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A lot was planned out for The Air Ride Series, but didn't make it.


  • When announcing TARS was over, Poyo Ride said the series would end at Comic 205. TARS ended up simply ending at 200 comics instead. note . Three comics, excluding remakes, have been released as bonus comics to the series, however.
  • Poyo Ride wrote down some comic ideas in his science notebook in early 2015, some of which never happened. Including 
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  • In September 2017, Poyo found more comic ideas on his hard drive for school Including 
  • A sequel to Comic 53, the Chronicles of the Bumblebee, was heavily hinted at, but the comic ended before one could be made. If the comic continued, it's very likely one would've been made. The science spiral list mentioned above hints at a third bee comic as well.
    • An idea for the bee sequel that was discussed with the friend who co-created the bee was apparently a comic where the bee flew into a car engine instead of the oven.
  • There would have been a lot more Extra Comics if Comic 64 was made an Extra Comic as planned. Comic 64 was the first Splatfest Comic, and there were 14 Splatfest comics during TARS. If comic 64 was an extra comic, all the other Splatfest comics would have followed suit. There would have been 17 extra comics, and 185 regular comics, (Not counting Comic 200) though 186 or 200 comics could have been possible, as the battle with Mettaton EX was being specifically reserved for Comic 200 months before the comic started to be made, so Poyo Ride could have made that comic as Comic 186 just so it existed, or pump out comics since the series was already close to 200 comics.
    • Also, actual Splatfest extra comics were planned to be made. These were going to be revolving around Splatfests that were from the Europe and Japan regions, as well as Splatfests from North America that were skipped. None actually made it past being listed as a possibility on the wiki.
  • Comic 85 was originally going to be different, simply being a Corocoro leak discussion, similar to the first Extra Comic. note  Comic 85 surprisingly got around 15 times the amount of views average comics got on DeviantArt, although Poyo Ride is convinced the views have been artificially increased. Comic 85 even got a "remake" that was intended to canonically conclude the series.
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  • Originally, Comic 96 consisted of all of the students shooting Kennedy at the same time, the teachers figuring it out later. However, this was scrapped because it would be obvious at who did it considering they all shoot him simultaneously. Notably, Comic 96 was main character Miss Robot's first appearance, and she wasn't planned to be in the original version. note 
  • More comics from the spiral comics were intended to be remade than just Comic 109, a rough recreaton that became 202, and Dogs 11.
  • If King K. Rool won the fighter ballot and was put into Smash 4, Bayonetta would not have been a character, and Comic 116 would have been different.
    • There was also a comic planned to be made the day before Bayonetta was revealed for Smash 4 about the fighter ballot.
  • Comic 150 was originally going to be about Pokémon: Genesect and the Legend Awakened, but due to an idea block, Poyo Ride made Comic 150 The Destruction of Ride School instead.
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  • In Comic 168, Mettaton's "bed" was originally going to be a dog house instead of a litterbox.
  • Poyo Ride had an alternate idea for Comic 203's big reveal. Dyna Blade actually made all the comics under the pseudonym "Poyo Ride." However, it was ditched for being too similar to the big reveal Green Kirby Air Ride had the day before. There was also a scene in Comic 203 where Dyna Blade says she posted moments from the virtual reality online in comic form on a site called "Deviantart" under the guise of one of the characters, revealing Poyo Ride was just another character who Dyna Blade pretended to be. (Which actually makes a lot of sense considering Poyo Ride's deviantart bio) but this idea was cut. Dyna Blade and Arceus were also planned to be one in the same, but instead the series went with the fact that Arceus is a God Guise.
  • A comic called "Contemporary Musicians" was planned out since December 2015, and was very close to becoming a real comic. The comic even got its own wiki page, which listed the entire plot of the comic. Mrs. Hans, a then unused character, asked Kirby to name some contemporary musicians. Being Kirby, he names people from the past. Two of the three listed aren't even musicians to begin with. The series ended before Poyo Ride decided it was time to make the comic, which at the time, was close to being an idea for a full year.
  • Originally, the stories were going to have comic adaptions. While some were started, none were finished. Only one, part one of Technology Skool, made it onto DeviantArt.


  • White Kirby was originally intended to be brown.
    • This might have avoided some of the Fantendo controversy, as White Kirby's color was one of the main reasons of backlash.
  • In Comic 77, Mrs. AMP has a yellow body, not her trademark orange body. Poyo Ride says that was likely Mrs. AMP's original design, and in her next appearance, Poyo Ride thought Mrs. AMP wore orange, and made that her body color.
  • Shadow Star originally liked White Kirby, and All Patch was supposed to be the only one hiding on the UFO all the time, Poyo Ride's poor memory at the time being the reason Shadow Star ended up hiding on the UFO as his running gag. note  As the series went on, it was decided that Shadow Star wouldn't like any of the Air Ride kirbies.
  • During the last few days of the comic's run, the Hyper Stars were being introduced. The series was cancelled days before the Hyper Stars were added, but they were re-purposed for Air Ride Adventures.
  • Cloudass was originally called "Asscloud" before it was changed at the last second.
  • Miss Robot 11.0. originally had legs, probably similar to those of Mettaton's. However, due to Miss Robot's wheel being "too important," 11.0. retained the wheel. Miss Robot 14.0. became the first Miss Robot model to ditch the wheel and 24.0. was the first Miss Robot to have legs.
  • There was a Miss Robot 25.0. created after the series ended. She is a snowman who was created by Kirby and Miss Robot. Miss Robot also happened to bring her magical hat that day.

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