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Drinking Game / The Air Ride Series

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Do you feel like getting wasted to comics about kirbies on random adventures? You're in the right place, because you're on the TARS drinking game.

  • Drink whenever Dyna Blade says SQUWAK.
    • Alternatively, take a drink if Dyna Blade doesn't say "SQUWAK" in a comic.
  • Drink if Red Kirby does not appear in a comic, but White Kirby, Blue Kirby, and Yellow Kirby do.
  • Take a Drink if the Shadow Star is hiding on the UFO.
  • Take a drink if a main character other than White Kirby, Blue Kirby, Dyna Blade, Mettaton, Kirby, Mrs. AMP, and Miss Robot shows up in a 2016 comic.
    • If you don't want Alcohol Poisoning, ignore the January-March comics, as the last four weren't prominent until around April.
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  • Take a drink if an imported image has white stuff surrounding it.
  • Take a drink whenever Silver Kirby appears in a comic.
  • Take a drink if Blue Kirby has a piece in the comic.
    • Take two if White Kirby doesn't notice.
  • Take a drink any time a character is miscolored.
  • Take a drink if Mettaton is arrested by the cops at the end of the comic.
  • Take a drink if the comic consists of only handdrawn characters.
  • Take a drink if the comic was remade. note 
    • Take two for Comic 1, which was remade twice.
  • Take a drink if you're is used when your should have been used, and vice versa. (EX: This is you're's)
  • If the oval tool is not used for kirby feet in Comic 1-25, take a drink.
  • If any of the kirbies use imported images, take a drink.
    • If Silver Kirby gets added incorrectly into a comic, resulting in him looking like a crescent floating inches away from the corner, finish the bottle.
  • Finish the bottle if Mettaton is not harmed, arrested, or left with a foiled scheme at the end of a comic he appears in.
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  • Take a sip for every panel where Miss Robot has Fish Eyes.
  • Drink for every comic where White Kirby does not appear.
  • Drink if you come to the conclusion that White Kirby is only in the comic to maintain his streak of appearing in every single comic. Does not apply to Comics 131 and up.

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