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  • The entire WSOU interview is prized and oft-quoted for a reason. Also certain moments of the Life On The Murder Scene documentary. The video for "I'm Not Okay (I Promise)" is likely a video composed of these.
  • The following gems are from Life on the Murder Scene:
    • "It's easy, peasy, pumpkin peasy. Pumpkin pie, motherfucker!"
    • "I've been down with kickball since the third grade."
    • "I'm allowed to be sick of seeing my face because it's my fucking face!"
    • "It's for my hamster that I'm gonna buy!"
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    • "I was wondering what he was doing over there, in the first place. I was like 'whoa, he’s playing weird', and when he kicked me in the balls, I was like 'What did I do?'"
    • "Mikey doesn't know what the question is, but he says the answer is yes."
    • "I have been left behind at gas stops, they'll all just, like, get in the van and drive ten miles, then I have to get on the cell phone and be like... 'Hey!' 'Hey man, wassup!' 'Missing anything?' and they'll be like, '...Aww... shit."
    • "The cool thing, I think about us is... Gerard and I, we're 27, we're sort of past the point... PHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAHAHA, look at it, I just put my hand in a cupcake!"
    • "I think we're winning, but I'm really drunk, so..."
    • "Well, on the first video, he threatened us. Said he knew where we lived... and that he'd track us down... find us... take our pets..."
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    • "The biggest misconception about My Chemical Romance... is that we are vampires" and "people think we're effing loaded for some reason, just because we've got all this bling on. People think we're rich vampires."
    • "The minute you tell people you're from New Jersey, its the equivalent of telling people you just got out of jail."
    • "I like Starbucks, I know people are going to hate me for saying... (in a pained voice) it's so damn good."
  • Most of this video, with special mention going to the following:
    (With the camera on Frank) 'This is him, our sweet baby'

    From offscreen: Talk to the dog, Mikey
    Mikey, immediately and deadpan: Woof. Woof! Woof?
  • "Vampire Money" is already hilarious as a Take That! about being asked to do a song for Twilight, but at the end of it, Gerard realizes they're playing way too loud and apologizes. Considering the band averages on the higher end of the Mohs Scale, it's irony to the tenth degree. Also, Frank was drunk during the recording.

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