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Il Ragazzo Invisibile (The Invisible Boy) is a 2014 action drama from Italy. It depicts Michele Silenzi, a 13-year-old loser who develops the ability to go invisible. After using his powers for revenge and a little bit of perversion, he eventually is caught up in a global conspiracy. To save the girl he loves, he must become a superhero...

This film provides examples of:

  • Caught with Your Pants Down: Michele knows in advance he's about to be caught naked spying on the girls, which allows him to avoid what he's likely doing off screen.
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  • Invisibility: Both Michele and his mother.
  • Invisible Jerkass: Michele is keen to get revenge on the bullies.
  • Invisible Streaker: At least until he gets his costume.
  • Laser-Guided Amnesia: For everyone except Candela (Who's not there when it happens), though Michele is quick to re-reveal himself to Stella.
  • Mind over Matter: Michele eventually develops some form of this.
  • Modesty Towel: The "Michele spies on girls in the shower" scene skips past most of the showering, and goes straight to the girls getting dressed, but several who are still in the shower are wearing these.
  • Non-Nude Bathing: The girls who are in the shower have this, to avoid showing a bunch of naked 13-year-old girls on screen.
  • Power Incontinence: Michele has trouble controlling his powers at first, leading to problems such as going invisible in class and going visible while naked and spying on semi-naked girls.
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  • Power Perversion Potential: Michele wastes no time checking out the girls' locker room.
  • Sequel Hook: The revelation that Michele's mother really IS alive, and is looking for his newly-revealed sister.
  • Visible Invisibility: Most of the time, the audience can see Michele perfectly.


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