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Hell isn't a word. It's a sentence.

Death House is a horror movie described by many as the "The Expendables of horror films", due to the fact its cast is made up of horror all-stars like Kane Hodder, Barbara Crampton, Bill Moseley, Dee Wallace, Camille Keaton, Michael Berryman, Tony Todd, Sid Haig, and Adrienne Barbeau.

The film takes place in the titular Death House, a top secret government holding facility for monsters, and its script was written by Gunnar Hansen, best known for his role as Leatherface. Due to Hansen's unfortunate death mid-production, the film's release date was pushed back to somewhere in 2017 and the project's helm was handed to Harrison Smith. The film was premiered at various horror conventions and then had a limited release in the United States on the 23rd of February 2018.

The film provides examples of:

  • Area 51: The Death House is described as "the Area-51 of evil".
  • Big Bad Ensemble: "The Five Evils" are heavily implied to be Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, Pinhead, and two other horror film Big Bads, but this is unconfirmed.
  • Elaborate Underground Base: The Death House is a huge underground prison mixed with a government research facility.
  • Those Wacky Nazis: One of the protagonists, Eileen Fletcher, and her assistant Karen Redmane, were described as performing depraved Nazi-esque experiments as Death House doctors.