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  • "Underground" is an epic rock song about alienation and fitting in with an underground rock scene. Early on, there's a moment wherein Darren (the drummer) declares "Hand me my nose ring!".
  • Ben Folds doing improv piano for Chatroulette.
  • The first two lines of "Army":
    Well, I thought about the army,
    Dad said, "Son, you're fuckin' high."
  • From "Draw a Crowd"
    Ohhhh oh, if you're feeling small, if you can't draw a crowd, draw dicks on the wall!
    • From the final stanza of the same song:
      Taste my Vanilla Thunder!
  • The video for "Rockin' the Suburbs", which consists of really angry suburban white persons trying to look like a hardcore rock band. For extra funny, they're all played by Ben. The fact it was directed by "Weird Al" Yankovic does not hurt, either.
  • His explanation as to why Ben Folds Five only has three members:
    "Because Ben Folds Three sounds stupid."
    • There's a behind-the-scenes video for "Do It Anyway" where the Fraggles remain in character - at one point Red wonders aloud when the other two members are going to show up.
  • His soft rock cover of "Bitches Ain't Shit."
    • ...and then his friend asked him to play it at his wedding!
  • Ending "Fired" wth a precision Mother F-Bomb. In harmony!
  • The fact that his most recent songbook transcribes the parts on some of his songs where he slams his elbow down on the keyboard. The man is thorough!
  • While the official version of the song is great, the fake leaked version of "Bitch Went Nutz" is absolutely hilarious, written from the perspective of a conservative lawyer whose liberal girlfriend does cocaine and goes on a vicious, violent political tirade at an office party. There's a reason that Ben himself said it was one of his favorite things he's written.