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Fridge Brilliance

  • Blue Kirby's favorite star being the Shadow Star, which is very similar to the Winged Star, White Kirby's favorite star. Blue Kirby and White Kirby are rivals, so it makes sense that their favorite stars are very similar.
  • White Kirby's obsession with the legendary stars. Remember how to unlock him in Kirby Air Ride?
  • Miss Robot is notably one of the only female teachers in the series not to have the "Mrs." prefix, instead using the "Miss" prefix. Miss is generally the prefix used for a woman who is unmarried. Baby Miss Robot's wiki page explains that Miss Robot and Mr. Robot actually divorced, making Miss Robot the only teacher to actually have been divorced.
  • In Comic 16, Dyna Blade claims Brown Kirby eats her penis for breakfast. While this is an error, Word of God said Dyna Blade was actually born a man, but her dick was eaten by Brown Kirby. Dyna Blade went to get a new one, but the surgeons messed up and gave her a vagina instead.
    • This explains why Dyna Blade is referred to as a man several times by official media, as they didn't know Dyna Blade got a sex change.
  • In Comic 50, Pink Kirby says "This is getting intenser." At first this may seem like an error on Poyo Ride's part, but it was intentional. Pink Kirby is only four years old, and her grammar is not perfect.
  • In Comic 64, each character is on a slide that matches/is similar to one of their main colors, except Lucario Sinnoh, Carbon Kirby, and White Kirby.
    • In the remake, White Kirby is now the only character not on a matching slide.
  • In the Comic 85 remake, Green Kirby tells the New Green Kirby that back in his day, the main 8 kirbies were never swapped out. This not only uses New Green's catchphrase against him, it's also an insult about how in TARS, late 2016 was the only time the main 8 kirbies were swapped out.
  • In Comic 169, why does Papyrus call the Creeper blue? It's a Shout-Out to Purple Shep.
  • In Comic 174, K. Rool shooting Harambe makes sense, when you realize that K. Rool is rivals with Donkey Kong in the Donkey Kong Country games.
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  • Mrs. AMP tells Kirby to smile for the camera in Comic 176. While Kirby is usually seen smiling, he is sad in this first panel, which is because Kirby does not play by the rules in TARS.
  • In Comic 177, when asked about the rules for the puzzle, Mettaton says the rules were explained 8 comics ago. 8 comics ago, in Comic 169, the rules for the puzzle are explained.
  • In Comic 190, how did Kirby manage to win the presidential election. He never let Nurby finish his speech. note 
  • Brown Kirby's absence in Comic 200 note  makes more sense when you realize he is an evil Kirby, meaning he wouldn't have much of a reason to appear in the comic to help the heroes. Finally, Brown Kirby's evil trait is actually somewhat used!
  • In Comic 202, Dyna Blade's essay is dated 10-26-15, despite the comic being made in 2017. This is because it is a remake of a comic in the Comic Notebook from 2015, and also because the comic is written to be very similar to a 2015 comic.
    • Also, despite being a main school character, Kirby's name wasn't listed on the essays. This is because, as it is a 2015 homage comic, Kirby was still Put on a Bus.
  • There was a fake game that was a Mega Man game, but with TARS characters. Some of the boss weaknesses in this "game" make perfect sense.
    • Dyna Blade is weak to the Shadow Star's weapon, a reference to how you need to fly a star into Dyna Blade's head to damage her in Kirby Air Ride.
    • K. Rool being weak to Dyna Blade's trample makes sense, as Dyna Blade's trample is usually depicted as landing on the opponent. To defeat K. Rool in Donkey Kong Country, you have to jump on his head.
    • The one that makes the most sense is Mettaton's weakness to Shadow Ball. note  In Undertale, it is revealed that Mettaton is a ghost possessing a robotic body. The Ghost Type is super effective against itself in Pokémon. Now, which type is Shadow Ball again?
The Reveal in Comic 203 makes several things come together. note  So much so that it's getting its own section for now. Literally every example contains SPOILERS so read at your own risk.
  • How the fuck does the school have infinite Miss Robot copies stored in the basement? The series is a dream, they just appeared because Dyna Blade created them out of thin air. Speaking of Miss Robot, why the heck does the school keep making new Miss Robots that are extremely easy to get hacked? Mr. Ridaire isn't really running the school. DYNA BLADE is! She'd approve of something like Miss Robot.
  • While this was a scrapped reveal, one of the planned reveals was Dyna Blade posted the experiment events on a site called Deviantart in the form of comics, impersonating one of her random characters. Did Poyo Ride ever use Author Powers? No! Why? He never had them, he never was in some form of control over the other characters. This also makes Poyo Ride's Deviantart nickname, his wikia userpage on TARS wiki, and the old wiki header make PERFECT sense, all three featuring Dyna Blade's Verbal Tic in the text. However, Poyo Ride was always meant to represent the creator, and the reveal was very recently thought up when the comic was made. Also, keep in mind this was scrapped, so it's not what actually happened.
    • This also explains why the comics aren't in the best quality. Do you really think Dyna Blade is able to draw when she can't solve basic math problems.
  • Hey, ever wonder why Antasma was once hyped up to be a major villain?
  • Every time an Undertale character shows up for a comic besides for a cameo, they're always having their day ruined. Sans has his kitchen broken into by Mettaton. Papyrus gets his puzzle destroyed by the Creeper. Dyna Blade personally shows up to kill Flowey, and Mettaton is the Butt-Monkey of the series. He's always getting arrested or having his TV show ruined by someone. Sometimes BOTH. (163) Word of God confirms that Dyna Blade is an Undertale hater. Since Dyna Blade admits several characters were stolen from the Internet, she took a few Undertale characters, put them in the dream world, and made their lives hell.
  • In some stories (Two of the FNAF ones) the characters can time travel. This goes against the fact White Kirby was in his dream for almost three years, while the time travel stories go at least 30 years into the past/future. Why is this possible? It's a dream, basically anything can happen.
  • What's JFK doing in a school in 2015 as he gets assassinated by Miss Robot. He never visited Ride School! Dyna Blade just added a copy of him into the dream world. Speaking of the school, it always magically rebuilds itself because Dyna Blade rebuilds it so everyone else can destroy it again! The Reveal also explains why White & Blue Kirby, who are in their twenties, are doing in school.
  • In Comic 59, White Kirby and Red Kirby are told not to use Red/Brown ink by Nintendo's logo. Yes, Nintendo's logo personally shows up with Angry Eyebrows to tell them to stop. The reason it's Nintendo's logo and not someone like Miyamoto or Reggie is because Dyna Blade was too lazy to research stuff like that, so she just put Nintendo's logo in the dream.

Fridge Logic

  • In Technology School, one of the ways Metal Man gets expelled from school is hiding the grade book in the sewers. Considering how technologically advanced the school is in this story, why do they still have a physical grade book?

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