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These are recommendations made by Tropers for Borderlands 2 fanfics, all of which have to be signed to stay on the page. Feel free to add a fanfic of your own to the list, but remember to use the template found here.

Do warn when a fanfic may head into non-canon territory. Some people just don't like it, and as we all know, Shipping is Serious Business. Please also be aware that, due to content policy changes, works that are Porn Without Plot may not be linked to, including any work that is hosted on a certain meme.

You can also add to the current recommendations if you want. Refrain from posting Conversation in the Main Page though; that goes in the discussion page.

Authors, and Websites

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Borderlands the Post-Sequel: Bylohj19
  • recommended by Disco Killer Yoyoman
  • Status: Complete, but ff net story and user account has vanished
  • pairing: N/A
  • Synopsis: Five years after Hyperion's defeat, Gaige and the other Vault Hunters are fighting Handsome jack reborn. When Gaige discovers another reborn individual, the Vault hunters race to find out what Jack's plan is, and how their mortal enemy is still alive.
  • comments: This fiction succeeds at staying true to canon, as well as etching a possible post-dlc story. The krieg quotes are perfect, and the Author has completely recreated the Borderlands Universe. Could do with some more romance, and Loh J 19 keeps doing annoying competitions.

New-U: by Shikaku Zetsumei

  • Recommended by Discar
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairing: Angel/Zero
  • Synopsis: Death on Pandora is a bit complicated. A young girl gets a chance at a life she never had, even if it is a bit... tense. An Angel-centric story
  • Comments: Most Borderlands fics just ignore the New-U system, so it's nice to see some focus on that. Also gives Handsome Jack a little more sympathy, which is also rare.

Gaige's Echo Logs By Discar

  • Recommended: by Slayer Jesse
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairing: N/A
  • Synopsis: A telling of the game's main events in the style of Gaige continuing her ECHO-cast recordings.
  • Comments: A lighthearted retelling of the game that is often humorous, but handles the game's dramatic moments well.
  • Has a TV Tropes page here.

Krieg's Log Also by Discar

  • Recommended: by This Troper....Fine, Serial Killer Whale.
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairing: Sane!Krieg's one sided crush on Maya
  • Synopsis: Krieg wakes up later after apparently riding outside the train that exploded, and, despite being fairly incapable of speech, manage to follow the other Vault Hunters, as Narrated by the Sane Krieg with Psycho Krieg providing commentary and references.
  • Comments: Basically a Lower-Deck Episode Featuring Krieg as Pro and Deutragonist, half the humor comes from Psycho Krieg's rambling, the other half from Sane Krieg's sarcasm.
    • Would be better if some of Krieg's insanity was actual insanity instead of nothing but random references.
  • Is a sequel to above story, Gaige's ECHO Logs, and is part of the same TV Tropes page

Borderlands 2 Retold By Borderfan1234

  • Recommended: by Emperor Zim
  • Status: Dead (last updated April 2016)
  • Pairing: N/A
  • Synopsis: A retelling of the game's main events, but with more dialogue between the Vault Hunters and others.
  • Comments: Some differences here and there, and the plot progression is a bit slow, but overall the story's well-written.

Leaving Pandora is Hard to Do: by CGAdam

  • Recommended by Jpuff
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: After destroying the moonbase, there was a simple plan to get back into space and start hunting the Vaults 'out there.' Now, nothing matters but rescuing Gaige. All characters, Action, Adventure, Fun, Borderlands-style humor
  • Comments: The absolute best Borderlands Fanfic I've ever seen. It's a continuation of the second game, but is both hilarious and awesome. Not to mention it has amazing characterization, including the most spot-on Krieg of any fanfic.

A Cure for Boredom: by athos-aramis

  • Recommended by: WK-PQ
  • Status: Dead (last updated April 2013)
  • Synopsis: A retelling of the main game with a realistic spin on the game's world-building, characterization, and plot.
  • Comments: Zer0-centric but has Axton, Maya, and Gaige's POV; starts in non-canon places for Zer0, Axton, and Maya and reaches the events of the "Blindsided" quest.

The Man Who Would Be Jack: by LittlePorcelainDoll and Orieon

  • Recommended by Yellow Bic
  • Status: Dead (last updated April 2017)
  • Pairing: Timothy/Angel
  • Synopsis: Sometimes, the biggest of changes can start from a simple accident. So it is that, in a single moment, Timothy Lawrence alters the fate of Pandora forever. But whether this will be for better or worse is another matter entirely. (Eventual Angel/Timothy pairing that diverges sharply from Borderlands 2 canon)
  • Comments: Exactly what it says on the tin. The end of the first chapter will leave your jaw hanging with how fast this story heads into AU territory and if the excellent writing and characterization didn't capture your attention enough, sheer curiosity will since this story appears to be writing its own Borderlands 2. With corporate intrigue, great dialogue, humor, and fantastic action, the authors capture the tone of the world amazingly well.

Passing Strange

  • Recommended by Nightshade 1218
  • Status: Dead (last updated March 2013)
  • Synopsis: A series of stand-alone one-shots and missing moments featuring a variety of characters in no particular order or time. Expect a buffet of pairings for kicks and giggles.
  • Comments: The characterization is spot-on, and the pairings are worked nicely.
    • The characters are well-written enough that the chapters could be cutscenes themselves, a great example being Chapter 10.

Owl by Siberian''

  • Recommended by The Wild West Pyro
  • Status: Complete (author has deleted the fic)
  • Pairing: Zer0/Athena
  • Synopsis: Zer0 assumed it was completely accidental. Athena didn't mean to fall asleep in the same bed as him. However, it set in motion an array of events and emotions that would redesign the rest of his life.
  • Comments: An excellent fic that analyzes and shows both of the assassins' characters while showing the deep, ever-increasing bonds between them. Zer0 tends to be a little too emotive at times, but otherwise the characterization is excellent.

Crossover Fics
No Gods, Only Guns by Peptuck
  • Recommended by Metal King 1417, Zaptech, USA Bobcat
  • Status: Dead (last updated April 2014)
  • Crossover with: Mass Effect
  • Synopsis: Ancient artifacts of immense power. Murderous synthetics. Ruthless megacorps. Unscrupulous mercenaries. Genocidal stellar god-machines. Incompetent galactic governments. Claptrap dubstep. The horrors of the galaxy are many, but there's one thing a good, mentally-unstable fortune-seeking antihero can rely on: the gun at his, her, or its side. Mass Effect/Borderlands fusion.
  • Comments: First off: Udina with an eye-patch and cyberarm! On a more serious note, the story is another fusion by Peptuck that combines Borderlands' general batshit insanity and over-the-top humor with the interstellar political drama and impending apocalypse of Mass Effect, with Lilith replacing Shepard.
    • Digital Patriot: Definitely gotta recommend this. The author manages to combine the characters and atmosphere of both Mass Effect and Borderlands 2 near perfectly, while changing events up enough for it to be a true fusion, rather than just another "retread of Mass Effect with someone else in Shepard's Place". Also, I will see your Udina and raise you Torgue Urdnot.