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I don't remember when I started contributing, only that I cannot remember all the tropes I helped. So I'll try to rehash them here.

I am a Martial Artist, a Rower, a Percussionist, and a writer of Fanfiction. More of an editor/critic really. I like reading good (Heh) fanfiction to see how a creative author can change things. I also really enjoy Warhammer 40k, but I play Dawn of War 2, not the original table-top game. You will find contributions by me on Fanfic Rec pages, as well as several of the Badass pages.


Avid player of Video Games.

Avid Reader/Watcher of Fanfiction and other Internet Originals, along with writing a few to the penname of Xeno Major.

Reluctant political commentator. Have become publicly neutral after spending four years in Canada.

Lover of Fight Scenes and the Science of Fighting, as odd as that sounds, it is perfectly reasonable if you understand sparring and fighting.

Deeply Faithful person, yet that does not mean I am intolerant of other religions.

Contemplator of philosophy on the most basic level, a la Calvin And Hobbes.


The following tropes apply to USA Bobcat:

  • Author Filibuster: A few minor ones, mostly on Fridge Logic or on underlying bigotry/racism. I do not, for example, approve of the Colonies in New Battlestar Galatica because of their robo-phobic ways.
  • Conversational Troping: To the point that I introduced my family to Tropes simply by naming or trope dropping, as I call it, in casual conversation. After two years of doing this, my family finally began finding mention of Tropes outside of my interactions.
  • Fan Fiction: Read a lot, every day, and have written a few.
  • Minored In Ass Kicking: I've gotten into more than a few fights where the aggressor did not realize that I've studied Karate for several years until he was on the ground clutching at either his throat or his groin in pain. However...
  • Martial Pacifist: Enforced and Justified. As an Karate instructor, I try to practice what I preach, as violence always creates more problems than it solves. The fact that a court may or may not judge me differently than a normal person because of Karate changing my moral or social obligations has a major part in that.
    • To clarify, while the urban legend of Black Belts being regarded as deadly weapons is not true, as a martial artist the legal definition of "minimum necessary force" is altered to reflect the fact that martial artists know exactly how far they can go, and must limit themselves. For example, a normal person might get away with breaking an aggressor's arm in self-defense, whereas a martial artist will be questioned a little more about it, as breaking a man's arm for a martial artist is a calculated and conscious decision, thus above minimum necessary force.
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  • More Dakka: While I try to stay away from politics due to the polarizing effect of an opinion, I am vocal about gun rights, having grown up in a rural area. More guns are always welcome. Always.
  • Self-Insert Fic: One for Mass Effect, inspired by Inf3tionz's Masses to Masses
  • Younger Than They Look: I was once asked to buy someone cigarettes because they forgot their wallet, and I had to tell them that I was only sixteen (at the time). Mostly due to the full beard I grew during the summer vacation.

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