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  • Creator Backlash: Poyo Ride on many of the TARS comics. He usually hates the first 60 comics, and most of Comic 188-198. Comic 2 has regularly been one of Poyo Ride's least favorites. explanation  It reappeared in Comic 172 in a garbage dump, alongside another comic and the sun. It also appeared in Poyo Ride's Top 10 Worst TARS Comics list post series.
  • Creator's Pet: Dyna Blade was one of Poyo Ride's favorite characters, and currently is, so it's no surprise she appeared in 25% of the comics. The viewers think otherwise. One of TARS's only fans confirmed that he didn't like her, Fantendo didn't approve of the character, though not to the same degree as White Kirby, and someone on the Joke Battles Wiki who has never heard of TARS before finding her page claimed this character was an insult to Dyna Blade's appearance in the actual kirby games.
    • Miss Robot picked up this trope as well, despite not being as well hated as Dyna Blade. Miss Robot was Poyo Ride's favorite character during 2016, so it's no surprise she appeared a lot in 2016 while various other characters, such as Purple Kirby, the All Patch, and Lucario Sinnoh became nonexistent.
    • The series itself. Poyo Ride had a max of 6 series going on at the same time, none of which made it past 15 comics, except for TARS.
  • Creator's Pest: Purple Kirby. Poyo Ride started to dislike Purple Kirby due to his personality never being expanded on, since Poyo Ride had a lack of interest on ever expanding it. He was eventually trashed near the end of the series, being replaced with a new Purple Kirby that Poyo Ride seems to really like. note 
  • Defictionalization: The Magnetic Field Wiki from Comic 202 was actually made, and is completely accurate to the comic's version, minus a link to the comic on the home page. It has since been closed down.
    • SMSB, a fake Super Smash Bros. game featuring the TARS cast is now being made real using the M.U.G.E.N. engine. It is departing from the Smash aspect of gameplay due to M.U.G.E.N.'s limitations.
  • Descended Creator: While not an official part of TARS, in the fanmade TARS Animated, Poyo Ride got involved and voiced Green Kirby in " Shorties 1". Apparently he was supposed to do more voice acting for Kidsy, and even recorded many more lines, but nothing was released.
  • Follow the Leader:
    • The story "Kingdom Royale" is inspired by one of SMG4's bloopers, "Castle Royale."
  • Lying Creator:
    • Comic 66 explains kirbies cannot drown, despite Blue Kirby drowning in Comic 1, Comic 27, and Comic 68, which is after the events of this comic.
    • In Comic 91's description, Poyo says each Halloween will have a comic made for it. There was never a Halloween comic made for 2016, and a month later TARS got cancelled.
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    • On Deviantart, Poyo Ride says Stadium Prediction will be appearing more often in the description of Comic 143. He next appears in Comic 187 and makes his final appearance in Comic 194.
    • In Comic 187: a "NEXT TIME!" box appears, teasing the events of the next comic, which turns out to be Comic 190.
    • On the wiki, Poyo Ride says Yellow Kirby will cause more plots in comics and be a much more major character, surpassing Blue Kirby, which never happens.
"After Comic 40, Yellow will start to take the role of a much more major character, being the plot cause of more episodes."
The Air Ride Series Wiki
  • Meaningful Release Date: Comic 150's remake was released on June 5, 2018, exactly two years after Comic 150 was first created and published.
  • Milestone Celebration: Every January 3rd except for in 2017, Dyna Blade will share some of her old posts on Facebook. In 2018, she even updated her profile picture. Jan. 3 is the day Dyna Blade created her Facebook account, and technically started the series.
    • Every 50 comics came a pretty major comic.
      • Comic 50 showed the daily events of Blue Kirby taking White Kirby's pieces. Not a subplot happening in the background, but the main focus of the comic.
      • Comic 100 had all of the main characters at that time period celebrating the milestone. Funnily enough, this released on Poyo Ride's birthday.
      • Comic 150 marked a turning point in the series, at least for the school comics. As it happened to coincide with the end of the school year, and since Poyo Ride was going to a new school the following year, there had to be a conclusion to Ride School. The title should be able to easily tell you what happens. The Destruction of Ride School. Miss Robot engulfs the place in lava and causes it to be permanently destroyed.
      • Comic 200 marked a major battle that was apparently being planned for a long time. It's the final fight against Mettaton! And also the reveal of Mettaton EX in TARS. Pretend 157 and technically 185 are noncanon. Despite being released during a time when TARS's art style was changing very rapidly each comic, it used the art style the old laptop used, with MS Paint. note  All ten of the air ride kirbies appear, except for Brown Kirby, for some reason. It also accidentally ended up becoming the final comic during the series's run.
  • Missing Episode:
    • Several comics in one of Poyo Ride's school notebooks, minus the bathroom comic and the only dogs comic, since the former was remade into a real comic, and the latter was finished one year after the event happened. note  Around two years later, Poyo Ride made a comic that was a remake of one of the comics in the spiral. At the time, it was almost year since the series was cancelled, 6 months since a unique TARS comic, and 8 months after a serious unique TARS comic. note  However, this one isn't 100% accurate, unlike the other two comics. Poyo Ride also remembers several other comics from the notebook he could remake in the future.
    • The Shadow Star's Daily Journal, another notebook Poyo Ride worked on the bus, chronicling the daily adventures of the Shadow Star hiding in random places. Unlike the former, this one just got lost.
    • The sequel to SSDJ barely averted the same fate as the first example. Poyo Ride had to spend the day in the principals office for the comics he drew in the first notebook. He decided to bring the SSDJ 2 with him, despite being very similar to the comics he drew. He was unable to use it due to excessive supervision, but the decision to bring it actually became a smart move once the school took away all his notebooks. However, they MISSED the Shadow Star's Daily Journal since Poyo Ride took it home with him.
  • Name's the Same: Has nothing to do with the TARS from Interstellar.
  • Old Shame: Poyo Ride is known to hate many of his comics, due to their poor quality. This not only extends to old comics, some of the last ten comics are also hated by Poyo Ride, as they were made during an art style switch, and look rather poor.
    • In Fact, in Comic 172, when Miss Robot admits she threw the sun into a dump, the dump can be seen containing Comic 2 and Comic 38, two comics which Poyo Ride has been very vocal about his hate for.
    • This also extends to wiki edits as well, as there are various wiki edits made during 2015 that Poyo Ride does not like today, most notably Blue Kirby & Bowser Jr's tragic backstories, which Poyo Ride claims those do not belong in TARS.
  • Word of God:
    • Blue Kirby's backstory made in 2014 being considered non canon.
    • Despite the series not having voice acting outside of a fan made project, Poyo Ride has canon voices for some of the characters.
    • The fish shadow in the first comic is a Coelacanth from Animal Crossing.
    • In Comic 202, the first essay and Mrs. AMP's page on The Magnetic Field Wiki were both written by White Kirby, which is never specified in the comic outside of the essay order.
    • The massive reveal of Comic 203 was never a thing until around 12 hours before the comic went public. Poyo's cousin and the creator of Green Kirby Air Ride was actually the one who suggested it.
    • Ever wonder why the Undertale characters are all having their days ruined by someone. This comment should explain why (SPOILERS)
  • What Could Have Been: So many examples that it's received its own page.
  • The Wiki Rule:

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