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  • Acceptable Targets: If you're a restaurant with the name "Kirby" in it and have a Facebook page, prepare to get raided by a horde of angry Facebook accounts.
  • Accidental Innuendo: Dyna Blade gives people boners, hence her name, the Boner Bird. This logic apparently makes it seem like people find Dyna Blade hot. However, it's really just the fact Poyo Ride didn't know what a boner was.
  • Alternative Character Interpretation:
    • Someone claimed the bee is a female, despite Poyo Ride claiming it was a male.
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    • Kirby's wiki page was edited, saying he could either be a jerk or a friend. This was quickly taken down by Poyo Ride.
    • Someone had a problem with Hydreigon eating his EXP bar, so they changed it to "he eats his rival" instead. They continued this even though Poyo Ride took it down numerous times.
  • Author's Saving Throw: Comic 143 was borderline unreadable due to the dense fog, so Poyo Ride copied the comic before he added the fog in, and uploaded a version without the fog.
  • Base-Breaking Character: White Kirby & Terra thanks to the Fantendo community. These two got accused of being ripoffs, the former being accused of ripping off because White Kirby and White were both White Kirbies, while Terra was claimed to be a ripoff of another Terra because both characters shared the same name. However, some people claimed these ripoff allegations were ridiculous, and defended both characters.
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  • Broken Base: Was White Kirby actually a ripoff of White on Fantendo? Some people on Fantendo, including the creator of Terra note  defended Poyo Ride, and claimed the series didn't deserve the hate it got. Others insisted the characters were ripping each other off, and bashed the series for it's mature humor as well.
  • Critical Research Failure:
    • Translucent Kirby is not translucent, he just inherits Meta Knight's color scheme, complete with yellow eyes.
      • This was done because of confusion that the series creator had, as he didn't know what translucent meant, and a boss in Nintendo Land, known as the Translucent Wollywog, had colors that looked somewhat similar to Meta Knight's colors, complete with the yellow eyes, so Poyo Ride rolled with it for Translucent Kirby.
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    • The bee is confirmed to be a male. Only female bees visit flowers.
    • In Comic 5, Metal Man says that instead of the Metal Blade, he's weak to the Quick Boomerang. Since this is Metal Man, he shouldn't be saying the other weapon he's actually weak to, as whenever he says what he's actually weak to, said weapon doesn't work well on him. Poyo Ride said he forgot Metal Man was actually weak to that.
      • However, this ends up becoming subverted when Poyo Ride revealed it was on purpose to make the comic more interesting.
    • In Comic 16, Dyna Blade says Brown Kirby eats her penis for breakfast. Dyna Blade is a woman, and shouldn't have a penis.
    • In Comic 40, the Shadow Star sinks the mayflower... by sticking his Iphone into the engine. The mayflower was built in the 1600s, and back then, engines didn't exist.
    • In Comic 44, Keldeo says he is more durable than Rayquaza and Kyogre combined. Combining Rayquaza & Kyogre's HP in Pokémon Shuffle equals to 21061 HP. Keldeo only has 13051 HP.
    • In Comic 48, Blue the Dog claims dogs are safe from Ebola. This is false.
    • Satoru Iwata was born in 1959, though Comic EX 2 says he was born in 1956.
    • Comic 122 implies PlayStation did not exist when Mario Party and Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! came out, which is false.
    • In Comic 123, Kirby puts out the sun with water in Comic 123. In real life, this would end with the water evaporating.
    • In Comic 160, one of the flying assbots shoots down an energy tank. The comic takes place in Ice Man's stage, which doesn't have energy tanks.
    • Comic 185, which shows if there was a fourth presidential debate in the TARS world, takes place in a debate hall. The three presidential debates in the real world all took place in universities.
  • Crosses the Line Twice:
  • Designated Villain: Blue Kirby became less evil as the series went on, but the wiki still claimed he was one of the worst things in the universe.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: Ridley's reply to one of the Dyna Blade challenges. This challenge featured Dyna Blade asking for the name of everyone's teacher so she could trample them. Ridley replied with Mrs. Iwata. note  Less than a month later, Iwata died.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The comic first started as a bunch of Facebook accounts in 2014, the same year that Interstellar came out. Interstellar just so happens to have a character named "TARS," the same name as the acronym used for this comic.
    • The Pokémon Ho-oh was a minor character who appeared in some comics complaining about how there isn't a movie featuring him. Post-series, Pokémon: I Choose You! happened.
    • In Comic 166, Poyo Ride seems to have caught a member of the Abra family in Pokemon GO. Later in the year, Abra became his discord mascot, and one of his avatars in Air Ride Adventures.
    • During the comic's run, Poyo Ride coincidentally kept editing the page for Comic 1 note  on the eighth day of the month. This track record eventually was broken. After the comic ended, when Poyo Ride was making a new wiki about all of the comics and such he has created, he ended up making a page for Comic 1 on May 8th.
    • Thanks to the newest Super Smash Bros. game, seeing Ridley in any comic now counts as this.
    • Similar to the above example, but this time happening during the series. Orange Kirby always whined about his exclusion from Kirby Air Ride. Then, it's leaked that one of Kirby's alternate costumes in Smash 4 will be Orange Kirby. This did not go unnoticed by the series. Orange Kirby also got into Kirby Battle Royale while Red Kirby is absent.
  • Older than You Think: Green Kirby Air Ride used the comic formula before TARS did.
    • Comic 150: The Destruction of Ride School. It was made as a comic in early June of 2016, but it had a page on the wiki in April of that year. In fact, it wasn't originally a comic at all. It actually started out as one of the many stories on the wiki.
  • Overshadowed by Controversy:
    • White Kirby has become infamous on a Nintendo fanon wiki known as Fantendo. He was accused of ripping off another character known as White, despite according to the creator, having little similarities.
    • The series was also panned for its dirty humor.
    • A one time character in TARS was also panned by the community for sharing the same name as a character on the site.
      • Another character sharing way more similarities to that character was ignored by the community.
  • Special Effects Failure: What? You think Poyo Ride knew how to draw?
    • In many comics, there's the white particles that surround the image when it's not completely transparent.
    • Dyna Blade's Mom's hair. Dyna Blade has a Mohawk styled hairdo. Dyna Blade's Mom was instead going to have curly grey hair. and was also an edit of Dyna Blade's Kirby Air Ride artwork. The Mohawk was still visible over her grey hair, effectively giving her two sets of hair. Dyna Blades Misadventures fixes this by doing away with the curly grey hair, and instead opting to color DBM's mohawk grey.
    • In a few instances, Silver Kirby isn't drawn correctly, such as this comic. (Bottom left)
    • A few comics in the early days, such as 2 and 41, never removed the black square that appears when a transparent image is imported into MS Paint.
    • Comic 85. The background used when Zygarde shows up in his complete form had bystanders living out their daily lives. Instead of finding a new background, Poyo Ride opted to fit them into the comic. The kids running in the field were left untouched, because it looked like they were running away from Zygarde. However, the pedestrians walking on the sidewalk had to be removed, so the plan was to have Zygarde cover the pedestrians. Unfortunately, this turned out to fail miserably. One woman's face can be clearly seen smiling near Zygarde's wing as she's walking straight towards him.
    • In Comic 173, one small bit of fire that engulfs the goggles somehow got into Miss Robot's quote bubble.
  • The Scrappy: Despite the series not having a large fandom, Dyna Blade is the most hated character in the series. One of TARS's only fans confirmed that he didn't like her, Fantendo didn't approve of the character, though not to the same degree as White Kirby, and someone on the Joke Battles Wiki who has never heard of TARS before finding her page claimed this character was an insult to Dyna Blade's appearance in the actual kirby games.
    • White Kirby also got tons of hate, due to the incident at Fantendo mentioned above. Poyo Ride himself also calls White Kirby a mediocre character. Kidsy 128, one of the only other people who followed TARS, actually liked White Kirby for being bland, although the opinion might be a little outdated.
      • A one time character who was added for a single story was also hated by the Fantendo community, for sharing the same name as another character on the site.
    • In terms of the comics, the 9-11 themed comics got a lot of hate, due to their themes. explanation  Poyo Ride didn't like the comics either, starting in 2016, and even took them down from Deviantart.
  • Unexpected Character:
    • Comic 30 introduces Kirby, who disappears after that comic. In Comic 113, he reappears, before becoming the focus of Comic 123, and then becoming a main character.
    • In Comic 96, John F. Kennedy's death is parodied, as an orange robot is hacked to shoot him. Well, looks like we aren't seeing that robot again... wait what it's back in Comic 117?
    • Mettaton first appears in Comic 141. If you've read the A Day In The Lime Light section, most new characters introduced in comics after around Comic 40 tend to become victim of Chuck Cunningham Syndrome. Surprisingly, he reappears in Comic 147, which also teases at more Mettaton comics in the description.
  • We're Still Relevant, Dammit!: Several Five Nights at Freddy's and Undertale characters appear in the series, with Freddy Fazbear and Mettaton being part of the main cast.
    • Minecraft was also present in the series. However, it was not near the level of Fnaf and Undertale. The series only had one character, ever. Not even some throwaway characters. There was a comic based around it, Comic 136. Comic 140 and 150 use lava textures from the game, and Comic 150 was apparently inspired by a time when Poyo Ride played Minecraft, pouring lava all over a Ride School world he built.
  • What Do You Mean, It's for Kids?: The series features various kirbies doing... questionable things.
    • An In-Universe example, Miss Robot, a robot built by Ride School, ran by a pretty average principal, that was made to educate kids. The cover for Miss Robot's book, "Pictures of Miss Robot", has her exposing her private parts. Why does a robot for kids have genitals?
  • What an Idiot!: The people at Ride School decided it would be a good idea to build their school above a volcano. Guess what Miss Robot did when she found out about this.

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