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  • Owen communicating with the Indominus for the first time. The Youtube video of it is hashtagged "badassery" and it going public in spite of the attempted information lockdown and becoming an Instant Web Hit helped save Elise from euthanization.
  • Elise distracting and fighting off Lilly in order to save Owen. More impressive when you consider that meeting Lilly is what caused her death in canon.
  • Rexy has a few moments, such as:
    • Driving off a rampaging Triceratops that almost killed Elise.
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    • Killing Madre del Diablo when the Ax-Crazy Spinosaurus broke into her paddock.
    • Adopting Elise. Admittedly, this might be more under the Heartwarming entry, but that this Tyrant King saw this creature that clearly wasn't one of her own species, and was a potential rival, and decided to take her in and treat her like a daughter is clearly a moment worthy of praise.
    • Ending a fight between Raptor Squad, Elise, and Sobek with her sheer presence alone.
  • Elise's fake resume is a bit of fridge awesomeness because most of the stuff that goes on there is true. Trilingual? Check note . Ability to come up with plans on her own? Check. Experience around very dangerous animals? Check. Physically Fit? Check. All of these together would make an excellent resume, and Elise fits them all without even trying!
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  • Carnifex devouring the Walter Palmer-inspired character. Horrifying, but given what he tried to do to Sobek, it is immensely satisfying to see him get his comeuppance.
  • Sobek wanting a fight with Rexy. Mind you, he already killed a (subadult) Tyrannosaurus back in JP3 but Rexy is a veteran of fighting, and it is clear that Sobek respects her and views her as the ONE dino that would give him the fight he wants. It is clear that if they ever were to fight, they would both give it their all.
  • Chapter 70.
    • Sobek and Rexy finally duke it out. Jurassic Park 1's big bad carnivore vs. Jurassic Park 3's big bad carnivore. Rexy Wins. And... makes friends with Sobek in the process, who is so happy with the fight that he's willing to share all of his territory with her.
    • Wu's video reveals who Elise's human DNA comes from: John Hammond.
  • Chapter 74.
    • Flower the Boer buck. Who managed to escape Rexy, headbutted Blue, evaded Raptor Squad for weeks, and now lives in Sobek's pen, managing to startle Sobek and hold his ground against the Spinosaurus until Sobek decided that Flower wasn't worth it, meaning that Flower now lives in an area where the local predators stay away from due to the Spinosaurus (including Raptor Squad), and impressed the local boss enough that he can stay.
  • Owen punching out Bridges.
  • All seems lost. Tacet, while subdued, pretty much knocked Elise out of the fight. The surprise Raptor Backup has been killed nearly to a man. Owen and Fuego are facing down Carnifex... And then a flare lands, thrown by Bridges. Cue Limper, the last fully-grown T-Rex on Isla Sorna, completely dominating the fight against Carnifex, and making the Rex-Killing monster flee into the Jungle.
  • One of the raptors tricking Bridges by knocking on the door, leading to him getting impaled on a stalagmite.
  • Meta-example: Skulls coming back with two lengthy chapters after a month.
    • Even better: Coming back with two lengthy chapters after eight months, after a number of people thought the story dead.

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