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Funny / King's Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow

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  • The game gets ridiculous amounts of mileage out of The Comically Serious Alexander being put into whimsically silly situations. A few examples:
    • Hopping across the still-uncomfortably hot pond after he cools it down, arms flailing like it's a rave.
    • Talking to the catacomb ceiling after it's been jammed. "Stay up, ceiling! Goooooooood ceiling."
    • If you have Alexander try throwing the Rotten Tomato instead of Bump-On-A-Log, it goes... maybe all of five feet. Bump and Stick-in-the-Mud then make merciless fun of Alexander's lack of throwing skill.
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    • His pitiful Bad Liar reactions to being caught by the guards during the Short Path. "Hi. Uh... nice castle!" "Hello, there! Um... nice... painting?"
    • If he talks to Jollo in the castle's basement towards the end, he cracks a surprising number of utterly dry, deadpan jokes during the conversation, all of which Jollo reacts to in exasperation.
    • Or if you fall off the Cliffs of Logic, he'll suffer a moment of Gravitational Cognizance, then wave goodbye before falling.
    • And... basically, Alexander is a entertaining combination of The Chew Toy, Stoic Woobie, and Mr. Fanservice.
  • If you get the magic map before going to the castle, there's a hilarious scene between the Vizier and a very drunk genie, in which the genie mangles Alexander's name multiple times and announces that Alex has gotten a "Magic Smap!"
    • Most of the scenes where you can get the genie blind, stinking drunk on mint can be filed here.
  • The Queens in Chessboard Land arguing over who gets to give a lump of coal as a wedding present.
  • Rotten Tomato's insults if you keep clicking on him, including making fun of how much junk you have in your inventory.
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  • During the course of the game, Alexander is confronted by a number of odd folks with glowing eyes, who often tempt him to do rather stupid and dangerous things. If he doesn't do such things, and instead talks to them, they grow exasperated and say hilarious things.
  • What Retsupurae dubbed "the land of the wacky dead".
  • Every Game Over screen, crossed with Puns pertaining to what has just transpired. In this case, losing is funny!
  • The fact the pawnshop has items that would have been useful in all previous games in the series; a few examples include a bridge repairing kit, cat cookie mix, a shovel that won't break until 100 uses, an Owl bravery potion... seriously, Graham, have your people invest in that place and turn it into a chain, placing them in every kingdom in case of future adventures.
  • Bookworm is a Deadpan Snarker:
    Bookworm: Was it a rare book you wanted?
    Alexander: Yes, sir.
    Bookworm: Well, then none of these (they are surrounded by stacks of books) will do; they've been sitting in the sun for far too long, and must be well-cooked by now.


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