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  • From a mid-90s radio interview: Dave Grohl's impression of Fred Schneider from The B-52s.
  • Their epic trolling of a certain church that doesn't deserve to be named, as well as a Moment of Awesome.
    • Which is one-upped by this.
  • The "Learn to Fly" video, featuring the three band members (at the time) as no fewer than thirteen characters — Dave alone plays six!
  • The White Limo video. Shot in a VHS camcorder style, the video has Lemmy from Motörhead as a limo driver who accidentally hits bassist Nate Mendel. Rather than report the accident, Lemmy tosses him into the limo and picks up the remaining band members. After a few drinks, some implied marijuana use, and two random blonde women showing up, the video cuts to Stock Footage of a car flying off a cliff at the end, implying that the limo did the same.
    • At one point, the band members, in a straight line, turn to the camera and lip-sync to "GOOOOOOO, LIMOOOO!!"
    • The multicamera angles on Dave Grohl's Metal Scream. Also, Nate Mendel's ridiculous yellow T-shirt, green short shorts, old-school portable tape player, and roller skates.
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    • Dave's O-face when the limo shows up.
    • The Stock Footage at the end is the same footage from the end of the "Long Road To Ruin" video.
  • In a cross with this and Heartwarming Moments, in Back and Forth, while Dave is recording a guitar part, his daughter starts poking him, as he promised to swim with her.
    • It gets better: she gets mad and leaves the room, but not before plucking one of the strings on the guitar during the recording. It's difficult to hear, but it did wind up on the record.
  • Dave's appearance in The Muppets as a member of The Moopets. Even better, he's the stand-in for Animal.
  • The video for "Walk."
  • FREEESH POOOOOOTS! What's less funny is that Dave was actually hospitalized, but he didn't take long to make fun of himself for it.
  • Back in 2000, David Letterman asked Dave Grohl about the entire Metallica vs. Napster dustup. Dave's answer summed up the general public's reaction to Lars Ulrich.
    Dave Grohl: "You know, I can see some garage band who depends on every single sale just to keep themselves going complaining about Napster, but when you're Lars Ulrich, a member of the biggest band on the planet, whose share of the last concert tour your band put on came to something like $80 million, I think you need to shut the fuck up and stop fucking whining!" (Naturally, CBS bleeped the profanity, but it was quite obvious what was being said.)
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  • The band's tour riders describe the band's requirements for themselves and their crew in the most hilarious ways possible.
  • The video for "Big Me", the funniest Mentos commercial parody ever. "Footos. The Fresh Fighter".
  • In the epic Wembley Stadium concert, once Dave's band introductions reach percussionist Drew Hester.
    86 thousand people who paid hard-earned money to see a grown man playing the triangle!
  • When Dave broke his leg at a show in Sweden, he designed a throne to sit on during their 20th Anniversary show so he could play. He admitted, however, he was high on Oxycontin for the pain when he drew it, as evidenced by the fact that it's made of guitar necks (a la the Iron Throne from "Game of Thrones") and has the notes "Lasers and shit" written at the top.
    • He would later lend it to Axl Rose for two Guns N' Roses shows in Las Vegas after he broke his foot.
  • Their official Twitter account at one point just tweeted "fuk every budie". That's it.
  • In the face of rumors that the band might split, they posted this amazing response.
  • Also counting as a Moment of Awesome, Dave owning a mosher who attempted to fight within the ground, telling them to "get the fuck out!" before saying "You don't come to fight at my shows, you come to dance!"
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  • Another Dave quote from a live concert: "This is our bass player, Nate Mendel. You might know him from Sunny Day Real Estate... but probably fucking not!"
  • The video for "Run" features the band as elderly versions of themselves in a nursing home as a riot breaks out.
  • The band welcomes a Special Guest who Dave describes as a "badass motherfucker"... Rick Astley! Seriously.

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