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  • Muse were asked by the Italian football show Quelli che... il Calcio to mime "Uprising". They're not the type of band to lipsync, and their reaction is golden.
  • Loads and loads of Muse fans despise Twilight and the fans who discovered the band through the soundtracks of various Twilight films and Stephanie Meyers shout-outs. Many of them make excuses for the band's contribution to those films. But the funny part? Bellamy just really likes the books.
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  • Teddy bear uprising.
  • The way the song "Hoodoo" has a fast paced flamenco riff which immediately is followed by a much slower one is pretty humourous.
  • During the "Sing for Absolution" video, Matt briefly rolls his eyes at the sight of a sign saying "Be prepared. The ice age is coming."
  • Fuckin' Fuckin' Fuckin' Fuckin' Little Fuckin' Fuckin 'Fuckin' Fucker, yeah!
  • "Muscle Museum" contains the line "I have played in every toilet". Although it's meant to emphasise the band playing the 'toilet circuit' (a British term for the small venues of up-and-coming bands), it instead conjures images of Matt having fun in a toilet.
  • They were once sent a picture of drummer Dominic Howard photoshopped onto a piece of bread. Their reactions are hilarious!


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