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  • Blue's near-addictive love of Oreos.
    • She even swears by them. When she sees Rexy for the first time, she thinks "Oh, Oreo filling! Had she stolen a kill from this huge carnivore's territory?"
    • At one point, Rexy accidentally licks up one of Blue's Oreos while grooming Blue. Blue, naturally, pouts a bit and whines, but ultimately accepts it. Oh, no, wait, she does the opposite, and leaps into Rexy's mouth to get the Oreo back. Rexy is so startled by this that she spits out the raptor and the Oreo, then stares at Tim as if asking "What the hell just happened?"
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  • Owen and Lowery's introduction has this priceless exchange.
    Owen: Who are you again?
    Lowery: Oh, just the guy in the control room. You knocked all the dinosaurs off my desk for no good reason. Seriously man, why are you hatin' on my dinos?
  • Owen, Barry, and Lowery brainstorming names for the Indominus Rex. Lowery's suggestion? America.
    • Then later, when they create a false resume for Elise, this actually becomes her middle name, making her full name "Elise America Grady."
  • When Owen and Barry guide the now-calmed Elise back to her old paddock as a temporary shelter, the workers currently upgrading it see a giant dinosaur thundering after a truck and a man on a bike. It doesn't take much to put two and two together for a Mass "Oh, Crap!".
  • While trying to think of a way to save Elise from being euthanized, Owen briefly considers distracting Claire by showing up shirtless.
  • Lowery is the only one who can make a dinosaur cry. Doubles as a heartwarming moment too, actually.
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  • Think about it; a team of experienced soldiers, working with some of the most dangerous animals in the world, go running off after a nonexistent Elise, who leads them away and simply comes back. The commander completely fails to realize this and even tells Claire on the radio to quiet herself.
  • Rexy will not tolerate the loudspeakers still being on during bedtime (nest-time?) As a result of someone's carelessness, she throws bloody chunks of goat into the viewing log the following morning, traumatizing a great many kids (and becoming an Instant Web Hit!)
  • Even though they are family, Echo still goes ahead and sells Owen out after getting caught with Oreos by Dr Gerry. She pulls the Oreo wrapper out his pants. And then this comes:
    Echo hissed back. This was life or death. She would not be going down on this ship; if her Alpha could swim, then good for him, but she was already on her way towards land with or without him.
  • There is a short flashback sequence to Blue's younger days. Long short story, Blue tricks Owen. Blue steals boot. Blue continues gloating and taunting Owen with this boot for the rest of her youth.
    • And never again would he get his boot back.
  • When a nosy reporter asks Owen how he knew to teach Elise sign language, he gives us this gem.
    • And then that same obnoxious reporter gets sneezed on by Elise. Owen hopes to keep that footage
  • When testing Elise's intelligence, Dr.Grant gives Blue the same ball test, which frustrates Blue while the humans keep up their debate. Just when everyone is wrapping up for the day, Blue beans the lawyer representing InGen with the test ball, breaking his nose.
  • Owen receives a 3D-printed replica of a velociraptor's resonating chamber. The very first thing he does with it is unwittingly replicate a mating call. Elise is appropriately disturbed.
  • Lowery accidentally submitting the resume for a position on the ACU on behalf of Elise. The entire Control Room's stunned reactions are priceless.
    • Bonus points for the resume actually getting accepted!
      • The pay requirements are the best- "Squeaky Toys and Steak."
      • It gets funnier when someone says "Claire's going to kill us isn't she?" Lowery's reply"
    Lowery: Of course not... Claire's going to tie cinderblocks to our feet before pushing us into [Lily's] lagoon.
  • Claire telling a lawyer who's getting on her nerves "Why don't you visit the T-Rex paddock? Rexy has a taste for lawyers."
    • Hilariously, she actually doesn't- one inner thought revealed "They smell bad."
  • While Elise is getting a checkup after her fight with Lilly the Mosasaurus, a curious Echo comes over and drinks the vet's coffee (with double espresso shots). A short while later she goes absolutely nuts, running in circles, barking as loud as she can, and murdering every rabbit in sight while the rest of the pack looks on in confusion/horror.
  • Elise deciding to deal with Blake by literally burying him alive in a shallow grave. Though, Blake does have pretty good reasons for hating Elise.
  • On her way back to Rexy's paddock after movie night, Elise decides to play Godzilla. The image of a giant carnivorous dinosaur stomping around like a little kid, knocking over fake buildings and such, is enough to draw a chuckle.
  • 20 bees owe their lives to Owen.
  • In a darkly humorous way, Bridges giving the Walter Palmer-caricature exactly what he wanted.
  • Elsie deals with a petting zoo keeper by flipping her off.
  • When visiting Bark the Suchomimus and Queen Anne the Baryonyx, Owen forgets the first lesson in taming carnivores: never turn your back to them. Anne replies to this insult by chucking a fish at his face, and it turns out she has surprisingly good accuracy for a giant dinosaur.
    • Earlier, Owen makes mental notes of what would happen if someone tried the same methods to get Bark to back off (faking a charge is one example) with the other carnivores in the series: Rexy would find it odd that a human would make it easier for her to eat them, Blue would happily accept the challenge and attack, and Elise would play Godzilla.
  • Elise playing matchmaker for Lowery and Jackie. In the words of one reviewer: "Oh no, Elise has become a shipper."
  • Owen has a hard time holding on to some of his possessions; apart from the aforementioned boot incident, just before his third date with Claire his tie was stolen by a spider. One week later, and he still hasn't gotten it back.
  • After his mother describes Oreo Thins to him after remarking that she could send some over for Blue, Owen is absolutely adamant that Blue never finds out that such a thing exists while imagining her reaction to them.
  • Although they hate each other, Elise's interactions with Sobek are fairly amusing:
    • The first time they meet, Elise feels that Sobek's being rude (he thinks she's unnatural). She debates whether to follow Owen or Rosie's examples of insults, chooses the latter, and calls Sobek a butt-nugget.
    • After their brief fight in Chapter 69, Elise offers Sobek a cow as a peace offering. He seems to accept until she starts licking his nose, which to the Spinosaurus is a mating ritual. Elise, who thought she was just being comforting like Rexy, is very confused when Sobek leaves in a huff.
  • Chapter 70. The control room, after seeing Rexy and Sobek acting affectionately towards each other, start shipping the two, coming up with couple names ("Robek," and "Sexy," for example), and at least one guy in the booth keeps yelling that no one will tell him what shipping is.
    • The language barrier between Sobek and Elise strikes again when Elise misinterprets the exchange between him and Rexy as Sobek wanting to be Rexy's mate.
  • When Sobek finds Elise taking her frustrations out on a fallen tree trunk, he wonders if she's trying to eat it.
    • Sobek's reaction to finding Elise in this state can best be summed up as "Oh god, this is the one who's going to inherit the island when Rexy and I are gone. (facepalm)."
  • Bridges unleashes Carnifex to fight Tacet (the Indomitus Rex). Carnifex charges out... and decides that Tacet is actually kind of hot and starts courting her instead.
    • Later, after trying to get Carnifex and Tacet contained (Tacet interrupts that with a well placed tree), Bridges tries to sneak into the safe house. Lucia Dodgson mistakes him for a raptor and whacks him in the face with a board.
  • A delivery man accidentally delivers some sheep to Rexy's paddock. The raptors come and investigate, and Blue is so enamored by the fuzzy wool of the sheep that she bearhugs one sheep before stealing the rest of the "Oreo-Clouds".
  • From the one-shot collection:
    • The revelation that Santa put Sobek on his Naughty List for eating one of his reindeer.

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