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  • (Hen and Duck are carrying Owl on top of a "magic carpet" of cardboard while he plays the mandolin)
    Cat: Is it my turn yet?
    Hen: Not until Owl's ride is over, Cat. (She trips on a rock causing her, Duck, and Owl to lose balance and fall over)
    Cat: Is Owl's ride over now?
    Hen: Yes, Cat.
  • And in the same episode:
    Hen: We found a magic carpet that's going to take us to faraway lands.
    Cat: To Egypt.
    Owl: And India!
    Duck: And Ohio!
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  • The Imagine Spot each of Little Bear's friends have of themselves as mermaids.
  • When Little Bear, Duck and Cat try to help Hen paint her house white, Duck accidentally knocks the paint onto Little Bear. When Duck goes over to see if he's OK, she says this gem:
    Duck: Are you all white!?
  • Hen and Cat are the ones left when they play Musical Chairs. Ladylike Hen of all people narrows her eyes at Cat as if to say, "Oh yes, it's on'."
    • In the same episode, Cat wins and his prize is a ball of yarn. He goes crazy with it for a minute before becoming embarrassed that he's tangled and is ready to move onto the next game.
  • Little Bear getting in his father's bath in "Family Bath Time" and then them both pulling in Mother Bear, still in her clothes.
  • Everyone singing the winter song in "Winter Solstice" the proper way- "Mother Bear loves winter, Father Bear loves winter, and I do too... and I do too!" and such, then Duck finishes it off with "Hee hee, AND ME TOO!"
  • For some reason Owl really wants to wear a suit.
    *jealous of the others complimenting Little Bear* "I'd look elegant too if I had that suit on."
    "Now I'll never get to wear a suit..."
    • And his excited hoot when he's allowed to wear Little Bear's jacket.
  • In the same episode, what they all say to make themselves smile for the camera (and how the picture actually turned out):
    Cat and Hen: Cheese!
    Owl: Mozzarella!
    Duck: ANYTHING!
  • When everyone is listening to their echoes while on top of a mountain, Duck tries yodeling. Instead, her echo comes back as "quack quack!", much to her (and the audience's) confusion.
  • Owl's "eulogy" for Lucy in "Lucy's Okay" was simply, "Words cannot express my affection for Lucy. She...was a doll."

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