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Tear Jerker / Kim Possible Movie: So the Drama

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • The "Why Don't You Kiss Her?" montage.
    • Heck, watching Ron's depression through the movie is upsetting. He's so upset about Kim dating Eric, he won't even eat. He picks at the pizza and flings nachos around his tree house, and it's really sad to watch.
  • Seeing Kim temporarily giving up after discovering that Eric was a synthodrone. Hell, even hearing her say "I—I got nothing," as things turn bleak for her, is equally devastating. The girl who deals with bad guys on a daily basis is giving up.
    Kim: Drakken finally won. I should've stuck to babysitting.
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  • When Ron tells Kim that spending a whole summer away from her was the worst part about being at Camp Wannaweep.
  • Ron losing it between Kim taking an interest in Eric and Bueno Nacho changing management is pretty sad when you think about it. The poor guy has to deal with both apparently drifting apart from his best friend/the girl he loves and losing his favorite restaurant and place of refuge.
  • Dr. D's Villainous Breakdown, when you think about it. For the first time in his villainous career, Drakken put his best foot forward with the scheme he cooked up, sparing no expense in henchmen, stealing the best in nanotechnology from his nemesis' own father, analyzing every bit of research to help him understand the psyche of a teenage girl like Kim Possible, and refusing to pin any part of his plan on a Gambit Roulette like he usually does. The plan goes off seemingly without a hitch, world domination in his grasp...and it all begins to unravel by Ron Stoppable demanding bendy straws and completely falls apart the moment Kim regains her confidence and shuts down the transceiver. When you look at the rest of his open-ended, hare-brained schemes in Season 4, it really sinks in that this was the closest Drakken would ever get to ruling the world.


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