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Tear Jerker / Foo Fighters

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Given the Foo Fighters started after a suicide, it's no wonder they can write some moving tunes.

  • "Friend of a Friend", which Dave wrote to Kurt Cobain when he was still in Nirvana.
    • Most of the acoustic album of In Your Honor, in fact.
  • "Walking After You".
  • "Best of You". Specially if you are feeling oppressed.
  • Depending on your mood, "Next Year", which is mostly uplifting.
  • "Tired of You".
  • "Let It Die" can also be this considering how desperate it sounds by the end, and the fact that Dave Grohl has never explicitly confirmed (but heavily implied) that the song is directed at Courtney Love for her role in Kurt Cobain's death.
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  • "Home", the closing song on Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace, melancholically caps off the album with a portrayal of a tired man who has been through so much in life that he just wants to stop and go home.
  • "Stranger Things Have Happened" Oh so much...
  • "I Should Have Known", widely speculated to be about Kurt Cobain; Krist Novoselic's guest appearance on bass only fuels that theory.
  • The Sonic Highways documentary at one point had Dave talk about his pain when dealing with Kurt's passing (in the Seattle episode). One wonders that like Krist, Dave still can't get over Kurt's passing.


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