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Tear Jerker / Flyleaf

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Flyleaf has a few tearjerkers:

  • "Cassie"s about a school shooting where, according to many statements, a girl (Cassie) was asked if she believed in God. Replying yes, she was shot, dead, right then and there. Unfortunately, the actual event didn't happen, and is simply a garbled conflation of two separate events during the Columbine high school massacre: Cassie Bernall was shot dead by Eric Harris, but he merely said "peek-a-boo" before doing so. Another student, Valeen Schnurr, was the one who cried out "Oh God help me!" upon being severely injured, during a lull in the rampage. Dylan Klebold then approached her and asked if she believed in God, to which she replied first "no" and then "yes", and when Klebold further asked why, she answered that it was because that's what her family believed. Klebold responded by taunting her and walking away, and she ultimately survived. Somehow the popular narrative of the massacre ended up smoshing together Bernall's death and Schnurr's exchange with Klebold. But hey, it's still a sad story with a sad song to go with it, at least in the acoustic version.
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  • "Fully Alive" is about Layla Palmer, a woman who has some form of debilitating disease, to the point that she rarely wakes up without being in agony. Listening to the acoustic version of this is especially recommended, since it is much more about Lacey's vocals.
  • Also "Supernatural" - it starts out about a woman who is in constant severe pain from some kind of unmentioned disease, then about her son, after her death.
    • "He is teaching me what love really means."
  • "Much Like Falling" is really sad if you know Lacey's testimony.
  • "Stay (Faraway, So Close)":
    Three in the morning, it's quiet, and there's no one around [...] Just a bang, and a clatter, as an angel hits the ground...

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