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Heartwarming / I Won't Say

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  • L wanting Light to hold his hand as they go into the haunted house.
  • Light comforting L while they hunt for Matt.
    L: Well, this is what I do. This is what I'm good at.
    Light: This is what you're the best at.
    • And just before that, Light threatening to brutally murder any ghost foolish enough to lay hand on 'our' orphans.
  • After L tells everybody that Matt stole his panda to keep him safe from scary things like Mello. Mello's response;
    Mello: You were scared of me? I was your roommate! I still am! And I will be until we're fifty or something! Hell, until we're hundred! No, I'll even make sure we're buried side by side! You'll never get rid of me! Just try and keep me away with a stupid panda! Just you wait, one day, you're going to wake up to find out that I've stolen your dentures from your nightstand!
  • The morning before Christmas. Light throws the three disciples off their game by giving them what they've never had - family.
    • Then they have a ninja snowball fight. But while Near insists it's imperative they fight before breakfast, Light still makes sure they're dressed properly.
    • Followed by Mello accepting Light into the family. Then Near accepting Light into the family.
    • And soon devolving into a rendition of the opening song from Beauty and the Beast, with L as Belle.
    Mello: (pretending to be Light as Gaston) The most intelligent boy in town! And that makes him the best! And don't I deserve the best?
    Light was willing to swear that if Mello could have made the puppet wriggle it's eyebrows, he would have done so. The logic was sound, though.
    • Then all the children of Whammy house cheer, and Mello congratulates Near for his singing thusly;
    Mello: Near, I officially like you know. From now on, our friendship shall bloom forever, and serve as an example to the generations to come.
  • Mello deliberately ignoring the inevitable conclusion that Light is Kira... but only for so long as L isn't hurt by him.
  • L decorating his room with pictures of his past.
  • Inviting Beyond Birthday to spend the holidays with them. What's one more murderer under the roof?
  • This;
    L: I am most steadfast in my belief that nothing bad can happen while Watari is present.
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  • Misa giving her notebook to L.
  • L taking Light to meet his parents. This is my very first boyfriend. He understands me so well, he's really smart and he comes from a good family. He even helps me kick my bad habits. Don't you like him, too? Don't you really want him in the family, as well?

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