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Nightmarefuel / King Falls AM

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  • Tim Jensen's plight. He's been abducted by aliens, his wife and children don't know where he is, and the mayor destroys Crop Circles that could lead to him coming home. Also crosses over into Tear Jerker, because when he gets home, he's... not right.
  • The entire tape that was recorded at the Devil's Doorstep, played in Episode 11. It's filled with Ominous Latin Chanting, the sound of blowing wind, and a poor, inept explorer describing all sorts of bizarre events happening, such as his compass spinning around and the weather growing colder and colder as he gets closer to the doorstep. Oh, and at the very end, the tape turns itself on and can't be turned off.
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  • Episode 35. Mother of God.
  • A bit of Adult Fear in the 2016 Election Special. Mayor Grisham has the town in such a stranglehold that he can hire a new elections commissioner the week of the election to rig the vote. He's still losing, but voided every single vote so he can try to win in a runoff. Something like this is difficult to do at a national level, but in a small town like King Falls, with only four polling stations, it's very easy to rig. Stuff like this can realistically happen in smaller communities around the world.
  • In episode 49, we find out that Emily is dating Greg Frickard, who's been made abundantly clear to be creepy as hell towards Emily, with little regard for her personal space or welfare. He's also blamed Ben for her disappearance, and acts Entitled to Have You towards Emily. In this episode, though, we found that he's strong armed others to lie about her rescue and distance her and Ben, the guy who actually saved her. Hopefully the others who also saved her will tell her the truth.
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  • Episode 65 has Archie retell what happened to a bunch of teenagers at Perdition Woods.
  • The entire ending of episode 73. Sheriff Gunderson shows up at the station and arrests Ben, dragging him out kicking and screaming. Right after showing Ben photos of what he did to Peas the cat.
  • The second half of episode 86 is a terrifying, threatening monologue by the fake Tim Jensen created by the Science Institute causing a mass Oh, Crap! from Sammy, Ben, and their guest as it gets more threatening and mechanical the longer it goes on, ending with the sinister Arc Words Madness Mantra "Be well."

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