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Drinking Game / Dingo Pictures

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With Dingo Pictures' low-quality animation, one will probably need some alcohol to get through their films.

Take a shot each time you see/hear the following:

In general

  • Whenever you see the "Dingo laughing animation" (i.e. the characters' heads bob up and down repeatedly).
  • Each time you hear the "wah-wah" sound effect play.
  • Every time someone swears.
  • Every time someone says "rubbish".
  • Every time someone says "owa" when they hit something.
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  • Each time you see an animation error, garbage area, or an Off-Model character design.
  • Each time you hear the DUNN!! drum sound effect of someone hitting something.
  • Each time you hear the background music screwing up and playing over itself.
  • Each time you see a background reused from a previous film.
  • Each time a song plays, and you hear the dubbed version playing over the original German version.
  • Each time you hear the background music play over another piece of music, or over itself.
  • For every two characters you see reused from a previous film (yes, there's a lot).
  • Whenever a male character sounds female or vice versa, or simply has a voice that doesn't fit their design.
  • Each time you hear the voice actors flub or repeat a line, pause awkwardly, or mispronounce a word.
    • Also take a shot if you hear background noise in the recording (like turning a page, a creaking chair, or mumbling something off-script).
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    • Take another one for each section of undubbed silence that occurs with the characters still flapping their mouths.
  • Every time someone says "my God" or "Oh my God".


  • Each time the dialogue is out-of-sync with the scene.
  • Each time someone laughs evilly.


  • Each time Rasputin says something incomprehensible.

Animal Soccer World

  • Each time the ambulance duck makes her loud noise.
  • Each time the hooligan ducks appear onscreen.

The Cat On Boots

  • Every time Puss makes a cat noise.

The Countryside Bears

Dinosaur Adventure

  • Each time Peek's voice actor takes a deep breath.
  • Each time Peek says a stupid rhyme phrase.
  • Each time Kree says something with pedophilic undertones.
  • Down the entire bottle when the "Yee" scene plays.
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  • Also down the bottle when Tio II appears.
  • Each time the duck narrator appears.
    • Take another shot if the duck is making a "seductive" pose.


  • Down the bottle each time the talking bush appears.
  • Take a shot for every empty bottle of alcohol Wabuu has around him.


  • Each time "child murderer" is spoken.


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