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The Animal Crossing series may be simple simulation games, but there's a lot of little touches that make it clear that the developers really cared.

  • In Animal Crossing: Wild World, the only way to unlock Nookington's (The final upgrade in Tom Nook's store chain) is to have a friend buy something from Nookway, which can cause problems to players who do not have any friends that own a copy of Wild World.note  When the game was re-released on the Wii U eShop's Virtual Console, because DS games on the Virtual Console do not support local or online play, the friend requirement towards unlocking Nookington's has been completely removed, thus allowing Nookington's to be unlocked in the Virtual Console version.
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  • If you start a new town very early or very late at night, characters will comment on it as they meet you for the first time.
  • One of Resetti's rants includes him making you type out a written apology exactly as he dictates it. If you get it wrong, he simply makes you try again. Type in something rude or offensive however, and he'll get furious.
  • In the English-language version of the GameCube game, if you send a letter to a villager in French, they may send you a letter back saying "Bonjour! Sorry, my French isn't very good..."
  • In the scenario a major holiday overlaps with the monthly tournament (e.g., Summer Solstice 2014 with the Bug-Off and Shamrock Day 2018 with the Fishing Tourney), Isabelle will be stationed outside the town hall instead of the square. Both events will take place normally.
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  • If you bring Katie to a friend's town which already happens to have another Katie there, she'll miss the train but give you your present through the mail.
  • If your character's birthday is on February 29, it will be celebrated on the 28th if the year isn't a leap year.
  • In Happy Home Designer, if you contact Isabelle, Digby, or Lyle with the amiibo phone, what they say depends on whether or not they're in the room with you.
  • In amiibo Festival, if a player lands on the special space associated with Isabelle and Digby's birthday, and another player is playing as either Isabelle or Digby, the latter player will also get something for it.
  • In the Desert Island Escape minigame on both amiibo Festival and New Leaf - Welcome amiibo, characters with the lone wolf ability don't move to the camp location like other characters. However, if the camp is set up at their location, you can occasionally see them wandering around outside of the tent.
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  • If you leave out a large amount of bells where the houses are in the GameCube version, save, then create another character, the bells will appear at the police station.
  • Scorpion stings and tarantula bites aren't the only things that cause the player character to get knocked unconscious and wake up in front of their house. In New Leaf, the programmers made the same thing happen if the player ends up on a structure players aren't supposed to be on top of (such as a building or Public Works Project) to prevent them from getting stuck there. For example, using the "net glitch" from pre-Welcome amiibo versions of the game to get on top of a building and choosing the "save and continue" option will cause this to happen. This also happens if players end up on a Public Works Project that was hacked to be in a location it shouldn't be in (such as in front of a door or in the ocean), which is common in hacked towns.
  • In the welcome amiibo update’s minigame Animal Crossing Puzzle League, Isabelle is the second-to-last opponent in Story Mode with her non-work outfit on. Should the player use Isabelle’s amiibo and get to that point, because two Isabelles cannot show up, she will instead pull a Face–Heel Turn and leave the player’s side until they beat her (though they can still use her power), and she can be in her winter or summer outfit, depending on the Isabelle amiibo figure used.
  • If the player character shares the same birthday with another villager in their town, this will be remarked upon in game by said villager and others. Likewise if the player character's birthday takes place on the same day as a major holiday (i.e., Halloween or Toy Day), Isabelle and other villagers will have special lines acknowledging it. Villagers will even take note if the player character’s birthday is on a day and month with the same number (e.g. 10th of October or 3rd of March), remarking that it must be easy to remember.
  • If a villager is in your house (or vice versa) and you interact with an instrument furniture multiple times, they'll clap for you.
  • When using Wisp's service, you can choose to move a villager into your town using an amiibo card. After a day, or after the villager that you choose to move out does so the next day (in which you get their goodbye letter and their pic if you are high happiness with them), another house setup will show up, saying the villager's name from the card that you used. After that, they move in the next day, where you can visit them like normal and talk to them for the first time. However, each personality has a special introduction conversation when they move into town this way.
    Normal: Oh, hi! Do you live in this town? Well, it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance! My name is <villager name>. I'm just moving in today, actually. I had this dream a few days ago, and I woke up feeling really strange. Then suddenly it hit me-I had to move here! So I did! Huh. It sounds kinda crazy when I say it out loud, doesn't it? Maybe don't mention this to anyone else... Once I'm done unpacking, I hope you'll come back and visit, <catchphrase>!
    • Normally when a villager moves away, you have to cycle for 16 other villagers before you can have that villager in your town again. Wisp's service can be used to break the 16 villager cycle. And when you do, they'll comment on finding your town familiar when they move in.
  • If you write a letter to a villager that just moved in (as in writing a letter to the villager who moved in on the very first day they move in and unpacking) and send it, you will eventually get a letter from that villager commenting on getting the letter when they just moved in.
  • Sending a villager a birthday letter the day before their birthday, on the day of their birthday, when 9am strikes, that villager will send a unique reply.
  • Most of the work the player does for Tom Nook is delivering items to villagers. In the Gamecube version, it's possible for a villager to move out before you can give them their order, although this requires either extraordinarily bad luck or deliberate sabotage. If the customer does leave, Nook has a special reaction where he reprimands the player and takes back the undelivered item, freeing up an inventory slot and allowing the player to continue the tutorial.
  • In Pocket Camp, there is a special comment on lost items if you find the lost item before being informed.
  • If you're visiting a Dream Suite town in New Leaf, and you run into a villager who also lives in your own town, then instead of treating you like a stranger, they'll recognize you and act like you're sharing the dream together.

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