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  • Cacophony trying to assure Jylliana in episode 10 that even if she can't hear Ethla, that doesn't mean she isn't out there. It's like writing a letter—eventually she'll get a response. Of course she undercuts it by muttering "unless she hates you" afterward.
    • Jylliana used to get night terrors, but after she communed with Ethla she no longer felt alone in the darkness.
    Jylliana: I guess a best friend doesn't describe it, it's like—
    Cacophony: It's like someone who's always there to take care of you.
    Jemjammer: It's a part of you.
    • Cacophony believes Jylliana is strong enough to get through to Ethla because she's able to tolerate both her and Aelgfifu. She also offers to just silently sit with her in her room just so that she's not alone.
  • Although they get off to a bad start, the Fallen Gods party and Cacophony take time to try and encourage Jylliana on her abilities as a cleric.

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