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Awesome / King's Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow

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  • Challenging Death. First, Alexander literally throws down the gauntlet. Death actually gets pissed ("Who are you to challenge DEATH?!"), but then comes up with an appropriate task:
    Death: Your challenge is this: For thousands of years I have sat on this throne. I have heard every sad tale that can be told by human lips. I have seen tragedies that ended empires, injustices that defy reason, love that would light the very stars turn cold and hard. I have seen torments that simply cannot possibly be borne and yet must be. For centuries, this I have never done: I have never shed a tear. Make me cry, man of flesh. That is my challenge.
    • Then, Alexander pulls out The Mirror of Truth and declares "If your existence has been all that you say it has, then truth alone shall be my sword!" The Lord of the Dead is forced to watch the only story that could possibly make him cry: his own. He gets to see how he went from mortal man to immortal and essentially soulless monster and how he became a soulless monster out of necessity, to protect himself from the horrors that he witnessed, and worst of all, how his existence has no possibility of ending: he's the Lord of the Dead until time itself ends. The best part is that everyone else watching the mirror recoils in horror and pain, but the Lord of the Dead can't (Alexander, thankfully, is not looking). It's clear that this is doing terrible damage to the Lord of the Dead, but in the end, Truth Itself breaks first: the mirror shatters from the unbearable weight of the truth, and Death sheds a single, gray tear. It's the narrator's description of the whole scene, and the delivery of this one line, that truly sell it.
    Lord of the Dead: Truth is indeed a terrible thing. I have worn this mantle for so long, I had forgotten its dreadful weight.
    Lord of the Dead: You shall take the souls and leave, as I agreed. You have been granted a stay from this inevitable reality. I almost...envy you.
  • The Golden Ending - Awesome Moment of Crowning, everyone shows up to the wedding, the music is just as cheerful and celebratory as it should be, and it ends with Jollo dancing and performing tricks for an appreciative crowd. It's hard not to cheer.
    • Alexander has completely trashed Alhazred's plans, breaking up his sham wedding, exposing him for the corrupt, amoral asshole he is, and chasing him up to the tower where he has Cassima bound. Alexander disposes of the genie (either by killing him or taking control of him). Alhazred, finally out of mooks, draws his sword, at which point Alexander grabs a heavy ceremonial sword, and, despite the fact that it's absolutely not a fighting weapon and he's outmatched, he managed to hold off Alhazred for quite a while. Then, when Alexander is just about out of strength, Cassima escapes her bonds and distracts Alhazred by stabbing him in the shoulder, at which point Alexander takes advantage of the distraction to clock Alhazred with the flat of the heavy sword. Even in victory, he spares the life of his enemy.
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    • Also from the Golden Ending, when Alexander tries to stop the wedding and the false Cassima orders his execution, only to be interrupted by Cassima's resurrected parents bursting into the hall.
    King Caliphim: Hold, in the name of the true King!
  • During the final battle, Alexander almost loses until Cassima comes in and stabs Al-hazred right in the shoulder!


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