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  • Accidental Innuendo: There are quite a few examples. A recurring one is for the camera to suddenly cut to a character quietly snickering, making the line that came before sound dirty.
    • Animal Soccer World:
      • The box art features a bear and a pig lying down and laughing, and it looks like they're having sex.
      • "Big round of applause for the unbelievable porn!"
      • "OH! Kruemel, not that hard! I didn't know you could shoot that hard."
      • Butcher's goalie stance is VERY suspect. Especially with his refusing to get in the goal unless Kruemel shoots.
      • The "hooligans" look like they're dressed in BDSM garb, though it's debatable how "accidental" this one is, given Germany's more raunchy sense of humor than some other Westerners may be used to...
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    • Dalmatians 3: "It better looked like it was licked clean! Your mother was very good at that."
    • Countryside Bears: "He... can't... his leg, you know, the one, I mean, the one that... he... stuck in my house is still... hurting it- him- yes..."
    • Hunchback of Notre-Dame: "He could still feel the vibration of the bells, and that was enough to keep him happy."
    • Anastasia: "He won't molest you again so quickly."
    • The Toys Room: "It's not really Pamper's fault that the little boy... takes him to bed with him. I'll just have to get used to the fact that he loves somebody else besides me."
    • The duck narrator in Dinosaur Adventure keeps making suggestive poses while a crow looks on excitedly.
    • The cyclops in Hercules moves his hand up and down and groans as if he's masturbating.
    • "Pocahontas... little rascal... I liiiiiiiike that."
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    • Balto: "You were trying to get off with Judy again!"
    • In one scene of Aladin, the title character's mother is supposed to be waving at a crowd. But instead, it looks like she's doing a jerking-off gesture.
    • Janis the Little Pig: one of the farm animals is a rooster named Monsieur LeCock.
    • Musicians of Bremen: the narrator continuously refers to the rooster as a cock.
      Narrator: Can't believe it. No cock can handle that.
  • Anti-Climax Boss: The climatic fight on Mount Olympus in Dingo's Hercules is just a poorly animated sequence of Herc one-shotting Hades' monsters one after the other.
  • Ass Pull: King of the Animals features a rather surreal example: the eponymous king and his family have been banished to the desert, and need a plan for overthrowing the Big Bad. After a little brainstorming session, the king's son gets an idea: they'll just bribe the Big Bad's right-hand vultures with computers. This is the first time human technology is ever referred to in the entire movie, and absolutely no explanation is given for how or where do they end up acquiring said computers (or how do the animals even know what a computer is, for that matter).
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  • Base-Breaking Character: Wabuu is either a Scrappy and Creator's Pet or an Ensemble Dark Horse (mostly among Phelous's fans).
  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment:
    • The "Carpet-flying Song" from Aladin: Aladin sings about the benefits of flying a carpet and calls it "ecological" because it doesn't make any noise, doesn't produce fumes and needs neither fuel nor an engine nor brakes and horns even though it doesn't make sense with the "Arabian Nights" Days setting.
    • Wabuu's theme song in Pocahontas comes absolutely out of nowhere and includes him teleporting and standing in front of a cook who otherwise doesn't appear at all in some versions of the movie.
  • Bile Fascination: Dingo's works can be this for some, whether it be the generally subpar animation or the memes spawned from its mockbusters.
  • Creator's Pet: Wabuu, judging by his role in almost all of them, and the fact he has his own theme tune (which he always sings).
  • Critical Research Failure: Dinosaur Adventure has some temporal Misplaced Wildlife, and most of the characters barely resemble dinosaurs. Pocahontas gets downright surreal in its artistic liberties. Atlantis has a seal and a polar bear stranded on a tropical island where they clearly can't be found in real life, and Petros is able to stay underwater for an excessive amount of time despite his age, water pressure and the possibility of him drowning at any moment given the depths he swims to.
  • Crosses the Line Twice: Some of the more family-unfriendly (at least by American standards) content can come off as funny due to their nature.
  • Designated Hero:
    • Tio, the supposed hero of Dinosaur Adventure, is a shrill, deceitful, ignorant little Jerkass who's friends with an idiotic, malformed pterodactyl.
      • The aforementioned pterodactyl, Kree, isn't much better. His pranks constantly get Tio into trouble, including giving him a concussion during a flight lesson, and he generally shows no respect for the other characters during serious situations, yet the audience is supposed to feel bad for him when Tio's father says they can't be friends anymore. There's also the possibility that he's a pedophile.
    • Ditto for Wabuu the raccoon.
    • It can be a bit hard to root for Aladin/Aladdin/Alladin, given that he essentially kidnaps his Love Interest.
    • Aunt Gertrude from Bunny the Rabbit verbally abuses her niece and nephew, at one point yelling at them to leave her house over breaking an egg (which she herself broke) and then later scolding them for doing so as if she didn't tell them to in the first place, and threatens to box her nephew's ears when she believes he lied about being kidnapped.
  • Designated Villain: Komo from Balto. At first he acts like a rival, constantly quarreling with Balto and jealous of his relationship with Judy. But when they go to Anchorage for the medicine, they travel with no fighting or arguing at all and Balto is even saddened when Komo falls to his death.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • The head bobbing guy in Aladin appears for about three seconds, yet many viewers consider him to be the best part of the movie.
    • In The Annotated Series of Dinosaur Adventure, the annotators liked Kree for his attempts on Tio's life and sarcastic jabs against Peek, and everyone else, for that matter.
    • Oro, the "yee" dinosaur.
    • Many enjoy Grumpy Bear from Countryside Bears because of his nihilistic perspective, always disrupting the story to talk about himself, and the fact that he is voiced by a woman. With his obvious contempt and wish to distance himself from the other characters, viewers tend to see him as one of them and the Only Sane Man in the cartoon.
    • It's inevitable that the most memorable characters from Animal Soccer World (considered by many to be the epitome of Dingo's awfulness) are the visiting group of "hooligans" who come to support the team (ducks dressed entirely in bondage leather).
    • Wabuu has become one thanks to Phelous's Memetic Badass treatment of him in a similar way to Old Man from Golden Films' own Beauty & The Beast mockbuster. His Ax-Crazy being played lightly and his Deadpan Snarker characteristics do help.
  • Esoteric Happy Ending:
    • The Toys Room ends with Pino coming to terms with the fact that he won't be his owner's favorite toy anymore, but also insinuates that Pamper will also suffer the same fate come their owner's next birthday.
    • The Hunchback of Notre Dame ends with Esmeralda escaping from Paris while Quasimodo left to rot in prison for killing Frollo, but he knows Esmeralda is safe, so he doesn't care. This sounds like a Bittersweet Ending with extra emphasis on bitter, but the music and narration imply that we are meant to see this as an acceptable fate for Quasimodo.
    • Janis: The Little Pig has Janis escaping from the butcher's, but the other pigs are left there, and we can only assume their fates at the end.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff:
    • Italians love Dinosaur Adventure, mainly because of Yotobi review of it, and because it was a Youtube Poop source in the past.
    • Dingo Pictures itself is more well-known in foreign countries like the United States than its native Germany. Probably because of the infamous dubs adding to the "quality".
  • Good Bad Translation:
    • For an example, in Legend of Pocahontas, Pocahontas yells "NEIN! NEIN!" when an old man shoots Quickspear while having three arms.
    • Signs and other things in the background aren't translated at all. That's why even in the English versions, there are "polizei" (police) cars or signs in front of an animal shelter that read "tierheim" (animal home).
    • In Mouse Police, there is a character called 'Frau Munchen', the male mouse makes a directly translated 'limburger' related pun that doesn't work in English, and the villain character of the movie wants to send cheese from Germany (where it is said they are) to Italy. In fairness, Mouse Police is one of the few Dingo movies where they seem aware of their own shortcomings and just decided to roll with them.
    • When any of the characters start to sing, you can hear the original language in the background.
    • In the English dub of Animal Soccer World, the football anthem is sung in Dutch over the original German. Same for the English version of Wabuu's theme song.
    • In the English dub of Aladin they didn't even bother dubbing over the intro song, and just left it in German. If this wasn't weird enough, the voice actors speak in genuinely broken English - "Can you image India?" - and part of their words are cut off to fit the frames. Note that unlike most of their other works, the voice actors in this are obviously Dutch kids who learned English at school.
  • Ham and Cheese: It's hard to tell if it was intentional or not, but there's no denying that part of the appeal of Dingo's "films" comes from the extremely overdramatic acting following the Dull Surprise. Several of the below-mentioned Memetic Mutations are good examples, but also Rasputin—not just in Anastasia, but also his Reused Character Design in Atlantis, where he's obviously voiced by a woman—is really hammy. His portrayal in Anastasia in particular has an over-acted Russian accent being done by an English-speaking German actor, and deteriorates into Angrish.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: In Dinosaur Adventure, Tio's father tells Kree not to try breaking open the egg with a hammer because "You could hit his head!" Later in the story, Kree's flying lessons cause Tio to get a concussion, forcing his parents to send him away from Kree.
  • Heartwarming Moments:
    • The fact that, in Empire of Atlantis, Petros ends up naming his rebuilt boat after the girl he became friends with in Atlantis is probably the closest to this that any Dingo movie comes.
    • The titular Anastasia's relationship with the old man who adopted her also counts. The two still see each other as father and daughter after her identity is discovered and even when she reunites with her grandmother.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • Several years down the road, iCarly would end up satirizing the Disney Channel using the exact same name (Dingo Channel, in this case). In the episode where they appear, they're portrayed as stealing the ideas of other companies to pass off as their own—just like Dingo Pictures does with its "movies".
    • One of the extras in movies such as Animal Soccer World and Dalmatians 3 looks like Poochie. Looks like he didn't die on the way back to his home planet.
    • There is now a dinosaur called Yi. Not quite "Yee", but close enough anyways. That it could even fly like Oro wants to makes it all the funnier.
    • At least one English release of Aladin abruptly ends 43 minutes in, which is hilarious considering that the story is often (but not officially) considered part of Arabian Nights, whose Framing Device revolved around Scheherazade telling a story and stopping partway in to delay her execution.
  • Ho Yay: Keno ("Mew Mew") and Robin's friendship in Lion and the King plays out a lot like Kovu and Kiara's childhood romance in Lion King 2. It has a serious 'star crossed lovers' vibe.
  • Lady Mondegreen: When Oro was first mentioned in Dinosaur Adventure, many people misheard his name as "Oral".
  • Memetic Badass: Wabuu has become one thanks to Phelous intepreting him as a time-traveler due to him appearing in the supposedly historical-fiction Pocahontas and the relatively modern Countryside Bears and his own titular movie. Also, rather than being a Designated Hero, Phelous deliberately plays Wabuu as a villainous Sadist.
  • Memetic Molester:
    • Charlie from Nice Cats due to his near constant attempts to flirt with Lucy despite him being a full grown cat and her being a kitten.
    • Kree from Dinosaur Adventure was called "pedodactyl" by Phelous because he often says something with pedophilic undertones.
    • And we have this gem, an Accidental Innuendo from Anastasia: "He won't molest you again so quickly." It's a case of "Blind Idiot" Translation: They obviously meant to say "He won't bother/annoy you again", but ended up making Rasputin seem like a sex offender.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • Wabuu: "Most of the animals are soooooo stuuuuupid." note 
    • The odd 'head bobbing guy' as seen in Aladin.
    • The same scene was featured in the YouTube Poop "Super Duper Super Men", set to different music (an excerpt from "Silent Film" by Dog Fashion Disco). For some time it was popular to edit other characters to bob their heads to that portion of the song.
    • A video of Peek from the Italian version of Dinosaur Adventure singing along to some background music via pitch-shifted bits of dialogue, only to be interrupted by Oro saying "Yee" became massively popular, spawning several variants with either the characters or song replaced, due to the catchy music, the odd face of Oro, and the randomness of the whole thing.
      • It is also the first video on the Important Videos Playlist, which further cements its meme status.
      • Peek's "Papa" from the same scene is equally memetic since there's rarely a "Yee" video without it.
    • "The diamonds! My God!" from Lion And The King has become pretty popular since Phelous reviewed the movie.
      • Also spawned from his review of said movie: "SCENE INTERRUPTING BEAR!"
    • "You is the Pope of Fools!" from The Hunchback of Notre Dame.
      • The screaming nuns from the same film.
    • The "DUNNN!" sound whenever someone or something hits the ground or crashes into someone or something else.
    • "Child murderer! Child murderer!" from Wabuu the Cheeky Raccoon, and Wabuu's retelling of his story The Countryside Bears.
    • "For you..."
    • "Start telling!" from Musicians Of Bremen thanks again to Phelous' review of the movie.
  • Mis-blamed: Despite all their spectacular incompetence, a lot of the frequently-criticized aspects of their Disney knockoffs are actually taken straight out of Disney's source material, which Dingo seems to have set out to stick closer to than Disney did. Aladdin encountering two separate genies and Tarzan being of Noble heritage are examples.
    • Aladdin abducting the princess in the Dingo version is actually a toned down version of the original. In the original story, he does this every night for an extended period of time.
  • Moe: Mew Mew from Lion and the King, a cute panther cub who comes across as rather shy and basically acts as the Morality Pet for his father the black panther, the Big Bad of the movie.
  • Moral Event Horizon:
    • Esmeralda abandoning Quasimodo at the end of Huchback
    • Castor and Pollux enslaving Puppies till they die (They are probably Dingos most effective Big Bads as they are genuinly scary and they REALLY put effort into making them as evil as possible)
    • The mouse in Nice Cats who laughs at Lucy (a KITTEN) getting caught by cat catcher and the cat catcher himself who sells stray cats to science labs simply for being ugly
    • Pocahontas: In universe as with the source material counterpart the Govenor ends up accidnetly shooting John instead of the Chief which causes his crew to turn on him
    • Acreacuius in Perseus for locking his daughter in a coffin alive and showing zero remorse for it
    • The cat in Puss on Boots for taking over the land and killing everyone who gets in his way
    • The farmer in Janis/Jamie for gleefully picking a piglet to slaughter in front of her mother. Special mention also to Alex who constantly bullies the child pig and somewhat causes her to act out
  • Narm:
    • Komo's death in Balto is presumably supposed to be sad...but it just isn't.
    • Wuschel's graphic struggle to move out of the tree that crushed him in Wabuu's eponyomous short is accompanied with a comedic "wah wah waah" sound effect (sadly not present in the East-West English DVD dub).
    • The aforementioned "DUNNN!" Scare Chord, when used inappropriately.
    • The song Aladin sings in his love sickness. While the melody manages to be at least a bit sad, the narmy lyrics destroy everything:
      Alas, where is my head at?
      I am looking at a stock pot
      At a tankard for coffee
      But no matter where I look
      There is always just the one:
      Soraya, oh, Soraya
      All of my friends in the alley,
      As well as the broth in the cup,
      The lamp over there, the butter over here,
      Even the skirt of my mother
      Everything so distant, just one thing nearby:
      Soraya, oh, Soraya
  • Never Live It Down:
    • Oro spoke "Yee" only once, solely in the Italian dub, but people will always call him the "yee" dinosaur.
    • Robin's father from The Lion and the King said "The diamonds! My god!" in a funny-sounding voice once, and it's the one thing most people know him for, to the point that he's unofficially called "King MuhGod".
  • Padding: A lot of their films' runtime is taken up by the characters talking about nothing of particular importance, most notably Animal Soccer World, which doesn't start the soccer game until about a quarter of the way through the film.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: Wabuu the racoon used to be a Scrappy and Creator's Pet due to appearing in a lot of Dingo's movies in absurd ways and for his Designated Hero characteristics, but Phelous's reviews of Dingo movies and his Memetic Badass treatment of him, combined with Wabuu's witty statements such as "Most of the animals are so stupid...", has made him popular in a way similar to Phelous's other Ensemble Dark Horse, Old Man.
  • Retroactive Recognition: Although the Swedish actors went uncreditednote , several of them have been identified later on, although not all of them have actually confirmed their involvement. Coincidentally, several of them also dubbed The Adventures of Tintin (1991). For some examples: Wabuu's voice actor, Dan Bratt, has also played (among others) Professor Calculus and Obi-wan Kenobi in Star Wars: The Clone Wars; the narrator Anja Schmidt has voiced Bianca Castafiore and Granny in Space Jam, as well as some minor live-action roles; the late Kenneth Milldoff who (is widely assumed to have) dubbed several of the villainous dogs in The Dalmatians had also voiced Captain Haddock and six different characters in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987).
  • The Scrappy:
    • Despite the popularity of the "Yee" meme that involves him and Oro, Peek is by far the most hated character in Dinosaur Adventure.
    • You'd be hard pressed to find anyone who actually likes Dundee from The Lion and the King. Curiously, even the other characters seem to dislike him.
  • So Bad, It Was Better: The Edutain4Kids books have better-looking art than the movies, but once you get over the fact that yes, somebody bothered to produce Dingo Pictures-related media long after their infamy had been firmly cemented, you realize that as books, they lack the awful animation and voice acting of the movies, which were the main reasons anyone was interested in Dingo Pictures' work in the first place, so you are left with some completely unremarkable kids' books.
  • So Bad, It's Good:
  • So Okay, It's Average: Some feel that Dinosaur Adventure is one of their better films. While it's not very good and has its own stupid moments (gorillas appearing in the Dinosaur Age and some of the dinosaurs turning into meat eaters), it's at least watchable. On the other hand, Phelous called it one of the worst Dingo movies he reviewed, though that was only the second time that he had reviewed a Dingo Pictures Film, and he has covered so many more since then.
  • Special Effect Failure: Several examples, verging from floating branches and disembodied camels to vibrating heads.
  • Squick: During one scene in Pocahontas, a live insect can be seen crawling across the screen for a few seconds. For viewers who don't like bugs, that can be rather disgusting, especially since Dingo Pictures apparently didn't bother to do anything about it.
  • Strangled by the Red String:
    • So, Aladin has a crush on the sultan's daughter Soraya (who doesn't know him at all) after spying on her in the baths. He commands Genie to kidnap her, and literally less than 10 seconds after meeting for the first time they start singing a duet about starting a family with seventeen children.
    • In Dalmatians 2, Tuepfelchen spends most of the movie putting down Kruemel, even flat out saying at the end that she didn't like him. Despite this, they decide to start a family together. The crow narrator even lampshades it at the beginning.
  • Suspiciously Similar Song:
    • Inexplicably, a song that sounds very similar to the Peter Gunn theme appears in some of the cartoons.
    • Another song often played in "tense" moments is rather reminiscent of the Jaws-theme.
  • Take That, Scrappy!:
    • In Dinosaur Adventure.
      Kree: Shut up, Peek. You're a freak.
    • From "The Lion and the King".
      Robin: Shut up, Dundee.
  • Uncanny Valley:
    • The male lead in Anastasia is traced from the actual Anastasia from Don Bluth's film and the result doesn't look right.
    • Hercules has them giving most of the humanoid characters surreal lineless faces, which looks off with how they are animated and fit with the rest of the Dingo cast.
    • The chef character in Pocahontas and Nice Cats (both movies use the exact same footage) is accompanied by an extremely stereotypical Asian sidekick who is so small he could easily be mistaken for a statue. Said sidekick also bobs his head left and right in an unnatural manner.
    • Oro. To be exact, his close-up, which makes his otherwise goofy face look uncanny.
  • Unfortunate Character Design:
    • Robin, who is based from young Simba, has a nose that resembles buttcheeks.
    • The Roo Captain Ersatz in Countryside Bears has a doll in her pouch. At first glance it doesn't quite look like a doll.
    • Charlie Chip — the handheld gaming system in The Toys Room — has a joystick at a very unfortunately-chosen spot for an anthropomorphic object.
    • Rasputin in Anastasia has a very eerie similarity to the offensive Jewish caricatures in Nazi propaganda posters. It's rather disturbing considering Nazis blamed the rise of Communism on the Hebrew race, and like the Don Bluth version, Dingo's Rasputin is responsible for the Russian Revolution. This being a German production, the creators really should've known better. Making things even worse, the Edutain4Kids adaptation, for whatever bizarre reason, gives Rasputin a Star of David (albeit a very poorly drawn one) on his robes in a couple of pictures.
    • A vocal example - in the original German version of Aladin, the magician's parrot trills his Rs, which in combination with the harsh staccato rhythm gives his voice an unfortunate resemblance to Adolf Hitler's. At least they didn't also have him speak with an Austrian accent like said dictator.
  • Values Dissonance: Germany is known for its gruesome fairy tales, and its somewhat lax approach to censorship in children's programming. Which is odd as BPjMnote , the government agency responsible for regulating and censoring content can and will ban media they deem to be dangerous to the youth. So what scary, violent or innuendos parts might be acceptable to German children, are definitely not in the UK or the US (ie, they use things Disney would never be allowed to use).
    • An example is Wabuu's short where he has an axe, and is called a child murderer repeatedly.
    • Another is in Pocahontas where he's clearly going to beat up the female cat. Not helped by the fact that the cat is supposed to be his love interest.
    • In Mouse Police, the criminal gang are blatantly drug dealers.
    • In The Toys Room, it completely lacks a comic relief character or a positive ending, both of which US cartoons would have to keep children interested.
    • In Dinosaur Adventure there's the fact that the narrator and the characters themselves constantly mention their coming across the dead corpses of their neighbors after the volcano. Also, meat eating is treated unsubtly like cannibalism.
    • Kree threatening to basically assault Peek after the anklyosaurus snitched who is responsible for Tio's fall and concussion.
      Kree: Wait until I catch you in a dark corner, you'll get a damn good beating!
    • In Lord of the Jungle, Dregon refers to Tarzan/Lord as "completely retarded". This movie came out in 1999, when the word "retarded" was often used as a regular insult, but it's now considered an outright slur towards those with mental disabilities.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion:
    • Robin and Mew-Mew are both supposed to be male, but the pair of them have rather feminine voices — the latter especially.
    • The judge in Hunchback of the Notre Dame has a voice and face that makes him look like an elderly Bald Woman.
  • Villain Decay: Over the course of Anastasia, Rasputin goes from a genuinely threatening villain who personally kills nearly the entire royal family to a bumbling fool whose schemes are continually thwarted by the heroes as well as his own stupidity.
  • Watch It for the Meme:
    • Watching Dinosaur Adventure for Oro's "Yee". You need to see the Italian version for that as it never happens in the English dub.
    • Fans of Phelous will be watching Lion and the King for "My god!"
  • What Do You Mean, It's for Kids?: Despite supposedly being made for children, the films contain a surprising amount of swearing and sexual jokes and innuendo. Some of it is due to Values Dissonance.


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