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  • Hal Jordan, Green Lantern poster child, underwent a psychotic turn into the evil Parallax, a being that wanted to reshape all of existence, after the destruction of Coast City. Later explained and Retconned, but still heavily controversial.
  • Two-Face was once District Attorney Harvey Dent, one of Batman's closer allies who ended up going mad after the left side of his face was horrifically scarred.
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  • Cassandra Cain to a lot of disapproval. After spending 76 issues delving into her extraordinary psychology and fleshing her out into a complex character with high moral standards, DC tore her down and made her into a drugstore-variety Dragon Lady who started killing people like roaches. After an IMMENSE backlash, they very "cleverly" revealed that she was actually brainwashed by Deathstroke the entire time.
  • In a particularly bad example of Executive Meddling, DC planned to turn Captain Atom into supervillain Monarch. When readers guessed the plan ahead of time, they changed their minds at the last minute and made the character Hawk murder his partner Dove and don Monarch's armor. Then, in a series of decisions years down the line, they effectively reversed it, giving Hawk the new handle of Extant, putting Captain Atom into Monarch's armor and creating a new Hawk and Dove team.
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  • In Convergence #6, Superman and the rest of the heroes from Kingdom Come. While the story they come from arguably ended the Dark Age of Comics and brought back idealistic heroes, These versions agree to serve the openly Tyrannical Deimos and fight the heroes of Earth 2 if it means their own city surviving. This is turned back immediately after Parallax murders Deimos, as they had no reason to be evil anymore.
  • Subevrted in Death of the Family. Harley Quinn is blackmailed into helping the Joker when he threatens to destroy Deadshot's corpse (Harley doesn't know that Deadshot is not dead though), after realizing Harley has feelings for Deadshot and is quite pissed off about it. If you did not read Suicide Squad, you would not know about it and think she had gone evil again.
  • Mandrakk, the Dark Monitor from Final Crisis, was a Lovecraftian Horror ultra-vampire who wanted to feed on the life blood of existence itself until it had been bled dry. Saying he was the Ultimate Evil is not pushing the envelope. If what has been suggested - namely that he originally was the Monitor, the heroic mentor figure who laid down his life so the Universe might live in Crisis on Infinite Earths - is true, then this might be the ultimate FHT in comics.
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  • The Guardians of the Universe, having been Slowly Slipping Into Evil ever since Rebirth, finally crossed the Moral Event Horizon following the New 52 — they lobotomize Ganthet to get him back on their side, seemingly kill Hal and Sinestro, and begin a campaign of removing free will from the universe by absorbing all life into their Third Army.
  • Infinite Crisis did this to Alexander Luthor, Jr. and Superboy-Prime, two of the heroes from Crisis on Infinite Earths. Alex turned due to jealousy towards Prime and Kal-L, the Golden Age Superman; both were able to have a childhood and future Alex did not. Alex later convinces Prime to help him with the idea that he could revive Earth-Prime and save his family. Prime ends up fully turning after he knocks Pantha's head off.
  • Mary "Damn" Marvel provided an interesting contrast as a Golden Age teen amidst modern comics characters. Unfortunately DC decided to make her turn evil. Her clothes even turned black.
  • The Multiversity:
    • The chief antagonist of the series is a former "cosmic defender". Nix Uotan. He gets better in the last issue.
    • In The Just #1, Alexis Luthor turns evil as a result of reading the Gentry's evil comic book and reprograms Superman's peacekeeping robots into weapons.
  • Name a Teen Titan. Chances are good he/she has tried to kill the other Titans at some point. Raven, Jericho, and Beast Boy (yes, even BB) are some of the more well known ones.
    • Raven and Jericho have frequently gone insane and/or evil to the point that it has practically become a Running Gag.
    • Rose Wilson was drugged into becoming the Ravager by her father Deathstroke.
    • Roy Harper became a psychotic anti-hero after he was mutilated and lost his daughter.
    • Donna Troy was revived and brainwashed by the Titans of Myth after she was killed by the Superman robot.
    • Cyborg nearly lost all his humanity when he became Cyberion and almost destroyed the moon.
    • Osiris was forced to kill people in order to revive his sister, but by then he embraced a new love of killing and turned into a psychotic Spoiled Brat.
    • Duela Dent's fractured mind means she's constantly switching from good, evil, and in-between. Her last appearance before she died had her attempt a kidnapping of a famous young actress.
    • Risk turned against the Titans due to the resentment of being abandoned by them after losing his right arm. Although an early issue said Risk turned to petty crime after his Titans team disbanded.
    • Power Boy turned out to be a Stalker with a Crush obsessed with Supergirl, and tried to kidnap and brainwash her.
    • Golden Eagle tried to kill and replace Hawkman as revenge for his father's death.
    • Deathwing, the supposed future version of Dick Grayson who belonged to the Team Titans, was brainwashed by Raven and raped Mirage. Even after the supposed brainwashing wore off, he remained a bad guy.
    • Hank Hall, the first Hawk, went completely off the deep end when Dawn Granger died, becoming Monarch and later Extant. It turned out Hank had some help from Mordru the Merciless, but as a revived Dawn stated, Hank moved well beyond Mordru's control and turned evil on his own.
    • Enigma, the Riddler's Daughter, first started out as a member of the Teen Titans before switching to Deathstroke's Titans East. We were never shown Enigma's tenure as a hero, but we do know she joined Slade's group because he promised to help get her recognized by her supposed father.
    • Jason Todd, the second Robin, became the murderous Red Hood after he was brought back from the dead, and constantly switched from an anti-hero to a straightforward villain.
    • Addy Kane, Deathstroke's first wife, was driven insane by a blood transfusion she received from her husband, gaining his immortality and becoming the new HIVE mistress.
  • Tigress in Young All-Stars after her death and resurrection at the hands of Gudra the Valkyrie, which was meant to explain her origin of becoming the Golden Age villain the Huntress.
  • Robin Series: After Dodge gets knocked into a coma by the tech he stole in order to be able to teleport malfunctioning he turns from a wannabe superhero to a supervillain hoping for a battle with Robin, mostly because he's decided to blame Robin for teleporter fusing with him despite it being caused entirely by his own actions.


  • Avengers Arena: Apex is the only one of the kidnapped teens who is actually willing to play Arcade's game, killing Juston to steal his Sentinel, seizing control of Deathlocket and the Darkhawk armor with her technopathy to carry out her plans, and using the latter to kill Nico.
  • Deadpool is heading in this direction over the course of Secret Empire. Word of God states that he will be blamed for siding with Hydra and receive no credit for good he managed to do while with them. Continuing to say that Wade has tried very hard to be a hero, and all it's gotten him were tears, so why should he even try anymore if that's what he gets. Thus, we get to his new series in Marvel Legacy. The book will be called The Despicable Deadpool, where he'll be going back to his old ways as a mercenary. Solicits stating Cable as his first hit and that there's no more Avengers, X-Men, or being a hero.
    • His past bromantic book with Spider-Man will become Spider-Man vs. Deadpool, with new creative team revealing that the two won't be on good terms in Marvel Legacy.
  • From Fantastic Four, Sue Storm believe it or not. She once went mad and became a villain named Malice, who was hell-bent on killing her former teammates. When she recovered, this was one of the biggest contributions to her changing her name from the Invisible Girl to the more mature Invisible Woman and Taking a Level in Badass.
  • In Dark Reign, The Sentry did this joining Norman Osborn's Dark Avengers in hope to getting cured from his Superpowered Evil Side, The Void. In the end Osborn set a scheme in motion that made the Void take over completely.
  • Spider-Man
    • Following the Superior Spider-Man arc, Peter's former friend Liz Allan has been seen in a new alliance with Norman Osborn as he attempts to establish a new identity and corporation (now that his identity as the Green Goblin is no longer a secret). Whether she is doing this entirely out of free will is unknown, but it's very possibly that the biggest reason is to ensure a better future for her son.
    • Thanks to the actions of the Superior Spider-Man, the Black Cat, once one of Spider-Man's closest allies, has gone from Classy Cat-Burglar to aspiring crime boss. This became controversial among fans.
  • The Ultimate Marvel
  • X-Men:
    • Colossus, after his sister, Ilyana, died. It didn't last long.
    • The longtime member Bishop - after years of looking for a mysterious traitor who was supposed to kill X-Men, he betrayed them himself, for the same reason he joined them in the first place - to stop a Bad Future from happening.
  • In Runaways, Chase briefly went over to the dark side, attempting to form a pact with the Gibborim in an effort to resurrect Gert.
  • During Civil War, the New Warriors became pariahs after being blamed for a disaster that killed over a hundred people. One of their former members, Hindsight Lad, decided to turn on his former teammates, giving away their real names and addresses to the angry mobs in the hopes that he himself would be spared.


  • Javi in Negation goes through this after Charon brought him back from the dead and convinced him that his conquest of the Negation-verse and his pending invasion of the main CrossGen universe was a good and necessary thing. Javi, a religious man who had questioned his faith even before his abduction to the Negation-verse, came to look upon Charon as a god, one in whom he could place his whole trust in, without question. He becomes a Knight Templar as a result.
  • In Archie Comics' Sonic the Hedgehog, the most notable thus far was Fiona, who turned against the Freedom Fighters in #172 and joined Anti-Sonic/Scourge in Moebius (formerly Anti-Mobius).
    • Naturally, anybody who was roboticised also pulled this, though typically not of their own free will.
    • Espio turned against the Freedom Fighters and Chaotix to join the Iron Dominion, but returned. It turned out to be a ruse, but it wasn't exactly a harmless one.
    • And before either of those two... Drago Wolf and Sleuth Dog.
    • #178-179, though it could just be a political debate in which both sides use violence instead of words.
    • Geoffrey St. John appeared to have one in issues 219-220, but this is actually a subversion, as it was soon after retconed that he'd actually been working for Ixis Naugus since before either of them were even introduced, making him The Mole instead.
  • Daniel Cross in Assassin's Creed: The Fall.
  • Irredeemable is based on this concept with the Plutonian, a Superman-esque character, snapping due to the pressure and becoming the ultimate villain.
  • In All Fall Down, Pronto undergoes this in exchange for new legs as fast as his old ones.
  • In Sonic the Comic, Nack the Weasel is introduced as a member of the heroic Chaotix - but by the end of their introductory story he's sold them out to the Brotherhood of Metallix, an army of spectacularly evil robotic copies of Sonic. Admittedly a loose example, as a) he'd clearly already turned before the story started and b) the character was always a villain in the Sonic games, so seeing him as a hero first is the unexpected bit.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (IDW): Rarity, who is kidnapped and subjected to More Than Mind Control and Demonic Possession to become Nightmare Moon's successor.


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