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  • When Sammy insists that Santa Claus lives in town, Ben rallies the callers to deny this- not out of spite, but because they respect the fact that Santa doesn't want to be constantly disturbed by people.
  • The episode immediately after this has Deputy Troy bury the hatchet with Ben over the fact that he caused the death of Ben's pet sugar glider, Serendipity. He does this by getting him another sugar glider- sorry, a cat (sugar gliders are illegal in the tri-state area) as a Christmas present. It's named Peas, because Troy wanted Ben to give Peas a chance.
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  • Hershel Baumgartner's ad for mayor... surprisingly averts any mudslinging or homophobia towards Ron Begley, claiming he has no real issues with his competitor. In fact, part of the reason he's running for mayor is that he doesn't want his favorite bait shop owner to stop doing his job.
  • Sammy repeatedly calls Ben his best friend, even insisting that he wouldn't know what to do without him. The development of their friendship is both natural and touching and is a big part of why this Troper is a huge fan.
  • In episode 27, Chet Sebastian shows that he's actually a Chivalrous Pervert. Having to sub for Ben a second time after Greg Frickard drives him over the edge and he vanishes for two weeks, weaponizes his rather sleazy streak and gets Pete Myers to give up details about where Ben has gone by essentially making an extended, weaponized I banged your mom joke, all so that Sammy has some peace of mind as to where Ben is. Also counts as a Funny Moment.
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  • Episode 42 has a bit of these moments including Sammy forgiving Ben, them showing concern for Mary in the middle of the night and then Troy saving the day and running off the aliens!
  • Episode 44 has Ben giving heartfelt thanks to Sammy for all his help in getting Emily back ending with a sincere "I love you, man." Made all the better when Ben's plan succeeds and Emily is rescued from the UFO. Well, mostly rescued...
    • After Sammy finally returns the sentiment in Episode 49, he and Ben start saying "I love you" fairly regularly, especially when something upsetting is happening. It's a refreshing change from a lot of typical male friendships in media.
  • Emily's using the running gag of "Cronkite. Brokaw. Ben Arnold." showing her memories are coming back.
  • Episode 70: After years worth of Greg pissing off Ben and Sammy, sexually harassing Emily, pissing everyone off, and being homophobic towards Sammy, Ron Begley decides to run an advertisement urging the citizens of King Falls to boycott Granny Frickard's Froggery, motivated by his friendship with Sammy and Ben. Neither Sammy nor Ben even consider taking their friend's money for it, and Ben confesses that he paid for Ron's ad out of his own pocket.
    • And, the whole episode, we get to see Ben, Sammy, and Emily on the radio together, clearly enjoying themselves laying the (verbal) smackdown on Cynthia.

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