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“I’m sure you’re looking forward to finding a way back to your own time as soon as possible,” Nedzu said. “I want you to know that U.A. will do everything in its power to help you achieve that goal. Time travel is a complicated equation to solve, but I’m sure if we put our heads together we’ll come up with something!”

Five raised a skeptical eyebrow. “And you’re just going to do that out of the goodness of your heart? I’m not even old enough for high school yet.”


“Well, we’re all heroes for a reason, no? What good are we if we can’t help a single child in need?” Nedzu pointed out with a pleasantly neutral smile as he sipped his tea.


OR: Instead of time traveling into the apocalypse, thirteen-year-old Five Hargreeves teleports in the middle of the USJ fight.

He gets a couple of new dads out of it.

An Unexpected Future is a crossover fic between My Hero Academia and The Umbrella Academy. Can be found here.


An Unexpected Future contains examples of:

  • Adaptational Personality Change: Justified. Rather than heading to the apocalypse, Five ends up in the middle of the USJ fight, meaning rather than being a sixty year old in a teenager’s body he actually is thirteen in this fic. His personality has a few changes. He’s noticeably a bit more childish, passive aggressive, subdued, patient, and optimistic than his original self, who is more matured, openly rude, violent, restless, and cynical.
  • Adult Fear: Being stuck in a foreign country where you can only barely speak the language and having no apparent way to get back home to your siblings, who are suffering under an Abusive Parent.
  • Fanboy: Midoriya’s reaction to Five once he shows up to the class implies that he knows exactly who Five is, although he can’t say anything due to Timey-Wimey Ball preventing so. Given the Umbrella Academy is famous In-Universe, it’s hardly surprising Midoriya knows about it.

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