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Film / Two of a Kind (1983)

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Two of a Kind is a 1983 American romantic fantasy comedy film directed by John Herzfeld starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John. This is Travolta and Newton-John's second film together after 1978's Grease.

In Heaven, God does not like what he sees down on Earth, and wants to order up another flood and start all over again. Four angels, who point out his promise in the rainbow that he never would do that again, persuade him to reconsider, reasoning that, if a typical Earth man can reform, it would prove that all mankind is capable of it. God (voiced by an uncredited Gene Hackman) agrees to the scheme, and the typical Earth man selected by the angels is Zack Melon (Travolta) — a cash-strapped inventor who, threatened by loan sharks, decides to hold up a bank. Zack points his gun at bank teller Debbie Wylder (Newton-John), who ostensibly gives him all the money. But, when Zack peers into the sack after the robbery, he sees that she has substituted bank deposit slips for the cash and has kept the money for herself. Zack tracks her down to reclaim his stolen money. While dodging the loan sharks and the evil interventions of the Devil (Oliver Reed), the two come to develop a relationship, which is soon put to test.

This film provides examples of:

  • Disney Death: In the climax, with minutes left to go before God starts over with everything, Debbie is taken hostage by a robber and Zack's attempt to save her leads to him being shot dead. This proves a sufficient sacrifice, and not only does God spare the universe, but He also brings Zack back to life.
  • Have You Seen My God?: The initial setup has God coming back after a long absence, being less than happy at the state of how things have gone with humanity, and decides to start all over again.
  • Heel–Face Turn: The Devil himself pulls one of these after the angels point out to him that if the test on the humanity fails, it will not mean exactly brisk business for him.
  • My God, You Are Serious!: A literal version as the Devil spends the movie interfering in what he thinks is a big test. It's when the angels look downcast after a failure that it sinks into him that God is truly going to end it all.
    Devil: All right, let's drop the act. He wouldn't flood the world. I mean...where would they all go?
    Charlie: I told you, he's going to bring everyone up. He's going to end life. It'll be like Man never existed, because no one will be here to remember him. Except you.
  • Restart the World: God's plan is to do another Great Flood and start over.