's father told her. It comes true in a rather hilarious degree here:
    • How does Dawn's Rapidash manage to win against Frosslass? Bribing her with chocolate!
    • And once again, Chocolate was used to get Giratina to throw the match against Dawn!
  • Cyrus's reaction to Giratina's appearance.
    Cyrus: You weren't invited! I have Dialga and Palkia. There is nothing you can do!
    The shadow monster didn't blink.
    With a loud, unholy shriek, the shadow monster pounced.
  • Dawn was about to fight off Giratina... only for them to talk so casually. Cyrus has this to say.
    Cyrus: Stop making friends with Satan!
    • Then Dawn adds this gem. After Cyrus is beaten down.
    Dawn: All my life, I've wanted to say that, and I miss it by being someone else.
  • Dawn's solution to bypass the Victory Road, send out Giratina, have him rip a hole in reality and drop her off in the entrance of the league.

     Super Effective 
  • The reason Brendan's family moved out of Johto is not because of Norman being recruited as a gym leader, but because of a Noodle Incident involving shoplifting a Soda.
  • The creation of Team Breakneck. Meant to be good but also at the same time, had shady deals.
  • When Brendan saw May got a Latias, he looks at Latios hoping for the same only for it to run away.
  • Wallace's redesign outfit being described as being like a drunk genie.
    • Even better, the reason why he is the champion instead of the gym leader? He was called on by the fashion police.
  • Remember Team Breakneck? It's brought back on the Dragon Ascent Delta episode story, and everyone has code names. Most of them are quiet normal but Wally's code name. It's Code name Bro face.

     Destiny Bond 
  • How Calem caught his Eevee. Well, she jumped in between the Poke ball he meant to use for a Golett, trying to greet and got caught by that very same ball.
  • Calem and Serena meets a Phanthump and Pumpkaboo who are good friends and want to evolve together. Calem doesn't get what the Phanthump wants till one of his Pokemon hinted it to him, he refused, and Phanthump used Perish Song like it's on tantrum. Pumpkaboo following suit.
  • How does Calem managed to convince Lysandre to not use the ultimate weapon? Distract him by convincing him that if he does not use it, he'll live long enough to see his OTP, Sycamore and Diantha, have a baby. He turns on the weapon anyway, but he actually managed to have a change of heart and survived thanks to exposure near Xerneas's aura.
  • The first thing that AZ's Floette says to Serena.
    Floette: Give me your shoes.
  • Sylveon is the one that convinced Mimi the Espurr to warm up to Calem and Selena... by saying this.
    Sylveon: But why don't you like Calem and Serena? They're the ones who used the power of shipping to stop Lysandre from blowing up the planet.
    Mawile: It Makes Sense in Context.
    • Even better, Mimi agrees to join them in exchange of getting the context of the story and by the end of it, looked awe-struck at Calem and Serena.

    To Be A Master 
  • The Forest Gods make a return! Except...
    Bug Catcher: (Runs past Red and Leaf in fear) Run for your lives! The Forest Gods are angry!"
    Leaf: (Confused) That's it?
    Red: We were missing someone talking about the forest gods? A joke that should be dead by now?
  • Red pulling a Loophole Abuse by avoiding the warm up trainers... with Brock struggling not to laugh because he imagined them pulling that on Sabrina and Misty's gym (Misty less so, but still).
  • Red and Leaf's reaction to Brock taking off his shirt.
    Leaf: How dramatic.
    Red: And entirely unnecessary,
    Leaf: I liked him better with his shirt on.
    Red: We all did.
  • This, which amounts as such a big Take That! to the Pokemon Anime.
    Leaf: Maybe it was because both of us chose starters super-effective against Rock-types, I mean, it's not like you brought a Pikachu in here and tried to wet the Onix down with a sprinkler.
    Red: That's a stupid idea. (Turns to Brock) Hey, Brock? Can we have a rematch sometime? I want to try that now.
    Brock: You want to try beating my Onix with a Pikachu and a sprinkler?
    Red: Some kid did it on TV.
    Brock: No. The League already put a don't-try-this-at-home disclaimer on that episode.
    • This got Leaf interested.
    Leaf: Why? What have Gym Leaders done that made the disclaimers a thing?
    Brock: Not all of it. It's the challengers.
  • Red's response to Brock telling him to be careful. To anyone who knows the Foregone Conclusion that Red will be famous, Red is basically Tempting Fate.
    Red: I'm a Pokedex carrier, how much trouble can I get into?
  • How does Team Rocket deal with Sabrina and render her unavailable to deal with them? Have themselves reading and recite M-Rated fics on their minds.

    Total Eclipse 
  • Right at the very first chapter, we learn that Diana and her family are cursed with supernatural abilities. Diana's mother is Born Lucky, her grandfather survived natural disasters more than once. Her cousin, Eli? Everything he touches will be caught on fire in mere seconds. It's to a point that he is infamous for it that they refer to burned objects as having been "Eli'd". Quite an Ironic Name, since his surname is Frost.
  • Diana Jumped at the Call for the island trials. Why? She likes sparkly things and Z-Crystals are sparkly enough for her.
  • Diana's reaction to hearing Professor Kukui to goad his Pokemon to attack him.
    Diana: I think I'm going to like my new boss. He gets me.
  • The group meets a Tauros blocking the road.
    Eli: Well, THAT'S a roadblock.
    Lillie: We were only going as far as the Trainer's school, anyway, someone else can deal with that, right?
    Diana: Unless we have to come back and deal with it later.
    Eli: ARE we?
  • When the group eventually meets Gladion, Diana decided to jump into battle and pet Type-Null because she wanted to find out what kind of Pokemon Type-Null was, which earned her a good scolding from Gladion.
    • By the end of this battle, Hau and Eli are officially in a shipping war with Rotom because Hau and Eli shipped Diana with Gladion while Rotom shipped Diana with Ilima.
  • Diana has a bit of trouble with Totem Mimikyu. Rather than surrender and try again, or keep chipping away at it until she wins, she decides to have her Bewear belly-flop on it until it surrenders to her. Rotom does not let this go.


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