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For the Wrestler

  • This segment before Money in the Bank 2013.
    (The contestants are arguing over who's going to win, and Fandango comes in)
    Fandango: (is about to say his name, but gets cut off)
    Cody Rhodes: Don't say it.
    Fandango: Faa-
    Wade Barrett: Don't.
    Fandango: Faa-
    Zeb Colter: Don't say it.
    Fandango: Faaaaaaan Daaaaa-
    (Barrett punches Fandango in the face, knocking him to the floor)
    Jerry Lawler (on commentary): Oh man!
    (everybody laughs)
    Damien Sandow: (laughs) Well, I guess that solves that.
    Jerry Lawler (on commentary): Ow!
    (everybody continues laughing)
    Jerry Lawler (on commentary): (laughs) Oh man.
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  • Johnny Curtis and Maxine ambush Matt Striker backstage on NXT.
    Maxine: "Why do you have chloroform?"
    Curtis: "Why— why don't I have chloroform?"
  • His interview with Renee Young backstage on Main Event all delivered in a breathy whisper.
    Renee: You just went out and disrupted Xavier Woods and his match, I wondering if I could get some insight.
    Fandango: Sh, sh sh. Isabella, Xavier Woods was very clever on Smackdown, using the Funkadoodles and getting the victory. Well I showed Xavier Woods that I had a little something up my sleeve.
    Renee: Well, technically speaking you're not wearing sleeves, I
    Fandango: Sh, sh, shut your mouth. Shut your mouth. I thought you were a decent lady. You're not even a real journalism.
  • Fandango distracted Dolph Ziggler and caused him to lose by standing on the Announcer's table and dancing sexily.
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  • In something that also doubles as an Awesome Moment, Fandango and his tag partner, Tyler Breeze, took part in an autograph session at Wrestlemania Axxess as Chett Chetterfield and Mr. Mackelroy.
  • The opening segment on the SmackDown Live before Money in the Bank 2017.
    Fandango: "Usos. There's a major break in your turns out your Day One is not so H."
    Tyler Breeze: "If anything, your day one is G. G for..."
    (Breeze thinks while Fandango whispers to Breeze what the "G" stands for)
    Tyler Breeze "G for Gross!"
  • The Fashion Files. DEAR GOD, the Fashion Files. Filled with in-jokes, references, and Sitcom Archnemesis The Ascension, the segments are comedy gold. It got Breezango over amazingly , and can bring to mind the Don Muraco and Mr Fuji segments from the 80s.


For the 1985 film

  • Pretty early on in the road trip, Phil's car runs out of gas. The Groovers have the idea of lassoing a passing train and allowing it to pull the car along until they can reach a rest stop to refuel. They actually succeed in lassoing the train, then Gardner asks "How are we going to stop?" just in time for the rope attached to the train to pull the front bumper of the car off.

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