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AdultStuck is a MSPA Fan Adventure created by Godfrey. It's a Fan Sequel to Homestuck (despite Homestuck not being over yet), and is about the surviving members of the cast living in a new universe. It was initially a text-only adventure, but has recently begun to include art, made by Godfrey with help from the readers.

The story centers on the population of the planet of Gallifrey, created by the original cast. The planet, so far, consists of one city, comprised of clones of historical Earth figures, and trolls created by mixing the genes of the originals. Therefore, it has an Ensemble Cast, and it follows the cast through their life, beginning at the age of eleven. It also has an intermission taking place 13 years in the future, where a mysterious figure, wielding a rapier known as the Godslayer attacks the city.


There is also a rather dedicated Role Play hosted on pesterchum, which anyone can join in on. adultstuck_ooc is the memo to go to join. Log are posted on The Forums when completed

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