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The website,, lists several variations of Fresh Pretty Cure! as normal non-crossover fanfics. Among the variations:

  • Pretty Konjiki's Fresh Pretty Cure - a more mature take on the season, with the addition of a Cure created by Pretty Konjiki: it recently was compleately changed
  • Clover Hearts Beating As One - a version by the author of Pretty Cure Perfume Preppy with additional plot points (such as a Face–Heel Turn pulled by Miki) and one of her Cures created for the series;
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  • Fresh Pretty Cure! Step♥Up - a direct sequel to the actual season;
  • Ryanasaurus 0077's Fresh Pretty Cure - a faithful retelling made to look like a novelization of a three-act motion picture, with some things changed or removed to give it some depth;
  • Two Death Fics for Setsuna, with varying endings (pretty konjiki managed to have the Akarun save her only for her to spoiler:die for real, and ryanasaurus0077 kills off Love as well in a more tragic version of pretty konjiki's Death Fic... only for the whole thing to be All Just a Dream);
  • Several others we haven't gotten around to listing yet.


Pretty Konjiki's Fresh Pretty Cure contains examples of:

Clover Hearts Beating As One contains examples of:

  • Aloof Ally - Hakobi is a straight example while Setsuna is more along the lines of "I don't think I'm ready to be your friend yet".
  • Due to the Dead - At a certain point after the final battle, funeral pyres are made for Wester, Souler and Azma.
  • Meaningful Name - The name of the Original Character Labyrinth denizen featured in this retelling, Azma, is a contraction of "azuma", which is another reading of the kanji for "east", solidifying her status as Eas' replacement.
  • Original Character - Hakobi Kurosaki/Cure Olive, Eclair, Kurun, Azma, and Setsuna's twin brother Seiichi.
  • Phenotype Stereotype - Averted with Audrey, who here is a little English girl rather than a Manzai duo, and Crystal.


Fresh Pretty Cure! Step♥Up contains examples of:

  • Lighter and Softer - The new attack names are clearly more sugary than the ones from the actual show.

Ryanasaurus 0077's Fresh Pretty Cure contains examples of:

  • Battle in the Rain - There is one, but this time Love and Setsuna are fighting together, and the opponent is Souler.
  • Berserk Button - Love and Setsuna have each other as one; harm one, and the other will hunt you down. Setsuna herself has a Moebius-shaped Berserk Button, which only shows after her Heel–Face Turn.
  • Big "NO!" - Cure Peach after Eas sacrifices herself to protect her.
  • Cluster Hell And Damn Bomb - Setsuna seems to have a mild language problem in this adaptation, though Love's mother Ayumi is never exposed to such language.
  • Disney Death - Setsuna, of course, and eventually Love too. Westar's Disney Death, as well as Souler's, remain unchanged.
  • Exact Words - Twice in the same scene: when Love berates Cline for wanting to kill Setsuna, he says, "All right. I won't kill her." Then he aims his button at Love and says, "I only said I wouldn't kill Setsuna." Love dies seconds later. Then Cline hands the button to a subordinate, and when Setsuna sees it's aimed at her, she protests, only to be told, "Like I said to your dear departed friend, I only said I wouldn't kill you." Twisting your own words much, Cline?
  • No OSHA Compliance - Averted; Labyrinth has a series of safety rails to cling to in case of a black hole.
  • Precision F-Strike - Four; one from Setsuna ("God damn you to hell for this, Cline!", spoken in response to his killing Love), two from Love ("You BASTARD!", spoken when Westar attacks Setsuna after telling her she had outlived her lifespan, and "Frankly, Mr. Chinen, I don't give a damn!", spoken during an argument with Daisuke), and one from Miyuki ("I don't give a shit what your reason is; it's either my way or the highway, and my way is that you always come on time, no matter what!", spoken during an argument with the girls over their arriving late).
  • Shout-Out - "You can either die a villain, or live long enough to see yourself become a hero!"
    • And both trailers—and their layouts—are shout-outs to the respective Watchmen trailers.
  • Stock British Phrases - Setsuna loves to say "bloody hell" nearly half the time she says "hell".
  • Trailers Always Spoil - Parodied, with both the teaser and theatrical trailers described as being spoilish, giving away everything from Setsuna's Disney Death (by way of showing the Nakisakebe throwing her against a concrete wall, her body dissolving, and her resurrection) to those of Westar and Souler (by way of showing their being sucked into a black hole) to their Heel Face Turns (by way of showing Setsuna kissing Hayato in one trailer and Miki kissing Shun in the other trailer) to the capture of Infinity to the Northa/Cline dragon being displayed. They'd be more spoilish if it weren't for the merchandising revealing Setsuna to be Cure Passion.
  • Traitor Shot - Happens to Setsuna twice. Her first is played straight as she expresses her desire to steal Love's Pickrun as Love enters a building and is snapped out of it by Love's voice ("Coming!"). Her second foreshadows her Heel–Face Turn as, after she receives her Nakisakebe card, she breaks the fourth wall and tells the audience that Moebius is "nothing but a crook, an evil hellhound from whom I wish to escape, especially after all this abuse I had to put up with for how the bloody hell many years? I'll stay the course, though, until he decides to get rid of me!"

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