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Drinking Game / Borderlands 2

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Take a sip every time:

  • Claptrap calls you his own "minion"
  • Someone says 'Got a job for you' before accepting a mission.
  • Someone says 'Come on back' after you've completed a mission.
  • Psychos mention the word "mommy".
  • You get killed by a boss or a Badass enemy
  • Deathtrap gets glitched out (i.e. getting stuck on walls, under the floor, not moving)
    • If a friendly Mechromancer summons a Deathtrap who covers your inventory, take a shot instead.
    • If Deathtrap accidentally appears during some of the cutscenes, finish your drink.
    • Finish your drink if you summon Deathtrap when you really, really need him, but he starts attacking objects (shock cacti, Jack statues) instead until his timer runs out. Add an extra sip if cacti shock you as a result.
  • Axton compliments his Sabre Turret or Gaige compliments Deathtrap.
  • Krieg smacks himself with Silence the Voices.
  • You don't get a legendary item from an enemy's loot table when you're farming for them.

Take a shot every time:

  • Whenever Handsome Jack calls to insult you.
    • Take another whenever Butt Stallion makes an appearance. spoilers 
    • Add another if he addresses himself as the hero and/or you as the villain.
    • Finish your drink if he calls you a bitch.
  • Someone makes remarks about Moxxi's attractive appearance, makes innuendos about her or asks if she said anything about them.
  • Some NPC mentions buying or selling guns to Marcus.
  • Moonshot Blitzes are being fired at Sanctuary while you are idling.
  • Mordecai steals your kill in the Tundra Express, Wildlife Preservation, and Hero's Pass missions.
    • Take two if he steals your kill while on Fight For Your Life mode.
    • Finish your drink if you die because of it.
  • You use a Golden Key and it gives you nothing you can really use at the time. Take two if its weapon manufacturer isn't really ideal for this sort of weapon type (such as a Hyperion Sniper Rifle).
  • Deathtrap recharges your shields while you're in Fight For Your Life.
  • You do get a legendary item from an enemy's loot table when you're farming for them, but it has the wrong element or gun attachments.

Finish your drink every time:

  • You find Michael Mamaril in Sanctuary.
  • Elite Mooks drop a legendary from their loot table.
  • You "accidentally reload" when playing as an Anarchy Gaige.
  • You phase-locked the wrong enemy while playing as a Mind Control Maya.
  • You do get a legendary item from an enemy's loot table when you're farming for them, and it's perfect in every way!