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  • Any time Glory Holesnote  is brought up in the show, Ben and Sammy can barely contain their laughter. It's helped by the fact that Xavier Hawthorne is completely oblivious to this, no matter how much Ben and Sammy snicker about it.
  • Episode 34 has the banshee of Helen Keller of all people crash a town mayoral debate after the words "blind", "deaf" and "dumb" are said too many times. It's such a random event that it is hilarious.
    Sammy: Miracle worker my ass.
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  • The entire 2016 Christmas special. The town was enchanted by Gwendolyn, the Racist Witch, to have snow fall over it... and as a side effect, it made everyone in the town sing what they're doing except Sammy. He spends the entire forty minutes of the episode questioning as to whether or not he's gone insane. Highlights musically include the Battle Rapping between Deputy Troy and Jacob Williams and Howard Ford Beauregard III's Villain Song.
  • Episode 64 is also hilarious, as Sammy and Ben spend it being tormented by Alvin the Angry Elf (formerly an Elf on the Shelf).

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