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    Episodes 1 to 100 

Episode 61: The B.T.K. Killer Part II: "Detective Popcorn"

  • As the name implies, this episode marks the birth of the hosts' recurring character, Detective Popcorn. It starts with commentary about how the police tracking B.T.K. are unable to do anything, a reminder of their nickname of "The Hot Dog Squad" (though Ben gets it wrong and calls them the "Sausage Gang") and Henry imagining the Anthropomorphic Food of the "Let's All Go to the Lobby" theater ads as police officers. The end result is the gang's go-to joke when they want to really highlight how useless the police are:
    Detective Popcorn: Aw, gee, boss, I'm just a bunch of popcorn! How am I supposed to find a BTK killer? Ohh sweet, sweet delicious butter all over. Mmm... salty kernels... mmmm, ohh... can't resist me. Trying to sit down watch a movie, mmm... you greedy fingers! Looking for my popcorny kernels, ohh... There's no way I'm gonna find that BTK killer, being so delicious.

Episode 86: Spree Killers Part I: "If They Knew How Much Fun I Was Havin'..."

  • While some parts of the Spree Killers two-parter haven't aged particularly well (their segment on Richard Speck, mass rapist and brutal spree killer, spends more time making fun of Speck's victims than Speck himself - an approach the boys deliberately avoid in later episodes), there are still a few gems to be found.
    • Henry and Marcus reveal that they shared data on their hard drives. Ben immediately asks if the transaction was monitored by the FBI, and if they wore trench coats and exchanged the hard drives in a back alley.
      Henry: I wore a clown mask and roller skates!
      Ben: Right, right.
      Henry (adopting a Creepy Clown Voice): Heh heh heh! Taking down the paradigm! Any one of you kids want to come take down the paradigm with old...clowny here?
      Ben: God, you are specifically creepy today.
      Henry: Zippers the Clown wants you guys to help take down the government!

Episode 87: Spree Killers Part II: "I've Been Getting These Headaches..."

    Episodes 101 to 150 

Episode 124: Dahmer Part I: "Infinity Land"

  • The trio fail to identify who Otto von Bismarck is, confusing him for the Kaiser and Archduke Franz Ferdinand.
    Marcus: I forgot that in our Dahmer outline! "Who's Otto von Bismarck!"
  • As a child, Dahmer wore lifts on his legs, like Forrest Gump. This leads to the creation of Forrest Gump, Serial Killer.
    Henry: I went to Vietnam. But when I went there, I killed some pros-ti-tuutes.
    Ben: That's a much better story. Forrest, we're friends now.
    Henry: I went to a place called My Lai, where I found out who I really was. I am the blackness!
  • Henry's explanation of a game he plays:
    Henry: What I love to do is... I play this game called "Sprinkler", where I stick my pinky up inside my penis hole and pee out the sides of it.
    Ben: So even though it's your pinky, which is your smallest digit, it's still a very large digit to put into a very small hole.
    Henry: Quarter-sized hole.
    Ben: Interesting.
    Henry: But you have to know you have a penis... [Beat] You gotta know it!
    (more laughter)
    Ben: That's about a five-alarm Zebrowski piss-fire right there. We'll need about five Zebrowskis to piss that one out.


    Episodes 151 to 200 

    Episodes 201 to 250 

Leonard Lake and Charles Ng

  • Henry's impersonation of Charles Ng. A white dude impersonating an Asian by using copious amounts of Asian Speekee Engrish? Not funny. A white dude impersonating an Asian Serial Killer, who by all accounts actually talked like that, using that same accent? Hilarious.

Episode 204: Leonard Lake and Charles Ng Part II: "What I Bring to Friendship"

  • If Henry's impersionation of Ng is true (it's not), he apparently had trouble with the Marine Corps chants...
    Marine Sergeant: Private! Listen: I love your exuberance, alright? But I'm really gonna need you to hit some of the L's on this, okay? I know that's— there is a barrier here. And I understand that we are the Marines, where equal opportunity is what it is. Just— we're really gonna try to hit these L's, okay?
    Charles Ng: Of course, of course, Commander! Yes sir, yes sir! No kirr...!
    Marine Sergeant: Alright, just repeat after me— "No kill, no thrill!"
    Charles Ng: No kirr—
    Marine Sergeant: "No kill."
    Charles Ng: No... thrirr—
    Marine Sergeant: Oop... Woop...
    Charles Ng: Just give me gun! JUST GIVE ME GUN! Lemme— JUST GIVE ME GUN! Everybody always comprain about how I say things, and what I do! All I bwing to fwiendship!

Episode 218: Aum Shinrikyo Part I: "Mountain Wizards"

  • Henry opens the episode proclaiming he will not be doing an Asian Speekee Engrish accent... only for him to slip into it without thinking when impersonating a blind Japanese acupuncturist.
    Henry: Can you imagine, though, it's kind of sexy to be with a blind Japanese woman who's just like, "Oh, where to stick pin, young Kissel? Ohhhh no...? Well— hold on, are these two anacondas? Oh no, these are your-"
    Marcus: You made it thirteen minutes.
    Henry: God damn it!

Episode 220: Aum Shinrikyo Part III: "The Soldiers of White Love"

  • Their impression of General Westmoreland on acid involves him eating cereal out of a Vietnamese boy— or his skull.
    Marcus: Yeah, Westmoreland was a psychopath.
    Ben: He was eating it out of the boys'—?
    Marcus: Yeah, sure. He had a boy's skull that he ate breakfast out of.
    Ben: Oh! I see.
    Henry: You put a couple of expanders in a butthole, you can get some cereal in there. Technically, a serving of cereal is only three-fourths of a cup!
  • The Cameo by Charles Ng.
    Henry (as Ng): Why nobody raugh!? WHY NOBODY RAUGH!!?
    Ben: Well, I don't know— I don't—
    Ben: It's kind of a serious time for Aum Shinrikyo—
  • Aum Shinrikyo's laser experiments and anime influences raises comparisons to Neon Genesis Evangelion— something Marcus has opinions about.
    Henry: [Shoko Asahara] wanted to be an anime guy! He wanted the whole thing to be an anime! He legitimately looked around, being like: "We need Mechwarriors!" And they're like "Yes, we know, but then we have to raise children that are essentially artificially intelligently designed— like, human cyborgs that will feed into the Mechwarriors, in order to create a union between man and machine that will not be like the union between God and Man..." Hello, Evangelion!
    Marcus: Yeah! And one of them's going to be a super-annoying German redhead that's gonna ruin the whole show!
    Henry: She's got great breasts, though!
    Ben: I don't think she ruined it!
    Marcus: Oh, she is AWFUL!
    Ben: I love Evangelion. It's the only anime I watched.
    Henry: But that's what he wanted.
  • Defectors from Aum Shinrikyo who are recaptured are subjected to a barrage of gruesome imagery like shootings and vehicular accidents. When Henry hears about it, however... well, let's just say Asahara was lucky he never met Henry.
    Henry: The whole time, I would literally just be sitting there going like, "Fuck yeah, dude! This is fucking metal, man! Yeah!"
    Ben: I don't think that he would want your love, though, so...
    Henry: WHOOOOOOO! Sign me up!
    Ben: "Can you please get the man who tries to milk me every day outta here!?"
    Ben: You'd be the only one who gets kicked out of the cult because you annoyed the man so much!
    Henry (as Asahara): I'm sorry, Zebrowski-san, but you are far too... gnarly for Aum Shinrikyo.

Episode 222: "Manifestos"

  • Again, Henry's impressions, this time of the Santa Barbara shooter Elliot Rodgers, adopting what Ben calls the shooter's "inner monologue" (In reality, Rodgers' voice and mannerisms erred on the side of Camp Straight.)
    • The revelation that Rodgers' often annoyed his roommates by blasting soft rock from his room, and, in particular, his favorite song was "Higher Love" by Steve Winwood (incorrectly identified as Phil Collins in the episode). Made all the better when Henry begins singing along to the the Elliot Rodgers voice.
      Elliot Rodgers: Bring me a higher love / bring me a higher love, oh...
      Roommate: Hey, Rodgers, I got a test in the morning...hey Rodgers, it's my finals week—
      Elliot Rodgers: THIS IS MY PHIL COLLINS TIME! YOU DO NOT INTERRUPT MY PHIL COLLINS TIME! Oh, thank god I bought these white sneakers, so I can walk down the avenue while listening to this song...
      Roommate: All right. Well, I'm gonna move out next week.
      Elliot Rodgers: Wait a second, can you go check in the kitchen to see if we have any...clean knives?
  • The exchange that immediately follows that bit:
    Marcus: Oh, there is no musical artist I hate more than Phil Collins.
    Ben: Is it Phil Collins' fault, or his fans' fault?
    Henry: It's Phil Collins' fault. I'm gonna say this whole killing spree is Phil Collins' fault!

Episode 235: Albert Fish Part II: "That's How They Do It In Hollywood"

  • Björk, guardian angel.
    Ben: For some reason, I pictured the angel as Björk, wearing her swan suit. She would be a good angel, if I had to have an angel in my life.
    Marcus: If you had to have an angel come and tell you to stop murdering the boy?
    Henry: No! Don't murder! Neeeeever murder! Only... Jump!
    Marcus: Did you just... She sounds Jamaican!
    Ben: No! That sounds like Björk!
    Henry: If you're doing Björk, then you have to sound like thi~is! Björk!
    Marcus: I am Björk! Neeeever kill! Jump! Only jump!

Episode 236: Albert Fish Part III: "The Werewolf of Wysteria"

  • Henry's idea to catch the pedophile killer by disguising himself as a little girl.
    Henry (as little girl): Come get me, yeah!
    Ben: Alright, Marcus, hit him with the club!
    Henry (as little girl): Pour some sugar on me!
    Marcus: Get him! Get him! Yeah!
    Ben: Yeah!
    Marcus: Yeah!
    Ben: Officer, I actually don't know Marcus or Henry, and I thought what they did to that man was terrible.

    Episodes 251 to 300 

Episode 254: Jack the Ripper Part I: "Cockney Yoga"

  • The moving of the workers from London's West End to its East End leads to the mention of "Cockney yoga shops".
    Henry: [in exaggerated Cockney accent] Ya gotta take yer nuts and ya gotta ram 'em up inside yer nose and ya gotta get em in there, Gabriel! Lemme put some oil on yer back! Breef through it, ya fuckin' ape! Breef through it, ya fuckin' fat ape!!

Episode 265: Chris Benoit

  • Henry Zebrowski's impersonations of Chris Benoit, portraying him as a hammy Cloud Cuckoolander.
    • First off, when discussing the incident that gave Benoit the nickname of "the Crippler" (Benoit accidentally broke Sabu's neck with a botched move), Henry gets a bit of mileage out of Sabu's nickname of "the Elephant Boy".
      Henry (as Benoit): The saddest part about what I did to the Elephant Boy— I did not mean to cripple him, so I know that he has an incredible memory. And he would remember every second of the excruciating pain THAT THE CRIPPLER TOOK HIM THROUGH THE LABYRINTH OF! LABYRINTH OF PAIN!!
      Henry (as "Sabu the Elephant Boy"): I'm just bein' an elephant boy! I guess now, I'm just gonna sit in my chair. You know what? Thanks, Crippler, 'cos I hated walkin' around the mall!
    • Then, when Ben says that "technical wrestler" is used to describe wrestlers who can't speak, "Chris" interrupts to prove he can, in fact, speak.
      Henry (as Benoit): Whaddya mean I can't speak?
      Ben: No, wait, I—
      Henry (as Benoit): I can speak! Listen! A, B, C, D, E... F... H?
      Ben: (laughs) Yes, yes.
      Henry (as Benoit): Seven.... fourteen! WrestleMania 27!
      Henry (as Benoit): Ummm... Nancy's my wife! Right?
      Ben: Yes, yes she is.
      Henry (as Benoit): I can speak.
      Ben: Okay. You gotta get to the ring now!
      Henry (as Benoit): Now the ring's the big circle?
      Ben: It's the— well, it's the "squared circle" they call it...
      Henry (as Benoit): That's a funny name for it!
      Ben: (laughs) Go get technical in there!
      Henry (as Benoit): You're right! A plus B equals... WrestleMania 27!
    • After the sober mention of how Benoit took more chair shots to the back of the head than he could count, Henry provides a bit of Mood Whiplash:
      Henry (as Benoit): No one can tell me that I can't count, alright!? 'Cos I've had one... two... niner... fi-five-fif! Fif-- fif-- Fifty. Fifty! Fi-fi-fifty! Gahhhh...
      Ben: Did I hear a "niner" in there?
    • Finally, after Marcus sums up the conspiracy theories drifting around Benoit's murder-suicide, Henry does it again:
      Marcus: At the end of the day, the Chris Benoit case— much like Sandy Hook and other tragedies— is so terrible and so unthinkable that people attach conspiracy theories to it to try to give a simple answer to a complicated question. But the facts remain that Benoit committed a senseless act that was preventable, for which there can be no justification or excuse.
      Henry (as Benoit): And the only way that we're gonna be able to reverse this horrible tragedy is I'm coming back for WrestleMania 31! They're bringing me back! There, my bones will be versus Goldberg in a one-time only, World Federation Heavyweight event in which my bones will be placed on top of a squirming giant Jewish man, and prevail me once and forever as champion of the WWE!
    • The trio then go on to mention a theoretical Benoit vs. Owen Hart match where their skeletons are wired like marionettes and clacked together.

Episode 264: L. Ron Hubbard Part IV: "Sea Org"

  • It's discussed that in Hubbard's later years, he returned to the United States and had an apartment in Queens, where he was frequently mocked and harassed by the neighborhood kids, which prompts Henry to launch into an extended bit as a pair of New York juvenile delinquents who mug Hubbard for his shoes.
    Henry: (as Delinquent Kid #1) "Ey, Tommy, c'mere! C'mere, come look at this guy! Hey! You look like a homeless clown, you piece ah shit! Haha! Hey, gimme a dollar. Gimme a god-damn dollar. We got— H-hey, Tommy, look!" (as Delinquent Kid #2) "Oh, hey, look at dat dere, Billy, I think dat guy's wearin' our shoes. Eh, yeah, yeah, looks like he's wearin' our shoes!" (as Hubbard) "I'm not wearing your shoes, these are my shoes, I bought them from the thrift store!" (as Delinquent Kid #2) "Yeah, but it seems like maybe you're wearin' our shoes. Take off yer shoes. Take off our damn shoes!" (as Hubbard) "No, I will not, no, no, you have not flied your rudes! You have not been flying your rudes!" (as Delinquent Kid #1, Henry's voice breaking) "Take off. Ya god. Damn. Shoes. Ya got a knife?!"
    Henry: That would've been so much fun as a nine-year-old, having a good old-fashioned adult victim.

Episode 285: Norwegian Black Metal Part I: "Chainsaw Gutsfuck"

Episode 286: Norwegian Black Metal Part II: "Orc Urinal"

  • Varg Vikernes' first band, "Old Funeral" is the subject of much mockery.
    Ben: Honestly, that's just a normal funeral. Like, "Young Funeral" is kind of edgy, sort of sad. "Old Funeral" is just like... "It was a long life, a healthy life, baker for fifty years. [Beat] WELCOME! TO! BABY FUNERAAAAAAAAL! WWRARRRRR!!"
  • At one point, The Ramones get compared to Guy Fieri.
  • The origin of the episode's name is hilarious: in the middle of discussing the influence of The Lord of the Rings on Varg and his music, and how Varg thinking the Elves are "stereotypically Jewish" is wrong, the discussion gets flipped to Liv Tyler.
    Ben: Now where does Liv Tyler come into this? Because I thought she was wonderful in those movies.
    Henry (as Varg): All the guys in the band, all they wanted to say was, "Ooh! I wanna bang Liv Tyler, Queen of the Elves! Please put me in the Forever Place with Liv Tyler! Wouldn't that be amazing?" And I said, "No! Put me in Mordor! That's where everything that's cool is happening! Give me a King Kong arcade game— that's the one American thing I like— and you put it in the main hall of Mordor, next to the bathroom so I don't have to wait behind all those stinky Orcs! So I can play my game and use the bathroom freely, as a free man!
    Ben: "Orc Bathroom"— that sounds more disgusting than Woodstock '99... "The Orc Bathroom Situation"— I don't ever wanna think about it again!
    Marcus: And even that's a better name for a band than Old Funeral— Orc Bathroom!
    Ben: Orc Bathroom's a great name for a band!
    Henry: Orc Bathroom's a good name for a fucking band! That's pretty sweet!
    Ben: Orc Urinal! (laughter)
  • The discussion of Varg's nom de plume, "Count Grishnakh", somehow ends up with the trio guessing which race they'd be in the world of Middle-Earth. Ben, being tall, is an Ent ("one specific tree named 'Bent', who just sits off to the side getting hammered and telling the other trees what to do"); Henry, who is short and hairy, is a Hobbit; and Marcus, who's tall and fair, is an Elf.

Episode 287: Norwegian Black Metal Part III: "This Laughable Society"

  • While delving into the murder of Mayhem's Euronymous, Henry pulls up a document he found online that he claims will explain just what happened in Euronymous' apartment on that night. It turns out to be a rather explicit Varg/Euronymous Slash Fic.
    Ben: What on Earth did we just listen to!?

Episode 288: Robert Pickton Part I: Pig Sense

  • The murderer's farm-boy upbringing gets compared to Marcus'.
    Marcus: The rumor is, when Willie got upset or got in trouble, he'd burrow into the butchered carcass of a hog until he felt better again.
    Henry: How is this different than you, Marcus?

Episode 289: Robert Pickton Part II: La Costra Pigstra

  • Starting from the end of this episode, Henry starts a Running Gag of ironically pushing the "Illuminati Clone" conspiracy by Donald Marshall, even trying to fit it into the Pickton story. It's obvious that he's merely being a Troll, but he talks like someone who's wholly convinced, as is his way. Ben even muses about cutting off his internet.

Episode 291: Robert Pickton: Part IV: Out To Lunch

  • Henry mentions having obtained an extremely rare copy of the book Robert Pickton: In His Own Words (which was only on sale for five days on Amazon before the Canadian government took it down), where Pickton explains his own account of the murders. Henry claims that this is one of the more taxing things he has ever read, even more so than the Scientology documents and The Turner Diaries...because Pickton is an atrocious writer:
    Henry: [as Pickton] "There I dispersed from the specific area and feeling a whole lot better of the whole process, I decided to stop at this convenience store that is just up from the Purchase to Hastings indicating that the site location is on the left hand side where the store is facing onto Hastings Street. There I have bought myself a light snack, that involves a filled donut, one liter of 2% chocolate milk, and a packet of plain potato chips to munch on while I continued to overdrive my own tiredness so that I could proceed on driving homebound. But holding to my homeward route, as playing with the supported speech 'killing two birds with the same stone' and being in Vancouver, which I am going on the onside location where Ms. Georgina Dickins works the Shell service station located on the junction of Powell Street and I would desperately like to talk to her in person..."
    Henry: We haven't even gotten to it! This is just one paragraph.
  • In over the top Canadian accents, the guys mocking investigators's failure to immediately test ground meat found in freezers, then waiting two years before issuing a public health warning despite discovering human remains mixed with that pork and knowledge Pickton distributed a large amount of meat to the market.
    Ben: (as investigator) Now people of Coquitlam and Port Coquitlam, now I hate to break it to ya, now that lovely sausage you've been enjoying, uh...It's just sausage. (aside) We're not gonna ruin this for them.
    Henry: And you can just see him be like 'And now, I just wanna to say, in unity with the people of Port Coquitlam, I will now eat this human foot. I don't know where we got this foot, I'm not asking questions, right? Right, Sergeant Lansky? No questions asked. Now I am gonna eat this foot so I will also know what it's like (chomping) Honestly, it's quite good.'
  • Marcus expertly puts down Henry's Illuminati Clone Running Gag when discussing why the judge on Pickton's trial made the decisions he did.
    (Laughter from Ben)

Episode 295: Black Widows Part I: The Polish Prognosticator

  • Early in the episode, Marcus brings up H.H. Holmes as the closest male equivalent to Black Widow killers. As soon as Minnie and Nanny Williams get mentioned, Henry proceeds to do his "I'm Minnie and I'm Nanny" bit from the Holmes episodes, but does it completely deadpan. This then prompts Ben to go full ham and do the routine properly and Henry quickly joins in.

    Episodes 301 to 350 

Episode 322: Biggie and Tupac Part III: “The Murders”

  • When describing how Wardell “Poochie” Fouse was allegedly ordered to murder William “Rat” Ratcliffe just for pestering Suge Knight in a bathroom, Henry takes Rat’s Punny Name to heart and imagines the guy pitching songs about cheese.
  • Henry leans into the whole “Tupac is Alive” conspiracy with such gusto that Marcus can’t control his laughter at points. It leads to a back-and-forth between them near the end of the episode, with Marcus playing the debunker and Henry parodying the average conspiracy theorist by screaming “YOU’RE WRONG!”.

Episode 324: The Men in Black Episode II: "Pig Transport"

  • In what will become a continuing controversy on the show, Henry accuses Ben of...loving Bud Light Lime.
    Henry: Kissel likes the taste of Bud Light Lime.
    Ben: I don't drink Bud Light Lime! No, you started this lie -
    Henry: He enjoys the taste of it, which is a mystery -
    Ben: That's a Tulpa! That is a Tulpa! They are conjuring up images of me with Bud Light Limes - it's not happening!
    Henry: I will always remember this sentence - I will always remember you sucking on a tallboy of Bud Light Lime, going, "It's like a margarita, except they got it in a can!"
    Ben: No, you fucking dick -
    Marcus: And then - oh my god - and then after you said that they started selling margaritas in a can! So, that means that you, very possibly, through your love of Bud Light Lime -
    Ben: I don't like - or love - or even DRINK Bud Light Lime! It tastes like poison!
    Henry: Someone doth protest too much...

Episode 325: The Men in Black Episode III: "Time Crime"

  • Henry's vision of the Men in Black "Time Cops" theory.
    Marcus: Pretty soon after that pig got slaughtered, the Men in Black showed up. Now, could it be that slaughtering that prized pig had some sort of ripple effect on time? That something in that pig's future could have set off a chain of events that could affect someone millions of years in the future? Was the pig a time fulcrum?
    Ben: It was a time pig!
    Henry: It was a time pig. And then it cuts to the year 3,000,000, Donald Trump's head's in a big floating glass jar like in Futurama, with his big floating robot dick, and that pig was supposed to be his wife.
    Ben: Oh, man. Time pig!
    Henry: Time pig! I love time cops, by the way. I love the whole theory. Cuts to, also, them back - you know who's a part of the whole crew? Rasputin.

Episode 331: The Donner Party Part I: "Salt of the Earth"

  • Henry reads a letter from one of his ancestors, who was on the wagon trains. It's another Zebrowki special:
    We are excited to see Mexicans and are assured by many that they do not have horns and poison sacs, like some of the older members of our party have read in scientific papers.

Episode 332: The Donner Party Part II: "The Forlorn Hope"

  • Marcus and Ben can’t resist making digs at Charles Stanton’s fatal flaw - he was short. Henry, who is touchy about his size, isn’t amused, and at one point is silently seething in mock fury as Marcus and Ben howl with uncontrollable laughter.
  • Henry and Ben's uncontrollable glee when Marcus finally says "That's when the cannibalism started," a line that's been in the podcast's intro for almost all of its run.

Episode 344: The Book of Revelation

  • After Marcus reads the passage on how Jesus will ride forth on a horse named "Faithful and True" while shooting swords from his mouth, Henry starts singing "Cruel Angel's Thesis".

Episode 348: Josef Mengele Part I: The Birth of Eugenics

  • Henry opening the episode by declaring that every time he sees Mengele, his brain immediately starts playing Mengele's name sung to the chorus of "Panama".

Episode 349: Josef Mengele Part II - The Crimes of Mengele

  • This episode is so dark with the crimes of Mengele at Auschwitz that Marcus explains that, when things get too heavy, he'll be trotting out random Home Improvement trivia. Over the course of the episode the hosts are stunned to learn that the original planned name for Al Borland was "Glen Borland" and the German title of the show translates to Listen to Who's Hammering.

Episode 350: Josef Mengele Part III - The Hunt

  • The episode opens with Henry explaining that there was one specific thing about the last episode that's still haunting him: Glen Borland. His impression of what a Glen Borland character would sound like ends up being a toned-down, more pedophilic Richard Chase.

    Episode 351 Onwards 

Episode 351: Ouija

  • In a tweet advertising the episode, there's a Ouija board in the bottom left corner of the video playing a clip from the episode. Watch the planchette move across the board as the video plays, and you can see it spell out D-I-C-K-B-U-T-T.
  • Towards the end of the episode, the hosts describe a pair of incidents in which Coast to Coast AM attempted to do a Ouija reading live on the air. This, of course, brings out Henry's George Noory impression, asking ghosts and cryptids what kind of hat they would wear if they wore hats (according to Ben, the answer is G-R-E-E-N). On top of that, strange incidents, such as multiple blackouts, that occurred during the first Ouija attempt causes the show to back out of a second, larger reading because they realized if they went through with it, they would become The Scapegoat for every bad thing that would ever happen afterward.

Episode 354: Skinwalker Ranch Part III - The Investigation

  • Henry envisions the giant hyena-boar-fox-dog creature from Skinwalker Ranch as Bunko the Everything Dog.
    Henry (as Bunko): I wish somebody'd come and pet me once, but everybody says I'm the scariest thing they've ever seen.

Episode 357: Joseph Kallinger Part II - The Perfect Waiter

  • Ben is incredulous that, of all the times Marcus might pick to plug something, he decides to plug The Story Must Be Told after describing one of Kallinger's vivid hallucinations in which a man unknowingly eats the remains of his wife and her friends. Marcus justifies the plug by noting the description of the hallucination fits right in with the other show's storytelling style.

Episode 358: The Electric Chair

  • Marcus lets slip that he's been listening to "Hot Pipes", a podcast entirely about pipe organ music. Ben and Henry have to be convinced the show is real and then proceed to mock Marcus about it throughout the rest of the episode.
    Henry: It sounds like the name of a restaurant that only serves logs of shit!

Episode 370: Bonnie and Clyde Part II - Give Me The Money Now

  • To illustrate how badly outgunned the police were in comparison to the Barrow gang, Marcus plays sound clips of a .38 Special, the standard issue firearm at the time, followed by the M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle that was the gang’s favourite. The difference is... marked.
    Ben: Whoooaaa!
    Ben: I think I know which gun I would prefer to have!
    • Immediately after that, Marcus accidentally triggers a pistol firing sound, startling all three. Ben takes pains to point out that despite knowing full well the sound was from Marcus’ computer, they all instinctively ducked.

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