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Fridge / Kim Possible Movie: So the Drama

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As a Fridge subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

Fridge Brilliance

  • James and Ann barely react to Jim and Tim's rockets flying into the kitchen, unfazed by the two missiles and just nonchalantly dodging them and moving fragile objects such as coffee cups out of the way, while Kim is instantly alarmed and takes action to disable them. Kim deals with supervillains that use a multitude of weapons including missiles on a regular basis, whereas her parents only have to deal with Jim and Tim's own experiments, which are usually harmless. Another one of Jim and Tim's experiments going awry is just another day in the Possible household, but seeing weapons being fired in the house immediately puts Kim into action mode.
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  • Kim kicking Shego into the tower, in context of So the Drama alone, seems out of nowhere. However if you look at all three seasons leading up to that, how many times Shego has tried to kill Kim (and the eagerness with which she did it - for example eagerly trying to decide between "whipped Possible", "minced Possible", and a "Kimmie frappe" in Two to Tutor), suddenly it becomes more of a culmination pushed over by the situation than just taking a random kick.


Fridge Horror

  • During the prom, Eric convinces Kim to ignore Wade, telling her that it may not be important. She agrees. Given The Reveal that Eric is a synthodrone, he's determined to distract Kim long enough for Draken to win via Gaslighting. But it gets worse. Before The Reveal, he's rude to Ron and Rufus, gets impatient with Kim when she decides to check on Wade, and basically tries to take control of her life while she's too lovestruck. That's Domestic Abuse, and him tasering Kim solidifies himself as one.
    • This also explains the aftermath. Kim's reaction to Eric being a smug, sadist synthodrone is quite similar to girls who have to endure an abusive relationship. Many have failed to notice the signs of abuse until it's too late, with several being murdered or driven to suicide.
  • Although she turned out alright in the last scene, it is very likely that Eric attacked Monique (along with everyone else at the Prom) to keep her from warning Kim about his true agenda, because she didn't send Kim or Wade a message about Shego invading the school right away.
    • Very likely, since the entire prom (sans Bonnie) cheer when they see that Kim and Ron became an official couple and don't even bother to ask where Eric went.
  • What would have happened if Shego had died when Kim kicked her into the tower? Sure, Kim was probably reacting without thinking first; she was so angered and under so much stress. But Kim killing someone, especially like that, is so.... Not Kim, even if they were a super villain. Would she have freaked out after the prom, when the realization hits? Would this have caused trouble with her public image? What would her schoolmates think? Would the police, Global Justice, etc regard her as a villain? It's probably a good thing the writers changed the ending because it would have caused so much Fridge Horror if the series ended with Kim killing Shego then acting like nothing happened.
    • Note that Shego dying was never their attempt, but it DID come across like that to test audiences, so...
  • So The Drama seems to be Kim reaching her breaking point, though it may be a bit subtle. She's been balancing her crimefighting and social lives for nearly four years, facing death down while at the same time trying to live a normal teenager life. There are signs that the stress of maintaining her two public lives may be taking its toll on her, resulting in her finally snapping and becoming much more brutal against Drakken and Shego than usual because of how personal it become:
    • In a deleted scene situated early in the movie, after yet another condescending comment from Bonnie who plays down her efforts to save the world, Ron suggests that Kim use her fighting skills to beat her up like she beats up Shego. Though her initial objection is that while Shego is "hardcore evil", Bonnie is just "high school evil" she still takes a few moments to debate it, finally dejectedly deciding "Nah, it would slam my personal record". For a moment, she legitimately considered beating up Bonnie as revenge, and looked disappointed that she couldn't justify it.
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    • Drakken captured her father for what at the time seemed like no reason, nearly killing them - James with a mutant octopus, and Kim and Ron with Drakken's synthodrones and his death ray. Notably, she immediately leaps at Drakken's image to attack him. Other than when he turned into a muscle-bound enforcer in Sitch in Time, Kim never laid a finger on Drakken directly, but kidnapping and attempting to kill her father makes it personal.
    • Most of the endgame with Drakken and Shego, which starts when Eric is kidnapped, is the breaking point that nearly crushes her completely.
      • She finally found someone she liked who wasn't weirded out by what she did, and when trying to save him Shego blatantly said that once Kim was out of the picture, maybe she'd date Eric. Those words result in Kim swinging a flurry of punches at her wildly until it finally connects, hitting with enough strength to send Shego flying all the way across the bridge they were fighting on, and she's still swinging punches in the air until after Shego hits the ground likely because of the adrenaline rush.
      • She finds Eric, only to discover that he was a synthodrone the entire time and it was all a ruse. All of what happened between them didn't mean anything. She was so easily played like a fiddle by her arch-foes, and she was broken. Maybe she wasn't cut out for crimefighting anyways, and she doesn't know if there's a real, human person out there she could have a happy, loving relationship with.
      • In the endgame, what keeps Kim going can be suspected to be two things: Realizing her feelings for Ron, healing the wound left by the prior betrayal, and her utter hatred for Drakken and Shego, finally snapping at those who who time and time again intruded in her life and attempted, many of them gleefully, to kill her countless times. The very first thing she does when she's face to face with Drakken is punch him across the room. Just before that, right after Drakken finished gloating and found himself next to her, she clenched her fist, already ready to pummel him. Once again: the last time Drakken was directly attacked by Kim was in Sitch In Time - where he was turned into a massive muscled fighter, and that was Retconed by the destruction of the Tempius Simia Idol. And the last time she tried attacking him was after he kidnapped her father. She then proceeded to toss Shego into a wall with enough force that she's seen reeling from the hit, and then leaped off 901's head and caused it to bend backwards, a move that would almost certainly have caused a normal human neck and upper spine to snap.
      • And while the scene of Kim kicking Shego into the signal tower is well-remembered, just moments prior she nearly tossed Shego off the building, right as Ron tossed her the EMP pistol. Shego barely held onto the side of the building. And in the end, when she's simply trying to make herself scarce, Kim could have done anything to keep her from escaping - and she decided to kick her off a several stories high corporate building and into an electrical tower with enough force to split it in half and cause it to collapse on top of her.