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Heartwarming / It's not the Raptor DNA

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You are my sunshine, my only sunshine...

  • Barry's kindness shown to Elise at the beginning of the fic. This man very much knows he is dealing with a creature that, as far as he knew, was hands-down the most violent monster in the history of Jurassic World. Barry redefines animal-loving Nice Guy.
  • Just about every time Elise interacts with children.
    • Likewise, Elise's fondness for using her camouflage to mimic tattoos she likes.
  • Rexy adopting Elise (and later the rest of the Raptor squad, deciding that while oddballs, they were her oddballs).
  • Thanks to Lowery's acorn and a gift of American soil, Small One can now live on and grow into a strong, big tree.
  • Owen making himself understood to the raptors, resulting in them tackling him with joy, in a way they haven't done so since they were hatchlings.
  • Elise's interaction with Love, a baby Apatosaurus.
    • And Debra's reminiscing about the individual personalities of her Apatosaurs and her own love of children.
  • Elise being accepted into the pack. Particularly, Blue's pride and awe of Owen for making her pack.
    • From the same scene, Elise explaining to Blue that the paddock isn't her territory but their territory.
  • Dr. Grant reuniting with Rexy. Grant's reaction is compared to meeting an old friend again, despite the...unusual circumstances of their first meeting.
    • And after seeing her show, decides that Rexy getting fed chained down, overweight goats is making her feel old and not a worthy feeding regimen for the big boss of Isla Nublar. So, while standing next to Tim, he pushes the button to release the goat. This results in Rexy having to actual put work into her meal, which she appreciates enough to give the island a true roar and makes releasing the goat a regular part of her feeding time.
  • Tim's Affectionate Nickname for Rexy? Mama.
    • That Tim is the same Tim as Hammond's Grandson in the first movie, and the dinosaur which once tried to eat him has now adopted him unofficially is sweet.
    • The sheer respect that Grant and Rexy show one another for various reasons might bring a manly tear to the eye.
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  • Really though, the fact that Owen's not the only caretaker like him in Jurassic World; all the animals, even the easily-angered ones, are very fond of their handlers who also give them names. Like Debra and her herd of Apatosaurs.
  • There's something about Owen acknowledging that Elise truly is like a daughter to him.
  • Owen and Debra burying the hatchet during Rosie's visit.
  • Chapter 70 might as well be called a Chapter of Heartwarming from the most unlikely people ever:
    • Elise finally getting a picture of her sister. That's something already very heartwarming, but it's amplified even more when you realize it came from Wu of all people, and yes, his reasons are completely selfless and sincere. Actually, Wu's entire video counts, as it proves that not only is this man not the greedy Mad Scientist he is made out to be, he is a genuinely good man who was loyal to John Hammond to the very end. Talk about Undying Loyalty.
    • Strangely enough, the fight between Rexy and Sobek counts as one. While definitely deserving of the "Awesome" title, at the same time the text describes what the two are thinking while beating the stuffing out of one another, and they're just so darn happy to be having a worthy opponent. It even ends heartwarmingly- the two agree that the other is a worthy opponent, and agrees to let the other into their territory.
  • Sobek deciding to teach Elise how to fish.
  • Carnifex is the least likely to have a heartwarming moment, but then he meets Tacet, the Indomitus Rex, and he starts trying to impress and communicate with her. Tacet, for her part, is overjoyed that she finally has contact with someone that she can understand.
  • Upon realizing that something is seriously upsetting Rexy, Blue gives the Tyrannosaurus one of her prized Oreos because they have always made her feel better and she figures that it will do the same for Rexy. This is after she leaped into Rexy's mouth to retrieve one several chapters back.
    • Later, when Rexy realizes that there is nothing she can do to help Elise and slumps to the ground in defeat, Sobek lies down next to her and offers her comfort.
  • After Fuego loses what's left of his pack while helping Elise fight Carnifex and Tacet, Owen offers him a chance to come back to Jurassic World with him and Elise. He accepts.
  • The entirety of the first chapter of the spin-off one-shot series, which features Elise's first Christmas Eve.

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