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Fridge Brilliance

  • Joseph Joestar's use of rope tricks and magician's patter, as well as an impressive amount of misdirection and sleight-of-hand, marks him as a skilled illusionist. His patter and misdirection tie together to mislead and confuse his opponents, and his rope tricks prove invaluable to defeating Esidisi and saving Lisa-Lisa. His sleight-of-hand explains how he can seemingly hide and produce unusual objects, like the tommy-gun he attempts to kill Straizo with.
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  • In the manga, Joseph is seen reading a Superman comic when he first naturally unlocked Hamon. This had to be changed for copyright reasons in the anime. But when you really think on it, it wasn't just Superman because he's a recognizable comic book character; Superman famously gets his power from the sun. What else should Joseph be reading when he unlocks Hamon?
  • Taken from a Nico Nico Douga video, if one takes some measurements and calculations, one can conclude that it would be impossible for Joseph Joestar to have survived the fall after launching Kars into space, as he would have either been vaporized into plasma from air friction, asphyxiated and bleed to death in the upper atmosphere, incinerated by ultraviolet radiation, or blown up with the force of 1 metric tons of TNT... It would be possible for him to survive if he formed a Ripple barrier, but he had never performed a Ripple anywhere near that powerful before... that is, unless he took advantage of the very property of the Red Stone of Aja that allowed him to defeat Kars...
  • Kars values natural life over humans. Also, he gains the ability of every living being on Earth upon becoming the Ultimate Lifeform. How is he defeated? He's thrown into space, where you can only survive with human technology.
    • On a similar note; Kars wants to become the Ultimate Life Form. Once he does, he gets knocked into space, where no life can survive.
  • Kars's ultimate fate becomes rather clear when you think it through logically, especially considering the last image of him in the series. He does succeed in becoming the Ultimate Lifeform, but it also becomes a case of Didn't Think This Through. What is the Ultimate Lifeform that can generate its own forms of life, and can survive in space? A planet. That is why he got blasted off of the planet, can't have a planet living on another planet.
  • In Part 2, the first use of Ripple was to pop the cap off a Coke bottle into a cop's trigger finger and the last use of Ripple was to pop a crater off a volcano to send Kars into space; the latter is just a larger instance of the former.
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  • While Ripple is clearly based off of the commonly utilized Asian concept of "Ki", it has some surprising relations to ancient Carthage of all places. The Punic people followed a polytheistic religion with its chief god known as Ba'al or Ba'al Hamon, the Hamon being suggested to be derived from the Semitic word for brazier, implying that its name means "Lord of the Brazier". Given that a brazier holds coals which require oxygen to get hotter and produce energy in the form of combustion, and the fact that the title identifies Ba'al as a possible sun god, there are some very intriguing connections to the Ripple. (Besides, it's never explicitly stated where the tradition of the Ripple originates from.) Moreover, the Red Stone of Aja was confirmed to be in the possession of the Romans when the Pillar Men arrived to obtain it, and who did the Romans have a considerable history of very intimate contact with? Carthage.
  • There's something wonderfully ironic about the Nazis (who espouse the ideology that they're a superior race) getting slaughtered by the Pillar Men (who are the exact opposite of Aryan but are nonetheless an actual superior race).
  • Some people have expressed bafflement that Stroheim, being a Nazi cyborg, was defeated by (most likely) ordinary human soldiers at Stalingrad. However, when he arrives to help fight Kars in the climax, it's stated that his miniaturized UV cannons were built by the Speedwagon Foundation; given just how much Kars had cut him up last time, it's not unreasonable to assume Speedwagon's scientists got a good look at his internal workings. Even if they got along with Stroheim back then, Joseph and Speedwagon probably wouldn't have any qualms about using any information they had on his body (or just telling the Allies how to deal with him) when their countries were at war, and especially after the atrocities of the Holocaust started coming to light.
    • Alternatively Stroheim could have suffered a sort of technical breakdown due to the Russian Winter that was omnipresent in the battle. Due to the severe cold (alongside other factors such as rats chewing important wiring) vehicles such as tanks were eventually frozen and unable to function properly. Now looking at Stroheim, who is basically a human-sized Tiger Tank along with all the technological sophistication that it implies, such breakdowns are not unlikely.
  • Why was Wired Beck so unafraid of Lisa Lisa? It could simply be because of his arrogance... or it could be that no one told him about the Ripple and thus he believed he was completely unkillable.
  • When Joseph is fighting Straizo, he uses a full wall mirror to make Straizo think that he had shot him when in reality he had just shot the mirror. How the heck did Straizo not realize that he was looking into a giant mirror? Because he's a VAMPIRE!
  • One odd scene to watch is when Esidisi picks up the dynamite Joseph was using to try and hurt Wammu, eats it, and all it causes is his stomach to comically inflate as it explodes within his guts. It may be showing off how strong the Pillar Men are in terms of body, but later on we see Wammu exploding due to the gas and fire he intakes. If explosions can hurt Wammu, why doesn't it hurt Esidisi? The answer is simple: Esidisi has his Flame Mode, where he heats up his internal temperature to shoot out his own blood like it's magma! He could withstand the heat and explosion because his body is perfected to those means, whereas Wammu cannot because his Wind Mode wasn't made to protect against fire or explosions as efficiently.
  • Throughout Battle Tendency, a Running Gag is that Joseph will predict whatever his opponent will say next, and it always works. Why is this the case? Joseph is British, and books from Britain and America are read from left to right, as opposed to the right to left style of manga.
    • That might be the joke, but the in-universe reason is likely because of what Araki had said in the second Stardust Crusaders Jojonium.
      Araki: I've always wanted to make pictoral visualizations of supernatural abilities since Jojo began. Stands were based on this concept just like Hamon was, so when I thought about putting Joseph back in the story, I needed to decide how I would visualize Hamon as a Stand. Hamon is life energy that travels through the entire body through a special breathing method. Therefore, a concrete visualization of it would be some sort of wire wrapped around the entire body, like a vine. If Jotaro's group time traveled to the world of Part 2, they would probably be able to see "Hermit Purple" wrapped around Joseph just like in Part 3.note 
  • One might wonder why Nazis play such a huge role in the story. Well Nazis were historically known to have affiliations with occultism. So with their obsession with the paranormal combined with their technology and resources, it makes sense that they have knowledge of the Pillar Men and the resources to unearth them.

Fridge Horror

  • More Fridge Squick than anything else, but after Lisa Lisa is revealed to be Joseph's mother, it changes everything about the scene where he peeks at her through the keyhole...
  • Remember when Stroheim threatened to cut off a woman's tongue with a razor blade and then took a flying leap across the Moral Event Horizon by having that poor family used as a sacrifice for Santana? Given that he's a Nazi officer and didn't show any sign of remorse during the series, it's probably safe to assume that he's done things like that or worse before. This makes his becoming an ally and his ensuing Heroic Sacrifice a bit disturbing.
    • Made even worse in that Stroheim (in both the anime and manga) has the SS insignia on his collar, suggesting he's also part of that infamously brutal, cruel, and extremely racist Nazi paramilitary force. It's now very likely that he's already done crueler things before heading to Mexico.
  • There's this thing that's pointed out in the character pages: it's not unlikely that Joseph left Donovan to die of thirst/starvation in the desert.

Fridge Logic

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