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  • Doing It for the Art: Remember the "Face McShooty" sidequest? The one where you simply have to shoot a crazy guy in the face? Turns out that that was one of the hardest quests in the game to program, due to a number of problems when shooting him in other places. While on a skype call at AGDQ 2014, Anthony Burch mentioned that a group of Gearbox employees worked on the quest "on and off for months."
  • Fan Nickname:
    • "Girlfriend Mode" - Coined by the game's Lead Designer John Hemingway for Gaige's Best Friends Forever skill tree, since the tree makes the Mechromancer a Skill Gate Character designed for more survivability... Other variations include "the girlfriend skill tree" or the mode that your newbie girlfriend can play without being overwhelmed.
    • Some fans have taken to calling the Bullymongs "Bonerfarts", even going so far as to never finish the quest given by Hammerlock so they keep their names.
    • Other fans also refer to Axton's turret as "the little lady" or "the missus" after the affectionate nicknames Axton himself uses when deploying it.
    • Various digs at Funimation once the fans realized almost all of the actors listed above have done work for them at some point.
    • "Playthrough 2.5" refers to the mechanic wherein enemies and quests scale up to Level 50 once you complete True Vault Hunter Mode, which allows you to catch up with your gear and prepare for the harder "Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode", the 3rd playthrough.
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    • Some Game-Breaker gear combinations may get Portmanteau names such as the following:
      • "Pimperhab" for Pimpernel + Ahab
      • "Shamfleet" for Sham + Norfleet
      • "Rocket Jump" - Using Sham + Badaboom (preferably a low-level) to invoke this trope, jumping while shooting the rocket launcher on the ground will propel you to heights without wasting much of your rockets. Salvador can turn this Up to Eleven since he can dual-wield two Badabooms for further heights.
    • Likewise, some glitches outside of gear combinations are so well-known and exploitable that the community has given them names for easy identification, such as the "A.S.S.note  Glitch" wherein Axton can have a stacking movement speed if he drops and picks up guns when aiming down the ironsights in another user's game session.
    • Krieg's inner, sane personality has been referred to as "Inner Krieg", whereas his loud, screaming psycho persona gets called "Outer Krieg".
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    • Preferred weapons with otherwise long names or prefixes get acronyms to easily distinguish them, such as "DPUH" for the Double Penetrating Unkempt Harold.
    • "Slag Simulator" for the Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode, since you mostly have to rely on slagging your enemies and constantly switching weapons just to deal with their increased health and added regeneration. The mode also exclusively buffs the slag mechanics and weapon swapping as well, which really encourages players to incorporate slagging in their strategies while playing in UVHM. On the other hand, this nickname is also used as a derogatory term from those who hated UVHM due to the Difficulty Spike and the over-reliance on slagging just to even have a decent pace of progressing against enemies.
    • Since the names of the 4 major DLC campaigns have otherwise long names when written out in full, fans and community discussions (including this wiki) simply call them by the name of the starring character from that DLC:
      • "Captain Scarlett DLC" - Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty
      • "Torgue DLC" - Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage
      • "Hammerlock DLC" - Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt
      • "Tiny Tina DLC" - Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep
    • Salvador is known in Mexico as "Chava", which is how people named Salvador are widely known.
  • Jossed: A popular theory was that Krieg is actually the father of Tiny Tina. Anthony Burch later stated that both of Tina's parents are dead.
    • This is either zigzagged or a case of trolling by the Anthony or the writers. Some of the DLCs hint at a connection for Krieg and Tina. Especially one spout from Krieg in Moxxi's Wedding Day Massacre:
  • Limited Special Collector's Ultimate Edition: Two versions above the standard pre-order, including an art book, Marcus bobblehead, some extra in game items, and various other things. The most expensive version comes with a scale replica of the red loot chests from the first game!
  • Memorial Character: Michael Mamaril, the generous Vault Hunter that sometimes appears in Sanctuary, and who was created in the memory of Michael John Mamaril, a Borderlands fan that passed away at the age of 22, and whose friend asked Gearbox Software for a short eulogy by Claptrap, Michael's favorite character.
  • Nepotism: An unintentional example. When Anthony Burch wrote the character of Tiny Tina, he unthinkingly created her based around his sister Ashly. When he realized it, he figured he might as well ask her to audition for the part. While other actresses placed an audition, none of them could portray his sister better than his own sister, so Ashly ultimately got the part.
  • No Export for You:
    • Not the game itself, but several of its marketing tie-ins, including two contests and a pack of limited trading cards, are only available to Europeans, which is sort of odd for an American game.
    • On the other end of the spectrum, the companion app for the game, Loot the World, is only available in the US iOS App Store and Google Play Store. Not even the Canadian or Mexican stores has it. Only the United States. Given the title, it is apparent that Gearbox is that ignorant of world geography. Needless to say, players of the game from outside the US aren't too pleased, especially since Gearbox had promised that the app unlocks unique weapons not usually found by looting in-game.
  • No Port For You: The Commander Lilith and the Fight for Sanctuary DLC is only available for the PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One ports of Borderlands 2. It is not available for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 or PlayStation Vita ports.
  • The Other Darrin: Both Roland and Mordecai's voice actors changed hands - Roland now sounds less gangsta and more leader-y, while Mordecai has an accent.
  • Permanent Placeholder
    • "Bullymong" was a placeholder name for the 6-limbed alien yetis. It stuck. A quest in game lampshades this with Sir Hammerlock trying and failing to rename them before his book on them ships.
    • The name "Handsome Jack" was a placeholder taken from a throwaway line from an episode of Doctor Who. The name proved popular with the production team, so they decided to make it the character's official moniker.
  • Playing Against Type: Christopher Sabat as Innuendobot 5000.
  • Pre-Order Bonus: The "Premier Club" edition contains the Gearbox Gunpack, Vault Hunter's Relic, a Golden Key, and the Mechromancer Vault Hunter. This was later made available for post-release purchase since October 9, 2012 under the "Mechromancer Pack".
  • Real Song Theme Tune:
    • "Short Change Hero" by The Heavy is used in the intro.
    • The end credits use "How You Like Me Now", also by The Heavy.
  • Talking to Himself: Colleen Clinkenbeard voices both Lilith and Tannis, and the two characters have interactions or dialogue between them in certain scenes, specifically in the Commander Lilith DLC where they argue about what to do with the hidden prototype Siren chamber.
  • Throw It In!:
    • Dameon Clarke (Handsome Jack's voice actor) ad-libbed a number of his lines, including the moment early in the game when he calls the Vault Hunter, mouth full of food, about his diamond pony.
      Anthony Burch: It's easily Jack’s single most popular line, and I didn't frigging write it. I will never forgive Dameon for this.
    • Tiny Tina's model has an animation issue where her left eye suddenly turns to the side. It makes her look even more like the psycho Creepy Child she is, so the devs simply left it there under the justification that she has strabismus (AKA lazy eye).
    • Character dialogue was meant to be targeted, meaning Axton would give flirty lines when reviving Maya, but neutral otherwise. After deciding against targeted lines, the Dev team realized that this means Axton can say lines like "Wow. Do you work out, or...?" to the male characters; despite this, they decided it would be better to just make him bisexual instead.
    • During production, the writing staff was known to change things on the fly. Nakayama's death, for example, was changed to what it wound up being half-way through Ian Sinclair's recording session.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Tediore guns were originally going to be unreliable and have a chance of exploding in your hands. Tediore guns in the finished product are dirt-cheap and disposable, but perfectly reliable.
    • A bit Hilarious in Hindsight, since a minor oversight by the development team has made him Ambiguously Bi while a line in the Tiny Tina DLC has him remarking that he'd use his loot to get chicks and probably dudes. It's now been confirmed that Axton is indeed bisexual.
    • Dummied Out audio shows that Jack himself was originally the voice of the Hyperion vending machines and New U stations (which was presumably removed to avoid opening the Fridge Logic surrounding them even further).
      Handsome Jack: Every time you die, you're actually paying me! Wait, is that ironic or is that one of those things you think is ironic, but actually isn't? Like a cripple doing stand-up?
    • Originally, as part of the Bearer of Bad News quest the player would have to tell Tiny Tina of Roland's death. The event can be heard here.
    • For the Captain Scarlett DLC, originally the players would actually get to fight and kill Scarlett while Roscoe would be the new raid boss.
    • There was originally no plans to include a Buddy A.I. where that allied NPC is able to prioritize targets and attack them. The mission "Hunting the Firehawk", Lilith was to have a smaller role where she would Phase Blast once for her intro and Phase Blast to conclude the fight by killing any surviving bandits during the fight.
      • Originally Lilith's title card didn't say "aka The Firehawk". It was added after focus testers repeatedly complained that they were never able to find this "Firehawk" the mission was telling them to look for. Anthony Burch also rewrote one of Lilith's lines to clarify the point.
    • Before coming up with the DLC, Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep, there was initially an idea where Handsome Jack had a spoiled nephew that lived on an island and would trap the Vault Hunters in a game that forced them to fight their way through a series of complex challenges he had designed. The idea later became a fantasy idea and Tiny Tina eventually became the dungeon master.
      • Among the various ideas for the new DLC was the theme of heavy metal rock and roll which was on top of the list. Ryan Heaton, the Lead Level Designer for the DLC, was glad that the team did not go in that direction.
    • An early storyline quest would have involved the player chasing down Fink (the Rat who hosts the Bandit Circle of Slaughter) and beating some answers out of him. This was too complicated to program, though it does explain why Fink hates the players so much.
    • Originally, Motor Momma of the Torgue DLC would have become a Raid Boss like Pyro Pete.
    • Handsome Jack would have originally played more of a Frenemy role to the heroes as a rival Vault Hunter who would help or hinder them whenever he sees fit. Eventually, the developers decide to make him purely a villain to make things clearer.
    • There were planned Vending Machines that would exclusively sell Bandit weapons. Even a Psycho would have been doing the sales pitch as evidenced by these unused lines.
  • The Wiki Rule: Borderlands Wiki.

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