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The Dark Angel is a Hellraiser fanfic on Fan Fiction Dot Net jointly written by Thaura. It currently has nine chapters, and can be found here.

The story begins with the god and creator of the Labyrinth and the Cenobites, Leviathan, ordering his most favored Cenobite, Xipe Totec (much better known as Pinhead) to go to Earth and claim the human souls that have resisted the calling of the Lament Configuration and are causing the Labyrinth to weaken. Although proudly obeying, Pinhead ends up in New York City and is mistaken for a defender of justice:The Dark Angel, the name given to him by New York Times reporter Sarah Connelly and her partner Marc Huntington, the former of which is starting to grow more and more obsessed with Pinhead/Dark Angel. Pinhead's own mission may have more to it than meets the eye...


The Dark Angel contains examples of:

  • Bad Boss:Scarface.He kills his own gangsters for running away from a bad situation, and pistol whips his men for believing rumors about Pinhead/Dark Angel.
  • Big Rotten Apple
  • Calling Card:Pinhead/Dark Angel's diamond figure, which he burns onto criminals and, through them, onto and into structures.
  • Chain Pain:as in the movies, Pinhead's favorite method of attack is to use hooked chains to snag criminals and pull them into the Labyrinth.
  • Da Editor:Jonah Perry, the CEO of the New York Times, who is willing to force his own reporters to change Pinhead/Dark Angel's description to get better sales.
  • Dark Age of Supernames:Pinhead's name given by Sarah, the Dark Angel. However, it does make sense:he's always under the cover of darkness, and the first person to be saved by him called him an "angel".
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  • Face Framed in Shadow:The crime boss that employs Scarface and later Two-Sides has been hidden by the shadows in his appearances so far (in chapters 6/5 and 8/7).
  • For Doom the Bell Tolls:Whenever he goes out to reap the souls of a sinned person, Pinhead is accompanied by the ominous chiming of church bells, which also come when someone is solving the Lament Configuration.
  • Machete Mayhem:quite a few of Scarface's gangsters are seen wielding machetes in chapter 6/5.
  • The Quincy Punk:Scarface is a stereotypical street punk:blonde spiked hair with black and red streaks, a prominent dragon tattoo, and various punkish attire.
  • Scars Are Forever:the two scars on the left side of Scarface's face. He got them in a fight with another gangster, and it looks like the skin tried to heal over them...but that obviously failed.
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  • Super Speed:Pinhead, who moves so superhumanly fast that human eyes simply cannot catch up, and it looks like he isn't even actually moving.
  • Two-Faced:Two-Sides has a black mask covering one half of his face (as if though hiding something awful) while the other half is clean and fresh, apart from an odd scar.
  • White Gangbangers:So far, it seems that all of Pinhead's victims are white thugs.


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